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We would welcome applications from members for the following voluntary posts.

Seed Distribution Coordinator

The annual seed distribution receives seed from members, sorts and checks it and produces a seed list from which both members and non-members can order. Seed is packeted by teams from 3 local groups and the orders picked out and dispatched by a fourth group team. In 2017/18 the scheme received over 2000 varieties of seed and fulfilled over 1000 orders. Remaining seed is then made available on request for HPS show stands and plant fairs and to charities. 

To manage the Seed Distribution team, recruiting new volunteers as required
To liaise with other Society Officers and Postholders
To liaise with the office staff re ordering supplies and managing the seed orders
To provide information about the scheme for the Newsletter as required
To deal with requests for remaindered seed from charities and HPS groups
For more detailed information please contact Judi Deakin:

Groups Coordinator

The Groups Co-ordinator provides a vital link between the Society and the Local and Special Interest Groups that have registered with it. These Groups do not “belong” to the Society in the way that members do, nor are they “owned” by it. They are independent legal entities. But, as you might guess, the Society wants to support and foster them in any way that it can (that is to say within any limits imposed by its charitable status).

This is where you, as Groups Co-ordinator, come in. You will be the eyes and ears of the Society in its dealings with Groups and also the contact point for the Groups in dealing with the Society and each other. It would be very hard to over-estimate the importance of your role. As a volunteer Post Holder of the Society, you will be formally appointed by the Trustees (rather than being elected) on a rolling 5-yearly basis.

As the contact (focal) point for Groups, you’ll:

► Be a listener. Groups will send copies of their newsletters to you as well as being encouraged to “keep in touch” generally. Over time you will gain a valuable insight into what the various Groups are doing and what their needs are. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to

► Be an informer. By producing a regular Groups Newsletter (and any other means of communication you find useful), you‘ll be able to exchange ideas between Groups and, disseminate useful information on behalf of the Society. And, as someone “in the know”, you’ll

► Be a facilitator. You’d be uniquely well placed to co-ordinate the provision of any advice and support Groups need, either by the Society or by other Groups. This might well extend to providing advice and support in the establishment of new Groups, including liasing with the Treasurer and Trustees about any provision of start-up grants or other financial assistance. And you’ll also

 Be an encourager to Groups to organise or host national events and/or participate in shows by staging plant sales or promotional events, liaising as necessary with the Shows and Events Co-ordinators. And as meeting other people is always good, you’ll

► Be a convener of the annual Group Secretaries’ meetings, inviting suggestions for the agenda and then preparing and issuing that agenda, all in consultation with the Society’s Chair and Administrator.

As the “eyes and ears” of the Society, you’ll:

► Be a representative. You will be invited to meetings of the Trustees to represent the interests of the Groups and keep the Trustees informed of Group activity. And, very importantly, you’ll

► Be a colleague, working closely with other Officers (especially the Chair), Post Holders and the Society’s Administrator in supporting the Groups. This will include working with the Treasurer to produce an annual budget for approval by the Trustees .

In summary, this post may present some challenges but it will be a very rewarding one. It is a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference.

For further information please contact the national chairman, Jan Vaughan,

Marketing Opportunities

We need a small team of enthusiastic HPS members to help revamp the Society’s marketing plan! If you face incomprehension or get asked “What do they do?” when you mention the HPS, you understand the problem. We need to ensure that the gardening world knows all about us. If you’ve ever said “I could do better than that” when faced with lacklustre publicity for an event, or if you have ideas for raising our profile, then come and help to put us on the horticultural map.

We need a team of four or five volunteers with a range of skills:

  • someone with a flair for design
  • someone to coordinate the circulation of our leaflets and posters
  • someone to oversee the sales of our booklets
  • someone who can marshal the press on our side and who has a track record in dealing with the media
  • someone to coordinate the work.

Please help others to get the enjoyment you experience. If you can help, or know another member who could, please contact Jan Vaughan at


The HPS is totally reliant on volunteers. Without them, neither the national society nor the groups would exist.

Volunteers are people just like you, who lead otherwise busy lives and who have other interests but they are able to find an hour or more, each week, to help us. So, the next time that you see a vacancy advertised or you hear a call for volunteers, why not have a chat and find out what they are looking for. Talking it over does not mean that you are offering to do the job. Ask yourself how you could help. Can you change the job to suit what you can do? Can you do a part of the job or share with someone else? Remember that most people are more than happy to help their replacements to get to grips with the job.

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