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Primula Harbinger Group

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
Shropshire Group

Reason for Inclusion
Historical interest. Sport of a wild primrose found in a Cornish wood more than 100 years ago. Awarded a First Class Certificate by RHS in 1882 (pre-dates AGM’s).

not known

Brief description of plant
Herbaceous or semi-evergreen perennial forming a basal rossete. A typical primrose.

Height x Spread
20cm x 20cm

Single gold-centred white flower.

Crinkled dark green rosette of leaves.

Flowering Time
March - April

Soil type
Any soil.

Part shade

Pests and diseases
Vine weevil

Easy. Remove dead foliage to keep clumps tidy.

Divide clumps into individual rosettes.

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