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Erysimum cheiri 'Bloody Warrior'

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
Norfolk & Suffolk Group

Reason for Inclusion
Historic plant, probably dating from late 16th century.

not known

Brief description of plant
Short-lived evergreen perennial with rather lax habit.

Height x Spread
45cm x 30cm

Double maroon-red flecked with yellow. Scented.

Evergreen, lanceolate grey-green leaves.

Flowering Time
April - June

Soil type
Neutral to alkaline soil. Free-draining.

Full sun

Pests and diseases
Like all brassicas they can be susceptible to flea beetle damage which appears as small holes in the leaves. Club root can be a problem if the soil is too acid.

Short-lived perennial with typical lifespan of 3-4 yrs so needs to be propagated regularly.

Take soft or semi-ripe cuttings to root in gritty compost under glass, with or without heat.

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