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Welcome to Matthew Biggs, Val Bourne, Carol Klein and Matthew Wilson - our HPS Ambassadors 

Who We Are

Roy Lancaster
President of the HPS

We love hardy perennials for their variety, colours, shapes, sizes and longevity. We help each other to grow them better, to try different species and we exchange and spread information about them.

Most of us are in the UK but some garden outside it. Some of us are experts, like our President, Roy Lancaster, the renowned plant explorer, some of us are beginners and most of us are somewhere in-between, but we all want to learn more to make our planting more satisfying and to enjoy our gardens more.

Being members of the Hardy Plant Society gives us more opportunities to meet others, in local groups and special interest groups focusing on a particular plant family or growing conditions; to attend National Society events; to obtain a wide range of perennial plants and take part in our Seed Distribution Scheme and, by being involved in our Conservation Scheme, help keep garden-worthy plants in cultivation by as many people as possible.

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We are organised as a charity which was founded by some of the star gardeners and nurserymen of 1957. Cathy Rollinson is the Chairman and took on the role in 2015. The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairman and the nine Trustees are all elected by the members. Some members volunteer to take on particular areas of work for the society; these are our Postholders.


Cathy Rollinson

Cathy is the Chairman and took up the role in 2015. She lives in Surrey and is a former Chairman of the Southern Counties Group. In her working life, she was a management consultant and chairman of a number of NHS bodies and a housing association.


Ruth Plant
Ruth has been a member of the Staffordshire Group since it was formed in 1997 and she has served on the Staffordshire Group committee in a number of roles, most recently as Chairman and Treasurer. Helped by her husband she gardens half an acre in a rural setting, opening for the National Garden Scheme in May, June, and July each year.
She retired from Local Government in late 2013 and was finally able to exchange responsibility for Waste Collection, Car Parks, & Public Space CCTV for pursuing her passion for Dierama, Meconopsis, horticulture and the Society.
Ruth combines the role of HPS Vice Chairman with that of the HPS Groups Coordinator.

Stuart Senior
Hon Treasurer since 2016. Stuart Senior is the current Treasurer. He is a member of the Somerset Group for whom he acts as Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor and webmaster. His horticultural interests are at the woody end of the hardy plant spectrum and he is assembling a modest collection of trees and shrubs. He is also a trustee of the Somerset Gardens Trust and Parks & Gardens UK.

Derek Cooper
Hon Secretary since 2016. Derek Cooper is a 'returning' Hon Sec., who shares about three quarters of an acre of acidic sand and gravel and grows 'veg' in the most improved parts. He is on a mission to find plants with spiral inflorescences which do not conform to the Fibonacci series!


John Dyson
John has been a member of the Hardy Plant Society and the Rutland Group for around 19 years, during which time he has served on the Group committee mainly as Webmaster, but also a period as Vice-Chairman. He has been a national HPS Post Holder as Website Content Coordinator for over 7 years. Although now retired, in his early working life in the textile industry, he qualified as a Chartered Colourist.
In addition to his interests and activities within the Hardy Plant Society he is also a life-member of the Royal Horticultural Society. Non-horticultural interests are mainly outdoors based, and include walking, cycling and photography.

Trevor Holmes
Trevor has been a trustee for three years and is currently the Kenneth Black Bursary Fund coordinator. He was a founder member of the Staffordshire Group where he served as chairman and treasurer, and for a short time in 2010 was also the National Treasurer.
As well as enjoying his one acre garden in Staffordshire, Trevor is a parish councillor and a school governor in the local area.
Trevor is now retired and was previously a Mathematics Lecturer for forty years.

Sharin Ingleby
Sharin has been a Trustee since 2015 and manages the HPS Facebook Page. She lives in Northumberland and is an active member of the local Group, including playing a key role in the organisation of the Autumn Weekend in 2016.

Sue Jackman
Sue has been a Trustee for 3 years. She lives in Essex and was Chairman of that county Group for many years. She used to teach Horticulture at Writtle College, and also belongs to the Alpine Garden Society.
Keith Scott
Keith Scott is an active and enthusiastic member of the East Yorkshire Group. He is a firm believer that HPS should be a learning society embracing and enabling the full range of Hardy Planters to develop their enthusiasms.

Roy Stickland
Roy has been a trustee since 2013, lives in Somerset and is Chairman of the Somerset Group. He has negotiated agreements for annual events at high profile venues that have significantly boosted the Group's revenues. He firmly believes there is room to do more to engage the interest of younger generations in the joy of gardening.

Jan Vaughan
Jan lives in Malvern, and is a member and current chairman of HPS Worcestershire Group. She is also a member of several HPS special interest groups and the current coordinator for the Conservation Scheme.

Post Holders

Pauline Cooper
Seed Distribution Coordinator

Pauline joined the HPS and the Shropshire Group in 2001, very much a novice gardener. Soon bitten by the seed growing bug, she now delights in many plants grown from the Seed Distribution appearing all over the garden.


Sue Catchpole
Secretary, Publications Sub-Committee

Sue has taken on the post of Publications Coordinator, having been Secretary of the Publications sub-committee since late 2011. She is a former trustee of the Society (2012 – 2015) and a former chairman of the Cheshire & Friends Group.


Colin Doughty

Colin has looked after the Worcestershire Group website since 2007. He took on the national website in September 2015 to help out until substantial progress could be made in redesigning and redeveloping it.


Brian Hackett
Image Librarian

Brian has been Photo Librarian since 2014. He lives in Denby Dale, West Yorkshire, where he gardens on a north-facing, shady, steeply-sloping site, which the Society is teaching him to regard as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.


Lynne Hackett
Newsletter Editor

Lynne has been Newsletter Editor since 2015. She lives in Denby Dale and is interested in colour and form in the garden (and occasionally drinking wine in it).


Jennifer Harmer
Jennifer Harmer is the Society's Historian and co-author of the HPS booklet on Phlox.  She is a member of the Hampshire Group, as well as a number of special interest groups and regularly gives talks on a wide range of topics.

Marion Jay

Marion has recently moved to the Quantock Hills in Somerset. She is an Assistant County Organiser for the NGS, and with her husband, Bill Hodgson, opened their steep, dry garden in Welwyn Garden City for them over a number of years.  She is an inveterate propagator of plants and is at her happiest taking cuttings, potting up seedlings and nurturing new shoots.

She is also getting to grips with digital photography, rekindling an interest which originated at art college many years ago.  She enjoys creating linocut relief prints, mainly for Christmas cards, and is a bit of a cryptic crossword fiend, too.


Sue Lander
Lead Shows and Events Co-ordinator

Sue Lander is a member of the Essex Group as well as being Ranunculaceae Chairman and organiser of events for the Shady and Woodland Group. She was Plant Heritage (Essex Group) Chairman, Collections co-ordinator and Events organiser for a number of years and has a horticultural background that includes working for an independent specialist nursery and a large garden chain.


Julie Harvey
Shows and Events Co-ordinator

Julie is a member of the Southern Counties Group. She gardens on chalk so is always interested in plants for dry shade, as well as garden design ideas. She also loves flower arranging. Although a novice gardener and relatively new to the HPS she has experience in organising events and AGMs. She has also been involved in bringing a show garden to RHS Chelsea so has seen what goes on behind the scenes.


Pam Ratcliffe
Journal Editor

Pam Ratcliffe has been editor of The Hardy Plant journal since 2004. A member of the North East Group, she lives a few miles from the Scottish border, where she is making a new garden with plants that will, it is hoped, withstand the wind. Previously she was a senior manager, teacher, trainer, and inspector.


Emma Reece
Horticultural Advisory Service


Roz Rustell
Advertising Sales Coordinator

Roz looks after advertising sales and is based in Kent.
A keen gardener, she joined the society to learn more about hardy plants, particularly those which thrive on windy ridges and solid chalk! Following a career in publishing Roz is now a freelance researcher.


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