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Heuchera ‘Burgundy Frost’

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
not known

Reason for Inclusion
An early introduction of a dark foliaged heuchera. Awarded an RHS AGM in 2001, but lost in 2012 review, probably because not widely available.

RHS Heuchera Trial

Brief description of plant
Mound-forming evergreen perennial.

Height x Spread
30cm x 30cm

Short stiff wands with small white flowers.

Scalloped leaves, dark burgundy with silver markings.

Flowering Time
June - July

Soil type
Any soil, but needs soil that doesn’t dry out in summer and has good winter drainage.

Full sun or part-shade

Pests and diseases
Slugs and snails. Vine weevil.

Should be divided every 3-4 years when it starts to become woody.

Plants may be divided into separate crowns or basal cuttings are easy to root.

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