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Conservation Scheme Group Co-ordinators

Each of these local groups has its own conservation co-ordinator who will be pleased to help you.

Group Co-ordinator
Cambs and Beds. Debbie Horsman
Cheshire and Friends. Sue Catchpole
Derbyshire Nigel Parkes-Rolfe
Essex. Margo Grice
Hertfordshire. Malcolm Stodell
Isle of Wight. Helen Mount
Lincolnshire Heather Farquar
Monmouth. Norman Chamberlain
Norfolk and Suffolk. Chris Davies (With Sue Bulbrook)
North West. Phil Dunnett
Shropshire. Wendy Sime
South Pennine. Janet Boulding
Staffordshire. Yoke van der Meer
West Yorkshire. Rena Guttridge
Worcestershire. Jenny Constant

List updated 10 November 2016

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