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Our 60th Anniversary celebrations are under way. More than 60 Gardens to Visit and new Lapel Badges available 

Map of Local Groups

HPS local groups welcome visitors and are a great way to meet knowledgeable and enthusiastic gardeners. The groups are run locally, and so can tailor their activities to those which their members are interested in and enjoy. Most offer a combination of:

  • Talks by experts with the opportunity to ask questions and talk to them;
  • Plant sales
  • Visits to local gardens and nurseries;
  • Social events like coffee mornings or evening parties, usually in members’ own gardens.

Some also organise longer coach or car sharing trips, to gardens and nurseries further away.

A few groups have created mini-groups, each with its own programme of events and informal meetings.

Why not come along to a meeting? Our mini-groups also welcome visitors but as the smaller mini-groups often meet in members’ houses it would be a good idea to contact them to find out their next venue. You can find your nearest HPS Local Group and mini-group below.



Mini-Group Name Allied To
Brigg Mini-Group Lincolnshire
Lincoln Mini-Group Lincolnshire
Louth Mini-Group Lincolnshire
Salisbury Plain Mini-Group Wilts and Avon

We also have a number of non-geographic specialist groups

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