Following confirmation of Covid19 and in accordance with government guidelines, the office will be closed until the 17th January.
We will continue to respond to email enquiries.

Sorry, it's now too late to order seed from this distribution. We expect to start sending out orders before the end of January.


Ordering Seed

Any seed from this distribution may be grown for private or commercial use.

Coming true from seed

Seed from cultivars, e.g. Aconitum 'Bressingham Spire', will not be identical to the parent, and plants from such seed should not be labelled with the parent cultivar name. Also some plants are highly promiscuous, e.g. aquilegias, and seedlings may be very different from their parent. It is very important that such plants do not enter the nursery trade with the parent plant's name as this causes confusion. Enjoy growing plants from this HPS seed, but remember that variations will occur and label the plant as ‘ex---‘. Species plants naturally show some degree of variation and ‘sports’ arise this way.


For tips on sowing spores and growing to maturity have a look at Sue Dockerill's article, or go to the British Pteridological Society's website.

Seed in short supply

Some seed from rare and less usual plants may be donated in very small quantities and will be out of stock very quickly. Order early! It is best to give substitutes to make up your order if needed.

Compliance with the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol

HPS request that seed donors who collect seed from the wild observe the laws of the source country.  To the best of our knowledge no seed in this list has been acquired illegally, nor has any seed been collected which contravenes the Nagoya Protocol. The Nagoya Protocol forbids the utilisation of genetic material (including seed) which has been collected in the wild from signatory countries, for the development of new named cultivars and hybrids, or new drugs and other products, without a written contract with the country of origin.

Orders from overseas

Overseas members who do not wish to make online payments may pay for their seed order in advance along with their subscription, before the seed list is published. If you order seed online you must pay for it at the time of ordering. You can make your subscription renewal for the next year online at the same time.

You may request up to 25 packets of seed. Donors of five or more different varieties of seed may order an additional 15 packets. No duplicates please. The administration charge is £5.50.

Phyto-sanitary requirements

Some governments insist that seed entering their country has specific certification. Anyone ordering HPS seed is responsible for ensuring that their national requirements are followed and that any necessary compliance documents are included along with the seed order, which should be sent by post and not made on-line.

Aquilegia seed

We regret that we will not be able to send any aquilegia seed overseas this year. This is because some UK aquilegias are showing signs of Downy Mildew and we cannot guarantee, as yet, that it cannot be spread by seed. For more information see

Orders from the UK

The administration charge is £5. You may request up to 20 packets of seed. Donors of five or more different varieties of seed may order an additional 15 packets. No duplicates please. In addition orders from the UK can include the following:

The Mix which is an unnamed mix of seed which has ‘escaped’ or is seed which cannot be verified. This is an optional extra which can produce interesting plants.

Pot luck substitute which is our choice of named seed which you can request as a substitute if a first choice is unavailable.

Random Sets which are sets of 25 packets of seed picked out at random after all orders have been completed. Enter the number of random sets you would like on your order form. Add £2.50 for each set ordered.

Aquilegia seed

Some UK aquilegias are showing signs of Downy Mildew. Please observe aquilegias in your garden and keep an eye on any seedlings you grow. For more information see

Dactylicapnos ventii

Dactylicapnos ventii

Ways to order

Only one order can be accepted per person. Joint members may each make a separate order. Please do not duplicate any seed on your order. Joint members please do not duplicate your partner’s order. This ensures that seed in short supply has the widest distribution.

Ordering on-line

You can order on-line with payment via PayPal. You do not need a Paypal account; payment can be made using a debit or credit card. As we incur higher charges for credit card payments, please use a debit card where possible. If you are a member, unless you pay your subscription by standing order it will be helpful if you renew your subscription for next year along with the seed order, as that reduces the charges.

Online seed orders must be placed by 9am on Saturday 8th January 2022.

The administration charge for UK members is £5 plus £2.50 for each Random Set ordered.

The charge for overseas members is £5.50.

We welcome on-line orders from non-members. The allocation and administration charge is the same as for members. Orders from non-members will be dealt with once members’ orders are complete.

To order seed on-line, use the links at the bottom of this page.

Ordering by post (members only)

Members may use the order form at the back of the printed seed list booklet (which is sent to all members towards the end of November) and send it by post to The Hardy Plant Society, 3 Basepoint Business Centre, Crab Apple Way, Evesham, WR11 1GP.

A chain of member volunteers picks out the orders. All the seed packets are in boxes in number order. It is extremely important that the orders are listed in increasing number order so that our volunteers can work efficiently. So please enter your choices in seed list number order. Enter the number and not the name.

Please send your order in a regular ‘letter size’ envelope. (max. Size 240mm x 160mm.) Using a larger envelope incurs a Post Office surcharge, considerable extra Administrator’s time, and a delay in processing your order.

All orders should reach the office by Saturday 8th January 2022.

UK members, please remember to include a cheque for £5 admin. charge plus £2.50 for each Random Set ordered.

Overseas members should include a cheque for £5.50 Sterling, or banknotes for US $10, or 10 Euro.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘The Hardy Plant Society’.

Overseas orders should include importation documentation if this is relevant to the order.


For UK orders this means you can request up to 20 seed packets, with no repeat numbers. Donors can add 15 extra. If ordering by post, all 30 should be in increasing seed number order.

For overseas orders this means you can request 25 seed packets, with no repeat numbers. Donors can add 15 extra. If ordering by post, all 35 should be in increasing seed number order.

Substitutes should be listed separately in seed list order.

Processing and Delivery

We usually make up orders in January, those from members first in date order of receipt.  Due to the unusual circumstances it will take us longer this year, but we expect to dispatch your seeds around the end of February.

Seed Lists and Online Order Forms



Sorry, it's now too late to order seed from this distribution. We expect to start sending out orders before the end of January.


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