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Andrew Luke

Andrew Luke

Andrew Luke is Supervisor of the Woodland, Order Beds & Grass Gardens at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He is a hardy plant propagation specialist & plant collector. He can be contacted on twitter @PlantGrafter

Plant of the Month May 2017

Trees such as the Foxglove tree (Paulownia tomentosa), the Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum) and perhaps, most gloriously, the elegant Snowdrop tree (Halesia tetraptera), reveal charms of the garden border high up along the skyline.

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Plant of the Month April 2017

Arum is a genus of tuberous perennial plants belonging to the Araceae family, the genus is made up of around 25 species native to Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia to the Western Himalayas. Many of the genus are known for the foul odour they give off whilst in flower, often described as resembling rotting meat or the smell of death.

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Plant of the Month March 2017

It is a sure sign that spring has settled in once the 'Galanthophiles' and 'Croconuts' have had their fix and quietly, another group of plants, perhaps one for the more discerning gardener, start to make their presence known in the woodlands. Erythronium is a genus of spring flowering ....

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