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Iris 'Gypsy Queen' (IB)

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
Worcestershire Group

Reason for Inclusion
Historic iris, bred by English horticulturalist John Salter (1798-1874) during 1840’s and registered with the American Iris Society in 1859.

Description matches that in 1939 American Iris Society records.

Brief description of plant
Rhizomatous herbaceous perennial. Unusual flower colouring and neat foliage.

Height x Spread
75cm x 20cm

Multiple flowers carried on a stem. Falls: red-purple heavy veining on white. Standards: old gold with maroon veining at base. Beard: old gold. Mild citrus fragrance.

Mid green sword-shaped leaves, darkening to purple at the leaf bases.

Flowering Time
June - July

Soil type
Any well-drained soil.

Full sun

Pests and diseases
Generally no problems.

Plant with the rhizome partly exposed and avoid crowding.

Divide the rhizome and replant pieces with 2 or 3 leaf fans leaving the top of the rhizome exposed.

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