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Euphorbia fragifera

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
Norfolk & Suffolk Group

Reason for Inclusion
Relatively unknown plant native to the Balkans.

Don Whitton, National Collection holder (Hardy Euphorbias)

Brief description of plant
Herbaceous perennial, similar to Euphorbia polychroma.

Height x Spread
45cm x 45cm

Heads of bright lime green/yellow bracts.

Evergreen, light green lanceolate leaves on tall stems.

Flowering Time
April - June

Soil type
Any well-drained soil.

Full sun

Pests and diseases
Generally no problems.

Remove spent flower spikes. Avoid direct contact with the milky sap which may be irritant to skin.

Clumps may be divided or take soft tip cuttings to root under glass. Have a gritty potting compost ready to plunge cuttings in to stem the flow of milky sap which may be irritant to skin.

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