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Jan Vaughan

July's Featured Conservation Plant

Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Loofahsa Wheaten Gold’

A late summer perennial daisy raised by Anthony Brooks who bred several good plants at Elton Hall, Shropshire ...

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Conservation Plants at Chelsea

Zantedeschia ‘Glencoe’ was in full flower and attracting much attention on HPS Worcestershire Group’s display celebrating the Hardy Plant Society’s Diamond Jubilee at Chelsea this year.

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May's Featured Conservation Plant

If you read the March Feature on Bergenia ‘Pugsley’s Pink you will know that I was hoping to discover more about the Mr Pugsley who bred this plant.  

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April's Featured Conservation Plant

Erysimum ‘Ruston Royal’ was a seedling that was spotted in the garden at East Ruston Old Vicarage in Norfolk and is thought to be a hybrid between E. ‘Bowles Mauve’ and a plant from the Canary Island ...

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March's Featured Conservation Plant

Bergenia ‘Pugsley's Pink’ gained an RHS AGM in the Wisley Bergenia Trial in 2007-9 when it was entered by the Beth Chatto Gardens, but in spite of this it is only listed by one nursery in the RHS Plantfinder 2016. ...

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February's Featured Conservation Plant

Now difficult to find, Iris ‘Amiguita’ is a compact Californian Hybrid with a striking flower. It was registered in 1947 by Eric Nies (1884-1952), an American iris breeder. Best known for his work on spuria irises, for which there is a Nies Award, he was one of the first hybridisers to introduce and register Pacific Coast hybrids ...

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January's Featured Conservation Plant

Heuchera ‘David’ was found as a seedling by HPS member, Mrs Mary Ramsdale who lived at Cliffe gardens near Ilfracombe in N. Devon, who named it in 1994 after one ....

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December's Featured Conservation Plant

Chrysanthemum ‘Lucy Simpson’

This hardy chrysanthemum was introduced to the Conservation Scheme in 2002 with a plant from Collinwood Nurseries ....

November's Featured Conservation Plant

A lovely picture of Hemerocallis 'Helle Berlinerin' was chosen for the new Conservation Scheme page on the HPS website although it is no longer on the Active List. It was added to the Scheme in 2002 as an RHS AGM plant that was hard to find ...

September's Featured Conservation Plant

Phlox paniculata ‘Caroline van den Berg’ is believed to have been introduced by Bonne Ruys in 1927. Ruys was a Dutch nurseryman who founded the Moerheim Nurseries in about 1888 (Moerheim was one of the most influential perennial nurseries of the 19th century and made many introductions of phlox, heleniums and other perennials). Phlox p. ‘Caroline van den Berg’ was included in the RHS Phlox Trial ...

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