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Malvern Spring Festival 2018

The HPS display at the Malvern Spring Festival this year was the biggest and most challenging for the Worcestershire Group. The RHS set the Great Exhibition of 1851 as the theme for the Festival and the display used a Wardian Case to show how exotic plants could be introduced to the UK, protected from the adversities of a long sea trip, and where the Victorian developments in iron manufacturing and glazing technology were used to create magnificent glasshouses where they could be studied and grown. Although we can now buy plants from all over the world it is important to know which are the hardy plants that survive outside all year round and the 6 display beds separated those from the half-hardy and tender plants with a further distinction between sun-loving and shade tolerant in each section.

It was also a first time working with a garden designer, Emma Content.
"For me this was a fabulous learning experience. It is the first time I have created such a short term installation, which is more of an artwork than the evolving and dynamic gardens or landscapes that I’m used to designing. Not only does it requirea different planning process and organisation, but the challenge of creating an elegant design that needs to look its best for at least 1 hour for the judges and at best four days for the entire show…"

The team leader, Worcestershire Group Chairman Mick Dunstan, reflected that their RHS Silver award was "the reward for months of hard work by a range of people across the society and outside. It was not the stress-free activity that we’d hoped… but the real reward was the undiluted praise we had from visitors to the stand over the four days of the show".

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