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Chrysanthemum 'Penny's Yellow'

A Conservation Scheme Plant

Date Introduced

Introduced by
Conservation Co-ordinator, Sally Adams

Reason for Inclusion
The name refers to Penny Hay, who was an HPS member. She bought a plant from The Telegraph newspaper as an unnamed cultivar. Penny gave it to a local nursery who propagated it and sold it as C. ‘Penny’s Yellow’.

Judy Barker, National Collection holder

Brief description of plant
Later blooming, double flower form. Less prone to slugs and winter wet. Synonym 'Richard's Yellow'

Height x Spread
120cm x 75cm

Bright yellow double clustered flowers


Flowering Time
Oct - Nov

Soil type
Free-draining and moisture retentive

Full sun

Pests and diseases
Slugs, eelworm, rust, leaf spot

Grows best in a sunny border. Use a general fertiliser in the spring, and may benefit from a light drench of liquid seaweed in June. Hardy to H4 (-10c to -5c / 14f to23f)

Divide every 3-5 years, or propagate by cuttings.

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