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Featured Conservation Plants

The HPS Conservation Scheme aims to identify and preserve some of the garden plants in danger of being lost. HPS members across the country, either within their local group or individually, grow plants chosen for the scheme and report back on their experience of growing and propagating them.

Since the present scheme started in 1998, we have been successful in conserving over 30 plant varieties which we consider worthy of being grown in British gardens. However, a large number of potentially gardenworthy plants is still in need of conservation.

The scheme is open to all HPS members. You can find more information about it here.

You can find a full list of earlier 'Featured Conservation Plants' here.

If you are interested in making this or any other of our conservation plants available commercially, please contact our National Coordinator.

December's Conservation Feature

Think before you sow!

Before we all get carried away by the excitement of the HPS seed list, please remember that whilst plants on the Conservation list may produce viable seed, the plants grown from that seed will not 'come true' and are likely to be inferior in some respect. ...

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November's Conservation Feature

Chrysanthemum 'Dulwich Pink' is a plant that's been looking superb over the last week or so, coming into flower in late October here in the Midlands ...

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October's Conservation Blog

Out with the rogues and in with the new

The annual Conservation Scheme meeting gives us the opportunity to discuss the performance of plants in the Scheme and to question the validity of our stock. Correct identification of older varieties is not always easy ...

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September's Featured Conservation Plant

Phlox paniculata ‘Milly van Hoboken’

This pretty phlox was first brought into the HPS Conservation Scheme in 1998 ...

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Conservation Plants - Where are they now?

What happens to plants that are taken into the Conservation Scheme? Suggestions of suitable plants come from Hardy Plant Society members ...

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July's Featured Conservation Plant

Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Loofahsa Wheaten Gold’

A late summer perennial daisy raised by Anthony Brooks who bred several good plants at Elton Hall, Shropshire ...

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Conservation Plants at Chelsea

Zantedeschia ‘Glencoe’ was in full flower and attracting much attention on HPS Worcestershire Group’s display celebrating the Hardy Plant Society’s Diamond Jubilee at Chelsea this year.

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May's Featured Conservation Plant

If you read the March Feature on Bergenia ‘Pugsley’s Pink you will know that I was hoping to discover more about the Mr Pugsley who bred this plant.  

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April's Featured Conservation Plant

Erysimum ‘Ruston Royal’ was a seedling that was spotted in the garden at East Ruston Old Vicarage in Norfolk and is thought to be a hybrid between E. ‘Bowles Mauve’ and a plant from the Canary Island ...

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March's Featured Conservation Plant

Bergenia ‘Pugsley's Pink’ gained an RHS AGM in the Wisley Bergenia Trial in 2007-9 when it was entered by the Beth Chatto Gardens, but in spite of this it is only listed by one nursery in the RHS Plantfinder 2016. ...

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