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HPS Journal: “The Hardy Plant”

Many colour photos, authoritative articles on hardy perennials, member content

The HPS Journal is published twice a year and sent free to members. It is fully illustrated and published in colour.

The Hardy Plant: Vol. 36 No. 2, Autumn 2015

Contents of the Spring 2015 issue (Vol 36 No 1)

President’s Perspective Roy Lancaster 3
George Parker Judy Harry 10
Stars, showgirls and the chorus line Janet Sleep 11
Small gardens and shade Bob Brown 17
Bountiful biennials Derry Watkins 23
Desert island plants Val Bourne 30
Photographic competition 2014 Brian Hackett 38
Rhododendrons - unloved and dangerous Peter Williams 41
My 'Dream Garden' Heather Russell 47
A rose helianthus by any other name Helen Mount 55
Adventures with seed -the story of a novice Pauline Cooper 59
Small, but beautifully planted Teresa Farnham 66
Aconitum - the dark side Rachel Raywood 69
Downy mildew - the new killer disease of Aquilegia Carrie Thomas 71
Book review   73
Letters   74

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