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Galanthus Group (snowdrops)

About the Group

Membership of the HPS Galanthus Group is open to all members of the Hardy Plant Society who are interested in propagating, growing or showing Snowdrops.
Memberships are renewable on the 1st January each year and the membership is £5.00 per person per annum. The subscription of a new member joining after 30th September is valid until the end of the following year. Membership of the Hardy Plant Society is necessary to join this specialist group.
Members are encouraged to bring Snowdrops and other winter/spring plants for sale at HPS Galanthus Group events. The sale of plants takes place during the morning and a 10% commission will be taken for the Group.
All plants must be DOUBLE labelled. The first label is to show the plant name and will remain with the sold plant; the second is to show the price and the name of the seller. This second label will be removed and retained upon selling the plant, to allow calculation of the total amount due to each seller; it will be returned to the seller to corroborate their earnings. Each member may bring a maximum of 3 standard crates of plants or 6 mushroom boxes. Pots without second labels will be gratefully received as donations.

Activity Reports

AGM and Study Day, Sunday February 19th 2017

The 6th AGM and Study Day will be held on Sunday 19th February 2017 at Chedworth Village Hall, Chedworth, Gloucestershire, GL54 4NE from 9.30am to 4.00pm. 
Reception is from 8.45am and the AGM will start at 10.00am. It will be followed by two talks: the first, by Julian Sutton, will be on “The origins of the Diversity of Garden Plants” and the second “Species Snowdrops” by Jim Almond.
Plant sales will be from 9.00am until 1.30pm.
Lunch (not provided) can be taken in the Hall and from 2.00pm members visit either the garden of John Sales (maximum 60 delegates) or Cerney House Gardens. Those who did not visit Covertside last year will be able to do so this year.
Tea will be served in the Hall and the event will close at 4.00pm.
Tickets will not be issued until Galanthus Group membership for 2017 has been received.

AGM and Study Day, Sunday February 14th 2016

The Group’s fifth Study Day was held at Chedworth. After frantic snowdrop buying, members settled down to listen to two excellent but very different talks: Andy Byfield spoke about ‘Turkish Delights - on the Trail of Turkey's Snowdrops’ and Matt Bishop on ‘Snowdrops, Freaks, and Mainly Natural Variation’.
After lunch, we visited either John Sales’ garden , Covertside, or Cotswold Farm Garden, before returning to the hall for tea.

Further Information

For more details or to join the group, please contact the membership secretary:

Lyn Miles
Boscombe Village,

t. 01980 610877




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