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Vinca minor 'Mrs Betty James'

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
Shropshire Group

Reason for Inclusion
Bob Brown of Cotswold Garden Flowers noticed this plant for sale at a Cottage Garden Society meeting in Shropshire and named it after Betty James who had brought the plant in and had grown it for many years.

Bob Brown, Cotswold Garden Flowers

Brief description of plant
Mat-forming perennial. Good ground cover or can scramble through neighbouring plants. Evergreen.

Height x Spread
10cm x 100cm (approx)

Double flowers, purple in bud and light violet-blue when fully open.

Narrowly ovate mid-green leaves.

Flowering Time
March - October

Soil type
Any soil.

Full sun, part or full shade

Pests and diseases
May be affected by a rust.

Will tolerate even dry shade once established. Spread can be limited by trimming the plant and removing unwanted rooting stems.

Stems will layer easily as they touch the ground. New plants can be detached and grown on.

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