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Erigeron 'Sincerity'

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
not known

Reason for Inclusion
Historical interest. One of a series of erigerons introduced by Blooms of Bressingham

Obtained from Blooms of Bressingham

Brief description of plant
Clump-forming herbaceous perennial. Long-flowering and very floriferous plant. Lax habit so good at front of border or over a wall.

Height x Spread
40cm x 40cm

Lilac-blue daisy-like flowers 2-3 cm diameter with yellow centres.

Green, lanceolate foliage.

Flowering Time
July - Oct

Soil type
Any well-drained soil.

Full or part-shade

Pests and diseases
Slugs/snails, vine weevil, rabbits.

Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering. Cut back to ground level in late autumn to keep clumps tidy.

Take basal cuttings to root under glass.

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