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Margaret Stone

Last Month in My Garden, March 2017

The blossom of shrubs and trees has been high impact. Cornus mas was in flower at the start of the month but finished before the end; it was succeeded by Forsythia. Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosea’ is long-established but has never looked strong ...

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Last Month in My Garden, February 2017

My Great Garden Clearance continued, removing thick carpets of moss from the borders. On three occasions, I uncovered a Common Newt, lying upside-down so that its yellowish-orange underside was uppermost ...

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Last Month in My Garden, January 2017

The start of the growing year has been slow; cold weather has kept most plants underground. This has been an advantage as I continue to clear away dead herbaceous growth and prune shrubs. It is always upsetting to pull off a handful of stems and find that I have decapitated a ...

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Last Month in My Garden, December 2016

Meteorologists consider December 1st to be the first day of winter. Here, winter started at the very end of November so ...

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Last Month in My Garden, November 2016

I have an unnamed pale yellow alstroemeria, about 30 cm tall, which is a good cut flower and was giving a late show. A slight frost did come on November 3rd but did not affect other flowers of early November, which included some “unsung heroes” – plants that had been providing interest for months....

Last Month in My Garden, October 2016
A burst of autumn glory and dry, mild weather to enjoy it. Colour has come from three main sources: clouds of symphyotrichum (asters), jewel-like dahlias and the dying foliage of trees and shrubs. The asters which were flowering in September continued and were joined by others so that large clump..
Last Month in My Garden, September 2016
Tomato ‘Ferline’ September – mists and mellow fruitfulness. There have been evenings when mist has formed on the Old Hills common and rolled down towards my house; in the first part of the month they soon burned off the next morning, leaving some glorious late summer days. Harvesting has been t..
Last Month in My Garden, August 2016
Early in August the white Leucanthemums were mainly replaced by yellow flowers with touches of orange and red, which increased as the month progressed. (Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Goldfinch’ flowers longer.) I have old reliable clumps of Achillea filipendulina ‘Cloth of Gold’ and Rudbeckia laciniata..
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