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2022 Descriptive Seed List

Sorry, it's now too late to order seed from this distribution. If you have ordered, enjoy growing your seeds.


Hardiness Zones

We include both the new RHS Hardiness codes (provided for plants granted the RHS Award of Garden Merit and those in the RHS plant search) as well as the old USDA Zone ratings to obtain as full a picture of hardiness as possible for HPS members.
The new RHS Hardiness Ratings are explained in full on the RHS website at www.rhs.org.uk/plants/trials-awards/award-of-garden-merit/rhs-hardiness-rating.
The United States Department of Agriculture Zone Ratings are used to indicate the AVERAGE MINIMUM Centigrade temperatures which are generally tolerated by plants, shown by the table below. Most of the British Isles falls within Zone 8, with the western coastal fringes and some urban areas as Zone 9, and exposed mountainous areas as Zone 7.

Zone 10 Zone 9 Zone 8 Zone 7 Zone 6 Zone 5
0 -5 -11 -16 -22 -26

The ‘Z’ codes are widely accepted, and useful as objective criteria for plant selection. However, they can be a blunt instrument for many British gardens, where periods of intense cold can alternate with relatively mild conditions over a typical British winter. Well drained soil, particularly over the winter months, is equally important in ensuring winter ‘hardiness’. In addition, shelter from frost or desiccating winds, whether from walls, plant companions or protective mulches, maximises the chances of winter survival. Other plants cannot tolerate hot dry conditions in summer, and need moisture or cool shade to flourish. Keep this in mind when considering hardiness.
Wherever possible, these specific requirements are provided in the brief plant descriptions. These can only provide general guidance given the wide range of individual HPS members’ garden conditions.

Potentially Harmful Plants

Plants marked are known to be potentially harmful, by internal ingestion, as an eye irritant or as a skin irritant. For detailed information, see: www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=524


Seed sowing codes

E Germinates easily
Er Erratic germination
Sp Sow in spring once weather warms
Fr Sow seed fresh or as soon as possible after receipt
AT Sow any time
O Sow outdoors
Cd Expose to winter cold (outdoors overwinter or in a refrigerator for 3 months)
Ht Give bottom heat from a propagator
Ch Chip or scarify. Nick the seed coat with sharp knife or rub on sandpaper
Ws Warm scarify. Keep at 20 celsius for 2 months
So Soak in warm water for 12 hours
SS Sow on the surface; do not cover. Seed needs light to germinate
Sd Cover the seeds to exclude light. Seed needs darkness to germinate


For more information about growing from seed:

Creative Propagation by Peter Thompson. 1st edition available second hand from Amazon.
Growing from seed by Karen Platt (inexpensive paperback)
Adventures with seed - the story of a novice - Pauline Cooper, The Hardy Plant Spring 2015


Plant type codes

H hardy HH half hardy    
A annual Bien biennial P perennial
Bb bulb Cl climber Corm corm
Fern fern Gr grass Sedge sedge
S shrub T tree Tuber tuber
Potentially harmful plant
# Seed marked with this symbol is from plants usually considered sterile.


Plant Names

The RHS has kindly given us permission, under licence, to use their Plant Name database to assist in the accuracy of names in this seed list. We have shown details/names in the RHS database using a different font, like this.

Plant Descriptions

All descriptions have been derived and researched from authenticated expert printed sources wherever possible. We would appreciate any input from HPS members regarding missing or incorrect information.


Some of the plants in this list are also in the Digital Image Library. Click on a blue plant name to see a photo of the plant.

Please choose your seeds, and then enter their numbers from the column on the left into the order form.

1 Abutilon sp.
2 Abutilon vitifolium HS Mauve blue, greyish lvs, sun, summer H4 Ht Sp to 2.5m Malvaceae Chile
3 Abutilon vitifolium ex 'Tennant's White' HS White selection, free flowering, sun, summer H4 Ht Sp to 2m Malvaceae Garden
4 Acacia dealbata
5 Acaena myriophylla
6 Acanthus mollis HP White fls, purple hoods, shiny lvs, deep soil, sun/shade H6 Z7 AT 1.5-1.8m Acanthaceae Europe, N Africa
7 Acer buergerianum HT 3 lobed lvs, silver below, red/orange autumn H6 Z6 Fr Cd to 10m Sapinaceae China, Japan
8 Acer griseum # HT D, peeling bark,dark green 3 lobed lvs, red and orange in autumn, small yellow fls, AGM H5 Fr Cd 10mx10m Sapindaceae C. China
9 Acer grosseri var. hersii HT Marbled bark, long racemes fr, rich autumn colour H5 Fr Cd to 3m Sapinaceae Central China
10 Acer laxiflorum HT Green streaked bark, long racemes fr, pointed lvs, acid soil H5 Fr Cd to 8m Sapinaceae W China
11 Acer platanoides ex 'Crimson King'
12 Acer rufinerve HT Green striped bark, red and yellow autumn colour H5 Z6 Fr Cd to 10m Sapindaceae Japan
13 Acer sieboldianum HT Yelllow fls, finely toothed lvs, autumn colour H6 Z6 Fr Cd to 5m Sapindaceae Japan
14 Achillea pink flowers HP Pink, well drained soil, sun Cd Ht SS Asteraceae Garden
15 Acis autumnalis (was Leucojum autumnale) HBb White tinged pink, good drainage, autumn H5 AT Cd 20cm Amaryllidaceae Spain
16 Acmella oleracea HHP Red/gold cones, chewed lvs reputed to cure toothache H2 Ht 30cm Asteraceae Brazil
17 Aconitum alboviolaceum HCl Narrow violet and white fls, rounded basal lvs, late summer H7 Er Cd SS to 2.5m Ranunculaceae E Asia
18 Aconitum anthora HP Yellow spikes, sun, July-September H7 Er Cd SS 30-60cm Ranunculaceae Europe/Asia
19 Aconitum carmichaelii HP Blue-purple, sun/part shade, early autumn H7 Z3 Er Cd SS 2m Ranunculaceae Kamtschatka
20 Aconitum ex 'Blue Sparrow' HP Dark purple spikes, sun H7 Er Cd SS 60cm Ranunculaceae
21 Aconitum ex 'Ivorine' HP Cream spikes, sun/part shade, early summer H7 Z5 Er Cd SS 45-60cm Ranunculaceae Garden
22 Aconitum ex 'Stainless Steel' HP Dense silver blue spikes, June to September H7 Z4 Er Cd SS 90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
23 Aconitum hemsleyanum HCl Indigo purple, twining, sun/part shade, July on H7 Z6 Er Cd SS to 3m Ranunculaceae China, Burma
24 Aconitum jaluense ex BSWJ8741 HP Large bright blue fls, arching stems, sun/pt shade Er Cd SS 1m Ranunculaceae S Korea
25 Aconitum lycoctonum HP Lilac purple, sun/part shade, summer H7 Z4 Er Cd SS 1.5m Ranunculaceae Europe/Asia
26 Aconitum lycoctonum ex 'Darkeyes' HP Pale yellow, dark stems and foliage, June on H7 Z4 Er Cd SS 75cm Ranunculaceae Garden
27 Aconitum lycoctonum subsp. vulparia HP Pale yellow slender spikes, sun/part shade, summer H7 Z4 Er Cd SS 1m Ranunculaceae Alps
28 Aconitum napellus HP Violet, erect habit, late summer H7 Z5 Er Cd SS 1m Ranunculaceae Europe/Asia
29 Aconitum napellus subsp. vulgare HP blue flrs, part shade, moist well-drained soil H7 Er Cd SS 90cm Ranunculaceae
30 Aconitum napellus subsp. vulgare ex 'Albidum' HP Grey-white spires, moist fertile soil, July on H7 Z5 Er Cd SS 1.5m Ranunculaceae Garden
31 Aconitum pale blue flowers
32 Aconitum sp. blue flowers HP blue flrs H7 Er Cd SS Ranunculaceae
33 Actaea asiatica HP White bottlebrush fls, black fr, shade H6 Z6 Er Fr Cd 30-60cm Ranunculaceae Asia
34 Actaea rubra HP White, shiny red fr in late summer, fertile shade H7 Z6 Er Fr Cd 40cm Ranunculaceae USA
35 Actaea rubra f. neglecta HP White, large white fr late summer, shade H7 Z6 Er Fr Cd 90cm Ranunculaceae N America
36 Actaea simplex ex (Atropurpurea Group) 'James Compton' HP Purple buds, white fragrant fls, purple lvs H7 Z6 Er Fr Cd 1.5m Ranunculaceae Garden
37 Actaea sp.
38 Actaea spicata HP White fls, poisonous black berries, shade H7 Er Fr Cd 50cm Ranunculaceae UK
39 Adenophora khasiana HP Deep blue widely flared bells, fertile soil H6 Z5 Fr SS 1m Campanulaceae N India
40 Adenophora liliifolia HP Mid blue open bells, light scent, arching habit, August H7 Z4 Fr SS 45cm Campanulaceae Europe/Asia
41 Adenophora potaninii HP Violet blue, vigorous, July-August H6 Z3 Fr SS 90cm Campanulaceae China
42 Adlumia fungosa HBienCl Pale pink dicentra like fls, ferny lvs, moist soil H6 Fr Cd Sp to 3m Papaveraceae E North America
43 Agapanthus blue flowers HP Blue, strap lvs, sun, late summer H4 Z7 Fr Sp 60-90cm Agapanthaceae -
44 Agapanthus ex 'Blue Moon' HP Packed heads of greyish-blue fls, July H7 Z7 Fr Sp 90cm Agapanthaceae Garden
45 Agapanthus ex Headbourne hybrids HP Pale to dark blue, sun, late summer H4 Z7 Fr Sp 60-90cm Agapanthaceae Garden
46 Agapanthus ex 'Midnight Star' HP Dark blue selection, sun, late summer H7 Z7 Fr Sp 60cm Agapanthaceae Garden
47 Agapanthus ex 'Tsolo'
48 Agapanthus praecox HHP E, deep blue, late summer, tender, sunny sheltered place H3 Z9 Fr Sp 60-90cm Agapanthaceae S Africa
49 Agapanthus white flowers HP White, strap lvs, sun, late summer H4 Fr Sp 60cm Agapanthaceae Garden
50 Agastache ex 'Blue Boa' HP Spikes of purple flrs, scented lvs, sun, well-drained soil H4 AT SS Ht 70cm Lamiaceae
51 Agastache ex 'Globetrotter' HP Spikes of purple flowers, sun, well-drained soil H4 AT SS Ht 90cm Lamiaceae
52 Agastache ex 'Painted Lady'
53 Agastache ex 'Summer Glow'
54 Agastache mixed HP Mixed species/cvs, sun, well drained soil H5 AT SS Ht - Lamiaceae -
55 Agastache pallidiflora var. neomexicana ex 'Rose Mint' HP Spikes of lavender-rose fls, scented lvs H4 AT SS Ht 30cm Lamiaceae
56 Agastache rugosa HP Dusky violet, aromatic lvs, sun, well drained H5 Z8 AT SS Ht 90cm Lamiaceae Central/N America
57 Agastache rugosa ex 'Golden Jubilee' HP Blue spikes, parent golden foliage, late summer H5 Z7 AT SS Ht 50cm Lamiaceae Garden
58 Agastache rugosa ex 'Honey Bee Blue' HP Violet blue spikes, aromatic lvs, long season H5 Z7 AT SS Ht 60cm Lamiaceae Garden
59 Agave sp.
60 Ageratina ligustrina HHS E, flattened heads of white, long flowering H3 AT Ht to 2m Asteraceae Mexico to Costa Rica
61 Agrimonia eupatoria HP AgrimonyYellow, fragrant, hooked seedpods, sun H7 Z6 AT Cd 75-100cm Rosaceae GB, N Hemisphere
62 Agrimonia procera HP Fragrant AgrimonyYellow, fragrant, acid soil, summer H7 AT Cd 60cm Rosaceae GB, Europe
63 Agrostemma brachyloba HA Reddish purple flrs, sun H5 Sp Cd 90cm Caryophyllaceae
64 Agrostemma githago HA Corn Cockle, reddish purple, sun, summer H5 Sp Cd 90cm Caryophyllaceae Mediterranean
65 Albuca humilis HHBb White, tipped yellow, sun, shelter H2 Sp Ht 10cm Asparagaceae S Africa
66 Albuca shawii HHBb Yellow scented fls, sun, warm place H2 Sp Ht 40cm Hyacinthaceae S Africa
67 Albuca spiralis HHBb Scented green-yellow bells, corkscrew lvs, sun, hot spot H2 Sp Ht 20cm Hyacinthaceae Africa
68 Alcea yellow flowers
69 Alcea creamy white
70 Alcea rosea ex Halo Series yellow flowers
71 Alcea ficifolia HP Yellow/orange, lobed lvs, fertile soil, sun, summer H7 Sp SS O to 2m Malvaceae Siberia
72 Alcea mixed
73 Alcea rosea HBien Hollyhock Mixed colours, sun, fertile soil, summer H5 Sp SS O to 2.5m Malvaceae Garden
74 Alcea rosea dark crimson single flowers
75 Alcea rosea dark purple flowers HBien Hollhock, dark purple fls H5 Sp SS O Malvaceae
76 Alcea rosea ex Halo Series 'Halo Pink' HBien Hollyhock, large single pink fls, sun, well-drained soil H5 Sp SS O 1.8m Malvaceae
77 Alcea rosea ex Halo Series 'Halo Red' HBien Red, contrasting 'halo' centre, sun, summer H5 Sp SS O to 2m Malvaceae Garden
78 Alcea rosea mixed HBien Mixed colour Hollyhocks H5 Sp SS O 2.5m Malvaceae Garden
79 Allium amethystinum ex 'Red Mohican'
80 Allium atropurpureum HBb Purple drumsticks, sun, June-July H5 Z4 Fr Cd SS 40-90cm Alliaceae Balkans
81 Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum HBb Purple, loose heads, sun, late summer H5 Fr Cd SS 30-60cm Alliaceae Europe, Asia Minor
82 Allium cernuum HBb Pink to purple nodding heads, sun, summer H6 Z2 Fr Cd SS 20-30cm Alliaceae Canada, USA
83 Allium cristophii HBb Globes of lilac stars, June, dries well H7 Fr Cd SS 90cm Alliaceae Central Asia
84 Allium cyaneum HBb Bright blue, moist well drained soil, late summer H5 Z5 Fr Cd SS 10-15cm Alliaceae China
85 Allium cyathophorum var. farreri HBb Red-purple bells, moist drained soil, June H7 Z2 Fr Cd SS 20-30cm Alliaceae Gansu
86 Allium flavum HBb Lemon yellow, sun, summer H4 Z3 Fr Cd SS 10-40cm Alliaceae Central/S Europe
87 Allium hollandicum HBb Purple globe fls, summer H7 Fr Cd SS 90cm Alliaceae
88 Allium hollandicum ex 'Purple Sensation' HBb Large deep violet globes, sun, summer H7 Fr Cd SS 90cm Alliaceae Garden
89 Allium insubricum HBb Wine flared bells, sun, midsummer H5 Z8 Fr Cd SS 15-30cm Alliaceae Italian Alps
90 Allium karataviense ex 'Ivory Queen' HBb Creamy-white selection, broad glaucous lvs H5 Fr Cd SS 20cm Alliaceae Garden
91 Allium neapolitanum HBb White stars, spring, sun, drainage H5 Fr Cd SS 20-50cm Alliaceae Mediterranean
92 Allium neriniflorum HBb Umbels of bright pink fls, sun, well drained soil or pot H4 Fr Cd SS 25cm Alliaceae Mongolia, China, Siberia
93 Allium nigrum HBb White to pale lilac, sun, warm dry spot, April-June H5 Z4 Fr Cd SS 60-90cm Alliaceae S Europe, W Asia
94 Allium obliquum HBb Pale yellow dense heads, exerted stamens, June-July H4 Z3 Fr Cd SS 60-90cm Alliaceae Central Asia
95 Allium paradoxum var. normale HBb Nodding white bells, free spreading, spring H7 Fr Cd SS 15-30cm Alliaceae Caucasus, Iran
96 Allium roseum (bulbils) HBb Pale pink hemispherical heads, well drained soil H6 Fr Cd SS 20-40cm Alliaceae Europe, Mediterranean
97 Allium rotundum
98 Allium schoenoprasum HBb Chives, lilac-purple, culinary fls and lvs, May-June H6 Z1 Fr Cd SS 20-40cm Alliaceae N Hemisphere
99 Allium schubertii HBb Huge lilac globes like a firework, sunny position H4 Z5 Fr Cd SS 60cm Alliaceae E Mediterranean
100 Allium senescens var. calcareum HBb Pale mauve pink ball heads, well drained soil, sun H6 Z5 Fr Cd SS 40cm Alliaceae Central Europe
101 Allium siculum HBb Green-plum drooping fls, sun, early summer H5 AT O 90cm Alliaceae France, Italy
102 Allium siculum subsp. dioscoridis HBb Straw, flushed green-purple, sun, May H5 AT O 90cm Alliaceae Balkans
103 Allium sphaerocephalon HBb Wine-purple spherical heads, summer H6 Fr Cd SS 60cm Alliaceae Europe/Asia
104 Allium ursinum HBb Ramsons. White stars, naturaliser, very free spreading. Edible H7 Fr Cd SS 15-20cm Alliaceae GB, Europe/Asia
105 Allium wallichii HBb Maroon-purple, moist drained soil, late summer H7 Fr Cd SS 60cm Alliaceae Nepal
106 Alstroemeria apricot flowers
107 Alstroemeria aurea HP Orange, dark markings, free spreading, sun, summer H4 Z6 Fr Ht Cd 90cm Alstroemeriaceae Chile
108 Alstroemeria ligtu hybrids HP Pastel shades of cream, pink, coral,sun, summer H4 Z7 Fr Ht Cd 1.2m Alstroemeriaceae Garden
109 Althaea armeniaca HP Red, hairy stems, sun summer H7 Cd SS 1-2m Malvaceae Turkey, Iran
110 Althaea cannabina HP Rosy violet, dark eye, sun, late summer H7 Z4 Cd SS 2.1m Malvaceae Siberia
111 Alyssoides utriculata HP Yellow, green inflated seed pods, spring, sun H5 Z5 Cd 40cm Brassicaceae Europe, Turkey
112 Alyssum tortuosum HP Soft yellow, twisted stems, shrubby base, sun H5 Cd SS 15cm Brassiacacae Hungary
113 Amaranthus caudatus HHA Long dense drooping red spikes, late summer/autumn H2 Sp Ht 1-2m Amaranthaceae Andes
114 Ammi majus HA Pure white lacy heads, pinnate lvs, sun H6 Sp E 60-90cm Apiaceae Mediterranean
115 Ampelodesmos mauritanicus HGr Whitish panicles, well drained soil, sun H6 Z8 Sp Ht to 2.5m Poaceae Mediterranean
116 Ampelopsis megalophylla HCl Bunches red to purple fr, lobed lvs, vivid autumn colour H5 Cd to 7.5m Vitaceae W China
117 Amsonia tabernaemontana HP Blue stars, autumn colour, sun, summer H5 Z3 AT Cd 60cm Apocynaceae USA
118 Anchusa azurea ex 'Loddon Royalist' HP Deep blue fls, sun, well drained soil H5 Ht SS 1m Boraginaceae S Europe, W Asia
119 Anchusa leptophylla HP Bright blue, white throat, sun, well drained, May H5 Z7 Ht SS 30-60cm Boraginaceae Turkey
120 Andropogon gerardii HGr 3 pronged heads,summer/ autumn tinted lvs H6 Z4 Sp Ht 1-2m Poaceae N America
121 Anemanthele lessoniana HGr E, arching growth, autumn/winter colour, free seeding H4 AT to 1m Poaceae
122 Anemone altaica HP White, occasionally suffused blue, woodland soil H7 Z4 Fr Cd 10-15cm Ranunculaceae Altai Mountains
123 Anemone baldensis HP White, backed blue, sun, well drained soil H6 Z6 Fr Cd 10-15cm Ranunculaceae N Italy
124 Anemone coll. China white flowers HP White flrs Fr Cd 50cm Ranunculaceae
125 Anemone coronaria HHTuber Red, black boss stamens, sun, frost shelter H5 Ht Er 20-30cm Ranunculaceae Mediterranean
126 Anemone coronaria ex 'The Bride'
127 Anemone ex Wild Swan = 'Macane001' HP White, blue tinged reverse, sun, gritty soil H6 Fr Cd Ranunculaceae
128 Anemone filisecta
129 Anemone leveillei HP White, purplish exterior, anthers, damp sunny soil H6 Z4 O Cd 60cm Ranunculaceae C China
130 Anemone lithophila HP White, blue tinged reverse, sun, gritty soil H6 Z5 Fr Cd 15-20cm Ranunculaceae Canada, W USA
131 Anemone magellanica = A multifida
132 Anemone multifida ex 'Rubra' HP Dark pink flrs, sun, well-drained soil H7 Fr Cd 30cm Ranunculaceae
133 Anemone multifida Poir. HP Creamy yellow, hairy ferny lvs, sun, June H7 Z2 Fr Cd 30-60cm Ranunculaceae USA
134 Anemone pavonina HP White to red, woolly seedheads, spring H5 Z8 AT Fr Cd 30cm Ranunculaceae Spain
135 Anemone rivularis HP White, blue backed sepals, moist soil, summer H5 Z7 Fr Cd 60cm Ranunculaceae Ind/Pak
136 Anemone × lesseri HP Rose-crimson fls, ferny lvs, sun, well drained soil H7 Z3 Fr Cd 45cm Ranunculaceae Garden
137 Anemonopsis macrophylla HP Nodding lavender fls, moist shade, well drained H6 Z7 Fr AT Cd 60cm Ranunculaceae Japan
138 Anethum graveolens ex 'Mariska' HHA Florist's Dill, yellow flrs, sun, well-drained soil H2 Sp Ht 80cm Apiaceae
139 Angelica archangelica HP Green umbellifer heads, bold lvs, fertile part shade H6 Fr Cd SS to 2m Apiaceae Europe
140 Angelica pachycarpa HBienCl White fls, shiny green lvs, fertile soil, sun/part shade H5 Fr Cd SS to 2m Apiaceae Spain, W Portugal
141 Angelica sylvestris ex 'Purpurea' HBien White, purple infused lvs and stems, moist soil H5 Fr Cd SS to 1m Apiaceae Garden
142 Angelica sylvestris ex 'Vicar's Mead' HBien White to pale pink, purplish stems, bronzed lvs H5 Fr Cd SS to 2m Apiaceae Garden
143 Angelica taiwaniana HBien Large cream heads, purple bracts, fertile soil, sun H5 Fr Cd SS to 2m Apiaceae Taiwan
144 Angelica ursina
145 Anisodontea ex Lady in Pink = 'Nuanilaninp'
146 Anisodontea ex 'El Rayo'
147 Anthemis punctata subsp. cupaniana HP White daisies, free flowering, silver lvs, sun, well drained H4 Z7 Sp 30cm Asteraceae Sicily
148 Anthemis tinctoria HP Yellow daisy fls, dissected lvs, sun H6 Sp 30-60cm Asteraceae
149 Anthericum liliago HP White starry fls, grey green lvs, sun, May-June H5 Z5 AT Cd O 60cm Asparagaceae S Europe
150 Anthericum liliago ex 'Major' HP White starry fls, grey green lvs, robust form, sun, May-June H5 Z5 AT Cd O 60cm Asparagaceae S Europe
151 Anthriscus sylvestris ex 'Golden Fleece'
152 Anthriscus sylvestris ex 'Ravenswing' HP White umbellifer fls, black ferny foliage H6 AT 90cm Apiaceae Garden
153 Anthyllis vulneraria var. coccinea HP Red pea fls, sun, summer H6 O Cd 15-30cm Papilionaceae Garden
154 Antirrhinuim blue/pink flowers
155 Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii HP Cream, yellow throat, wall crevice or dry soil H3 Z8 AT SS Ht 5cm Plantaginaceae Spain
156 Antirrhinum dark red flowers, dark foliage
157 Antirrhinum majus ex 'Black Prince' HHA Dark red flrs, dark lvs, sun H3 AT SS Ht 40cm Plantaginaceae
158 Antirrhinum majus subsp. tortuosum HHA Snapdragon purple fls, sun, well drained H3 Sp SS Ht 45cm Plantaginaceae Morocco
159 Antirrhinum mixed Mixed colours and heights, sun H3 AT SS Ht 45-60cm Plantaginaceae Garden
160 Antirrhinum small crimson trailing, hardy
161 Aphyllanthes monspeliensis
162 Apium graveolens HBien Wild Celery Green white umbellifer fls, celery scented lvs H3 Sp Ht 30-60cm Apiaceae GB, Europe
163 Aquilegia alpina HP Blue, sun or part shade, summer H5 Z3 AT SS 30-60cm Ranunculaceae Alps
164 Aquilegia atrata HP Very dark purple fls, hooked spurs, sun/part shade H7 Z4 AT SS 60cm Ranunculaceae Europe
165 Aquilegia bertolonii HP Rich blue, hooked spurs, sun, midsummer H5 AT SS 10-30cm Ranunculaceae SE France
166 Aquilegia chrysantha HP Golden yellow, long paler spurs, sun, well drained soil H5 Z4 AT SS 90cm Ranunculaceae SW N America
167 Aquilegia chrysantha ex 'Denver Gold'
168 Aquilegia ex 'Flutterby'
169 Aquilegia longissima HP Pale yellow, long spurs, July H5 AT SS 90cm Ranunculaceae Texax, Mexico
170 Aquilegia mixed species HP mixed colours and types H6 AT SS 30-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
171 Aquilegia pale pink, long and spurred
172 Aquilegia pyrenaica HP Deep purple blue, gritty soil, open positiion, spring H6 AT SS Cd 10-20cm Ranunculaceae Pyrenees
173 Aquilegia skinneri ex 'Tequila Sunrise' HP Orange, glaucous lvs, sun, well drained sheltered site H4 Z8 AT SS 60-75cm Ranunculaceae Garden
174 Aquilegia vulgaris HP Blue violet, hooked spurs, free seeding H7 Z3 AT SS 30-90cm Ranunculaceae Europe
175 Aquilegia vulgaris [2] HP Blue violet, hooked spurs, free seeding H7 Z3 AT SS 30-90cm Ranunculaceae Europe
176 Aquilegia vulgaris blue double flowers HP Short spurred blue fls, sun/part shade H7 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
177 Aquilegia vulgaris ex (Vervaeneana Group) 'Woodside' HP White to purple, mottled gold lvs, select best seedlings H6 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
178 Aquilegia vulgaris ex 'Clementine Salmon Rose' (Clementine Series) (d) HP Salmon pink semi-double, spurless fls H7 AT SS 40cm Ranunculaceae
179 Aquilegia vulgaris ex 'Nivea' HP Pure white single, greyish lvs, sun/part shade H7 Z3 AT SS 60-75cm Ranunculaceae Garden
180 Aquilegia vulgaris ex 'William Guiness' HP Blackcurrant spurs, white edged blades H7 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
181 Aquilegia vulgaris light blue flowers HP Short spurred light blue fls, sun/part shade H7 Z4 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
182 Aquilegia vulgaris mixed HP Mixed colours, short spurred, free seeding H7 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
183 Aquilegia vulgaris mixed doubles HP Mixed colours, double flowers H7 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
184 Aquilegia vulgaris pink double flowers HP Short spurred pink double fls, sun/part shade H7 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
185 Aquilegia vulgaris pink open cup flowers HP Single pink open cup form H6 Z3 AT SS Ranunculaceae Garden
186 Aquilegia vulgaris purple double flowers HP Short spurred double purple fls, May-June H6 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
187 Aquilegia vulgaris purple flowers, variegated leaves HP Purple short spurred fls, yellow variegated lvs H6 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
188 Aquilegia vulgaris var. alba HP White flrs H7 AT SS 90cm Ranunculaceae
189 Aquilegia vulgaris var. flore-pleno white flowers (d) HP Short spurred double white fls, sun/part shade H6 Z3 AT SS Ranunculaceae
190 Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata HP Spurless fls, mixed colours, sun/part shade H6 Z3 AT SS 90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
191 Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata ex 'Nora Barlow' (Barlow Series) (d) HP Red and white double spurless fls H7 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
192 Aquilegia vulgaris white double flowers HP Short spurred white double fls, sun/part shade H6 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
193 Aquilegia white flowers HP White flrs H6 AT SS Ranunculaceae
194 Aquilegia yabeana HP Purple blue, hooked spurs, sun/part shade, May H6 Z3 AT SS 40-60cm Ranunculaceae China, Japan
195 Aquilegia yellow flowers, tall, late
196 Arabis allionii
197 Aralia cachemirica HP White panicles, bold pinnate lvs, moist shade H5 Z4 Cd 2-4m Araliaceae Kashmir
198 Aralia kansuensis ex CD&R 2289 HP White, black fr, autumn colour H5 Cd 1.5m Araliaceae Yunnan
199 Arctotis venusta HHA White daisy flrs with mauve centres, sun, well-drained soil H2 Sp Ht 30cm Asteraceae
200 Argemone albiflora
201 Argemone mexicana HA Yellow, prickly glaucous lvs, sun, drought tolerant H3 Z8 Sp Ht 30-60cm Papaveraceae Mexico
202 Arisaema amurense HTuber Green spathe striped white, red fr, part shade H5 Z5 AT Cd SS 20cm Araceae E Russia
203 Arisaema ciliatum HTuber Green or purple spathe, shade H4 Z5 AT Cd SS 1.2m Araceae Yunnan, Sichuan
204 Arisaema consanguineum HTuber Green/maroon, long tip, dappled lvs H4 Z5 AT Cd SS 1m Araceae China
205 Arisaema flavum HTuber Yellow-green, free flowering/fruiting, light shade H4 Z5 AT Cd SS 20-40cm Araceae Med to Himalayas
206 Arisaema jacquemontii HTuber Green spathes, upright spadix, part shade H4 Z5 AT Cd SS 60cm Araceae Himalayas
207 Arisaema ovale HTuber Green and white striped spath, fertile part shade H4 Z5 AT Cd SS 40-60cm Araceae Japan
208 Arisaema speciosum var. magnificum HTuber Deep red spathe with inner stripes, red spadix H4 AT Cd SS 90cm Araceae Asia
209 Aristea ecklonii HHP Panicles of blue fls, fan-like lvs, sun, frost tender H2 Z8 Fr Sp 90cm Iridiaceae S Africa
210 Armeria maritima HP Pink drumsticks, sun, good drainage, May H7 Z4 AT Cd 15cm Plumbaginaceae GB, Europe
211 Armeria maritima ex 'In the Red' HP E. Deep pink flrs L. Spring, sun w/d H7 AT Cd 15cm
212 Armeria maritima ex 'Nifty Thrifty' HP White-striped lvs, pink flrs, sun, dry soil H6 AT Cd 15cm Plumbaginaceae
213 Armeria pseudarmeria ex 'Alba' HP White drumstick fls, strappy lvs, sun H5 AT Cd 50cm Plumbaginaceae Portugal
214 Armeria pseudarmeria ex 'Ballerina Red' (Ballerina Series) HP Red drumstricks, sun, flowers first year from seed H5 Z4 AT Cd 20cm Plumbaginaceae Garden
215 Armeria sp. tall white HP no further details H7 Z4 AT Cd - Plumbaginaceae -
216 Aronia melanocarpa HS White, lustrous black fr, autumn colour H7 Z4 O Cd Er 2m Rosaceae E North America
217 Arthropodium candidum HP Rounded white fls in sprays, tinted lvs, sun H4 Z9 AT Cd 30cm Asparagaceae New Zealand
218 Arthropodium cirratum HP White in large panicles, shelter H3 AT 30-90cm Asparagaceae New Zealand
219 Arum creticum yellow spathe form
220 Arum ex 'Chameleon' HTuber Pale spathes, marbled silver/green arrow headed lvs, H6 Z5 Sp Cd Er 40cm Araceae Garden
221 Arum italicum ex 'Angelique' HP Small dk gn saggitate white veined leaf H6 Sp Cd Er 30cm Araceae
222 Arum italicum subsp. albispathum HTuber Large white spathes, green lvs, sun/part shade H6 Z5 Sp Cd Er 40cm Araceae Crimea, Caucasus
223 Arum italicum subsp. italicum ex 'Marmoratum' HTuber Pale spathe, red fr, silver grey veined lvs, sun/part shade H6 Z4 Sp Cd Er 40cm Araceae Garden
224 Arum italicum subsp. italicum ex 'Tiny' HTuber Grey marbled neat green lvs, compact, sun/part shade H6 Z4 Sp Cd Er 15cm Araceae Garden
225 Arum pictum HTuber Maroon, leathery lvs, prominent veins H6 Z4 Sp Cd Er 30cm Araceae Mediterranean
226 Aruncus aethusifolius HP Cream, bronzed finely cut lvs, summer, autumn colour H7 Z4 AT SS 20-30cm Rosaceae Korea
227 Aruncus dioicus HP Cream plumes, broad ferny lvs, bold outline, sun/part shade H6 Z3 AT SS 1.5-2m Rosaceae N Hemisphere
228 Aruncus dioicus var. kamtschaticus HP White, compact, sun/part shade, early summer H6 Z3 AT SS 60-90cm Rosaceae Russia
229 Asarina procumbens HP Yellow, trailing, sunny dry sheltered place H4 Sp SS Ht to 30cm Plantaginaceae France, Spain
230 Asclepias incarnata ex 'Soulmate' HP Clusters pink fls, moist soil H4 AT Cd SS 1.2m Apocynaceae
231 Asclepias tuberosa HHP Orange, sun, sharp drainage, tender, autumn H7 Z9 O Cd 45cm Apocynaceae USA
232 Asimina triloba
233 Asphodeline damascena
234 Asphodeline liburnica HP Pale yellow slender spires, summer H4 AT Cd 90cm Asphodelaceae
235 Asphodeline lutea HP Straw yellow stiff spikes, late spring H4 Z6 AT Cd 90cm Asphodelaceae Balkans
236 Asphodelus albus HP White tinged buff, sun, early summer H5 Z6 AT O 90cm Asphodelaceae Europe
237 Asphodelus fistulosus HBien White-pink, brown stripe, sun, poor light soil H5 AT O 40-60cm` Asphodelaceae Mediterranean
238 Asphodelus macrocarpus Parl. HP Racemes of white star-shaped flrs, narrow basal lvs, sun, well-drained soil H6 AT O 1.5m Asphodelaceae
239 Aster alpinus HP Purple daisies, yellow centres, sun H5 AT Cd 20cm Asteraceae Europe
240 Astilbe longicarpa ex BSWJ6711 HP Long white panicles, moist sun/part shade July on H7 Z4 AT Cd 45-1.5m Saxifragaceae Taiwan
241 Astilboides tabularis HP Creamy spikes, bold lvs, moist, summer H6 AT Cd 90cm Saxifragaceae China
242 Astragalus monspessulanus
243 Astragalus sinicus
244 Astrantia - white flowers
245 Astrantia ex 'Buckland' HP Pale pink, pink tipped green bracts, summer on H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
246 Astrantia ex 'Burgundy Manor'
247 Astrantia ex 'Glebe Cottage Crimson' HP Ruby-red, dark stems, sun/part shade, summer on H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
248 Astrantia good pink flowers HP Pink, sun/light shade, long season H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
249 Astrantia major HP Green/white with narrow collar bracts H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60-90cm Apiaceae Europe
250 Astrantia major ex Gill Richardson Group HP Rich dark red strain, repeat flowering H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
251 Astrantia major ex 'Primadonna' HP Lilac-pink strain, sun/part shade, summer H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
252 Astrantia major ex 'Rubra' HP Purplish-red form, summer H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
253 Astrantia major pale pink flowers HP Pale pink parent, sun/part shade, summer H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
254 Astrantia major subsp. involucrata ex 'Shaggy' HP Green-white, long bracts, long summer season H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 90cm Apiaceae Garden
255 Astrantia major white flowers HP White strain, sun/part shade, summer H7 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
256 Astrantia maxima HP Soft rose pink, broad bracts, fertile soil H6 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60cm Apiaceae Caucasus
257 Astrantia mixed HP Mixed forms and colours H6 Z6 Fr Er Cd 60-90cm Apiaceae Garden
258 Astrantia red flowers HP Dk red flrs H7 Fr Er Cd Apiaceae
259 Atherosperma moschatum
260 Atriplex hortensis HHA Green spinach like lvs, red stems, free seeding H2 Z6 Sp SS to 2m Amaranthaceae Asia
261 Atriplex hortensis var. rubra HHA Reddish foliage plant, sun, fertile soil H2 Sp SS to 2m Amaranthaceae Garden
262 Atropa belladonna HP Deadly Nightshade.Brownish, all parts very poisonous H6 Z6 AT to 1.5m Solanaceae GB (Europe/Asia)
263 Ballota nigra
264 Baptisia australis ex 'Exaltata' HP Spikes blue pea fls, free spreading, sun, summer
265 Baptisia australis H7 Z3 Fr So Ch to 2m Papilionaceae E USA
266 Baptisia ex 'Dutch Chocolate' (Decadence Series) HP Grey-green trifoliate lvs, racemes brown pea fls, sun, not alkaline soil H7 Fr So Ch 1.2m Papilionaceae
267 Baptisia ex 'Nachthemel'
268 Barbarea vulgaris ex 'Variegata' (v) HP Variegated Winter Cress, variegation true from seed H5 Z6 AT Cd 20-30cm Brassicaceae Garden
269 Barlettina sordida HHS Mauve fluffy fls, scented, rich soil, part shade, frost tender H2 Z9 SS Ht to 2m Asteraceae Mexico
270 Beesia calthifolia HP White stars, glossy lvs, cool fertile shade H6 Z6 AT Cd 20cm Ranunculaceae Yunnan
271 Begonia cucullata var. arenosicola (S) HP Pale pink flrs, shade, well-drained soil H6 Fr Ht SS 40cm Begoniaceae
272 Bellevalia romana HBb White, sun, well drained soil, spring H4 Z7 AT O Cd 30cm Asparagaceae Mediterranean
273 Bellis sylvestris HP White daisy flrs, creeping rhizomes H6 AT SS Ht 15cm Asteraceae
274 Berkheya cirsiifolia HP White rays, yellow centre, v spiny lvs, sun, gritty soil H4 AT Cd SS 60cm Asteraceae Drakensburg MTS, SA
275 Berkheya purpurea HP Purplish daisies, spiny lvs, sun, warm place H4 Z7 AT Cd SS 80cm Asteraceae S Africa
276 Betonica macrantha ex 'Superba' HP Selected form for flower and habit, mauve H7 AT O 60-90cm Lamiaceae Garden
277 Betonica nivea HP Yellow whorled fls, scalloped lvs, sun, fertile soil H5 AT O 20-30cm Lamiaceae Caucasus
278 Betonica officinalis HP BetonyPurple spikes, scalloped lvs, sun, light soil H7 AT O 20-30cm Lamiaceae GB, Europe, SW Asia
279 Betonica officinalis ex 'Wisley White' HP Pure white, neat green lvs, summer H7 AT O 30cm Lamiaceae Garden
280 Bidens ex ferulifolia 'Hot 'n' Spicy'
281 Bidens pilosa HA Small white flrs, sun, moisture H3 Sp SS 90cm Asteraceae
282 Blackstonia perfoliata
283 Blumenbachia hieronymi HA White flrs w red centres, stinging lvs, sun H4 Sp 60cm Loasaceae S. America
284 Boechera koehleri
285 Borago officinalis HA Borage Intense blue, black stamens, hairy leaves, summer H5 Sp 30-90cm Boraginaceae Europe
286 Bouteloua curtipendula
287 Boykinia aconitifolia HP White, ground cover, humus rich part shade H6 Z6 Sp Cd 30cm Saxifragaceae E USA
288 Boykinia rotundifolia HP Whitish, leafy ground cover, shade, summer H6 Z8 Sp Cd 60-90cm Saxifragaceae California
289 Brachyelytrum japonicum HGr Bottlebrush heads, autumn colour H5 Sp to 1.2m Poaceae Japan
290 Brassica oleracea HBien Wild cabbage sparse lobed blue green lvs, pale yellow fls, coastal plant H5 Z7 Sp 2.5m Brassicaceae Europe
291 Brimeura amethystina HBb Delicate blue bells, sun/part shade, spring H5 AT O 15cm Asparagaceae Pyrenees
292 Brimeura amethystina ex 'Alba' HBb White flrs H5 AT O 15cm Asparagaceae Garden
293 Briza maxima HAGr Quaking Grass, heads for drying, free seeding H6 AT 60cm Poaceae Europe
294 Briza media HGr Quaking Grass dangling heads for drying, poor soil H6 Z4 AT 30-40cm Poaceae Europe/Asia
295 Browallia americana HHA Blue flrs w white centres, moist well-drained H4 Sp O 1m Solanaceae S. America
296 Buddleja speciosissima
297 Bulbine frutescens HHP Orange, succulent lvs, sun, sharp drainage, shelter H3 Sp O 40cm Asphodelaceae S Africa
298 Bulbine semibarbata HHP Yellow stars, sun, light well drained soil, shelter H3 Sp O to 30cm Asphodelaceae Australia
299 Bulbinella hookeri HHP Rich yellow pokers, grassy lvs, moist soil, early summer H3 Z8 Fr 40cm Asphodelaceae New Zealand
300 Bunias orientalis HP Small yellow flrs on long stems May on, sun H7 Sp 90cm Brassicaceae
301 Bunium ferulaceum HP Lacy white flrs, E lvs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp O 60cm Apiaceae
302 Bupleurum fruticosum HS E, lime green, persistent seedheads,leathery lvs, summer H4 Sp Er 1.5-2m Apiaceae S Europe
303 Bupleurum longifolium HP Yellow green, red tinged, early summer Z3 AT O 60-90 cm Apiaceae Europe
304 Bupleurum longifolium ex 'Bronze Beauty' HP Copper-bronze form, early summer H5 Z3 AT O 60-90cm Apiaceae Garden
305 Bupleurum rotundifolium HA Green euphorbia-like fl heads, well drained soil, summer H5 Sp O 15-30cm Apiaceae Europe/Asia
306 Calamagrostis × acutiflora ex 'Karl Foerster' HGr Purple-green summer fls, maturing buff in winter, sun H6 2m Poaceae Garden
307 Calceolaria biflora HP Yellow pouches, soft lvs, cool soil, part shade Z9 AT Cd SS 10-20cm Calceolariaceae Chile
308 Calceolaria biflora from Falkland Islands
309 Calceolaria chelidonioides HHP Yellow pouches, sun H2 AT Cd SS 30cm Calceolariaceae
310 Calceolaria falklandica
311 Calceolaria mexicana HA Lemon yellow pouches, cool soil, part shade Z9 Sp SS 25-45cm Calceolariaceae Mexico
312 Calceolaria polyrhiza Cav. HHP Golden yellow pouches , sun H5 AT Cd SS 30cm Calceolariaceae
313 Calendula mixed HA Yellow to orange single or double fls, sun, summer Z9 AT 15-45cm Asteraceae Garden
314 Calendula officinalis HA Single yellow to orange, sun, summer H5 Z9 AT 30-45cm Asteraceae Mediterranean
315 Calendula officinalis ex 'Indian Prince' (Prince Series) HA Dark centre, orange with darker reverse, sun H5 Z9 AT 45cm Asteraceae Garden
316 Calendula officinalis ex 'Snow Princess' HA Creamy-white dk centred flrs, sun, well-drained H5 AT 50cm Asteraceae
317 Calendula officinalis pale yellow flowers HA Daisy-like flrs Summer, sun, fr dr sl H5 AT 30-45cm Asteraceae
318 Calendula officinalis yellow petals, dark eye
319 Callistemon speciosus
320 Callistemon subulatus HS E, brilliant crimson bottlebrushes, sun, sheltered site Z8 AT SS Ht to 1.5m Myrtaceae Australia
321 Camassia cusickii HBb Pale violet blue, sun, moist fertile soil, early summer H4 AT SS Cd 1m Asparagaceae W USA
322 Camassia leichtlinii ex 'Blue Wave' HBb Bright blue spikes, narrow lvs, moist drained soil, May AT SS Cd 90cm Asparagaceae
323 Camassia leichtlinii ex 'Sacajawea' (v) HBb White stars, parent cream edged lvs AT SS Cd 1m Asparagaceae Garden
324 Camassia leichtlinii subsp. leichtlinii HBb Long spires white stars, sun/part shade, May on H4 AT SS Cd to 1.2m Asparagaceae W USA
325 Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii ex 'Alba' HBb Spires of creamy-white star shaped flrs, strap-shaped lvs, moisture, sun/pt-shade H4 AT SS Cd 90cm Asparagaceae
326 Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii ex Caerulea Group HBb Violet stars in spike, sun/part shade, fertile drained soil H4 AT SS Cd 90-120cm Asparagaceae Garden
327 Camassia mixed Bb Mixed colours AT SS 90cm Asparagaceae garden
328 Camassia white flowers/variegated leaves
329 Campanula alliariifolia HP Cream bells, heart shaped lvs, sun/part shade Z4 AT 45cm Campanulaceae Caucasus
330 Campanula cochlearifolia ex 'Bavaria Blue'
331 Campanula ex 'Faichem Lilac' HP Pale lilac upward facing fls, June-July Z4 AT Cd 75cm Campanulaceae Garden
332 Campanula hofmannii (also Symphyandra hofmannii) HBien Creamy white bells, soft lvs, free seeding, June-July Z4 AT Cd 30cm Campanulaceae Bosnia
333 Campanula incurva HBien Pale blue-lilac cups, sun, well drained gritty soil H4 AT SS 10-15cm Campanulaceae Greece
334 Campanula lactiflora HP Milky blue, moist fertile soil, sun/part shade Z5 AT SS to 1.5m Campanulaceae Caucasus,W Asia
335 Campanula lactiflora ex 'Prichard's Variety' HP Violet blue selection, sun/part shade H7 Z5 AT SS 80cm Campanulaceae Garden
336 Campanula latifolia HP Giant Bellflowerblue, part shade, vigorous, summer H7 Z3 AT SS 1.2m Campanulaceae GB, Europe to Kashmir
337 Campanula latifolia mixed blue and white flowers HP Erect clump forming, Summer flrs H7 AT SS Ht 1m Campanulaceae
338 Campanula latifolia var. alba HP White, part shade, rounded basal lvs, summer H7 Z3 AT SS 1.2m Campanulaceae Garden
339 Campanula latifolia var. macrantha HP Purple-blue open bells, part shade, summer Z3 AT SS 1.2m Campanulaceae Garden
340 Campanula latifolia var. macrantha ex 'Alba' HP White variant, part shade, summer Z3 AT SS 1.2m Campanulaceae Garden
341 Campanula makaschvilii HP Cream-white pink tinted bells, summer H5 Z6 AT SS 40cm Campanulaceae Caucasus
342 Campanula medium HBien Canterbury Bells purplish-blue stout bells, dense heads H4 Sp SS to 60cm Campanulaceae Alps
343 Campanula persicifolia HP Spikes of blue cups, basal rosettes, summer H7 Z3 AT SS 90cm Campanulaceae Europe to Russia
344 Campanula persicifolia blue flowers HP Blue flrs H7 AT SS 90cm Campanulaceae
345 Campanula pyramidalis HBien Pale blue or white pyramidal heads H4 AT SS to 1.5m Campanulaceae Italy, Albania
346 Campanula pyramidalis ex 'Alba'
347 Campanula rapunculus HBien Rampion Spikes blue stars, summer H4 Sp SS 55-60cm Campanulaceae GB, Europe
348 Campanula rotundifolia HP Harebell blue bells, wiry stems, mat-forming, July H7 Z3 AT SS 15-20cm Campanulaceae GB, N Hemisphere
349 Campanula thyrsoides HBien Pale yellow dense spike, well drained soil, June Z5 Sp SS 30cm Campanulaceae Alps, Carpathians
350 Campanula trachelium HP Blue-mauve, sun/part shade inc. dry H7 Z3 Sp SS 60cm Campanulaceae Europe
351 Campanula trachelium ex 'Bernice' (d) HP Double violet blue, sun/part shade, tolerates some dry H7 Z3 Sp SS 60cm Campanulaceae Garden
352 Campsis radicans HCl Self-clinging with pinnate lvs, orange or red trumpet-shaped flrs late summer, sun, shelter H4 AT O 10m Bignoniaceae SE USA
353 Canna ex 'Black Knight'
354 Canna patens
355 Cardamine macrophylla HP Lilac flrs, Spring, shade, moist soil H6 Sp 50cm Brassicaceae
356 Cardiocrinum giganteum var. yunnanense HBb White trumpets, dark stems and foliage, deep soil Z7 AT SS Er to 2m Liliaceae W China
357 Cardiospermum halicacabum
358 Carex buchananii HSedge Leathery bronze-pink arching lvs with wispy ends H5 AT 40cm Cyperaceae New Zealand
359 Carex elata 'Aurea' HSedge E bright yellow lvs, brown spikes, moist soil H6 Z5 AT 40cm Cyperaceae Garden
360 Carex muskingumensis HSedge Upright stems, moist soil, June-August, autumn colour Z5 AT 60-90cm Cyperaceae E USA
361 Carex testacea HSedge E, bronze lvs, trailing fl heads, winter colour, good in pot H5 Z6 AT 45-75cm Cyperaceae New Zealand
362 Carpenteria californica HHS E. White flrs yellow ctr Summer, narrow dk gn lvs, sun H4 2.5m Hydrangeaceae
363 Carthamus lanatus
364 Carum verticillatum
365 Catananche caerulea ex 'Alba' HP White, creamy centre, sun, good drainage, summer H5 Z7 Sp E 60cm Asteraceae Garden
366 Cathcartia villosa HP Soft yellow poppies, bristly lvs, fertile shade Z7 Fr Sp 50-60cm Papaveraceae Himalayas
367 Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens HS E, panicles pale blue fls, glossy lvs, sun, not acid soil, vigorous spreading H4 AT O 1.5mx4m Rhamnaceae W. USA
368 Cedronella canariensis HHP E, mauve-white, aromatic lvs, shelter/warm wall Z9 AT Ht to 1.2m Lamiaceae Canary Isles
369 Celmisia gracilenta
370 Cenolophium denudatum HP White umbellifer, ferny lvs, sun/part shade, July on H6 AT O 1-1.5m Apiaceae Europe/Asia
371 Centaurea cyanus ex 'Red Ball'
372 Centaurea dealbata HP Lilac pink, free flowering, summer Z4 Sp 90cm Asteraceae Caucasus
373 Centaurea macrocephala HP Rich yellow, papery bracts, sun, summer H7 Z3 Sp 90cm Asteraceae Caucasus
374 Centaurea melitensis
375 Centaurea nigra HP Common Knapweed, purple flrs, well-drained soil H6 Sp 70cm Asteraceae
376 Centaurea pulcherrima HP Mauve pink, lvs silver beneath, sun, drained soil Z6 Sp So 30cm Asteraceae Caucasus
377 Centaurium erythraea HBien Pink star-like flrs Summer, lime soil H4 Sp SS Ht 45cm Gentianaceae
378 Centaurium scilloides HBien Pink star-like flrs Summer, lime soil H4 Sp SS Ht 45cm Gentianaceae
379 Centranthus lecoqii HP Clusters pink flrs on long stems, sun H4 Sp 60m Caprifoliaceae
380 Centranthus ruber HP Red, fragrant, fleshy lvs, free seeding, poor limey soil H5 Z4 Sp to 1m Caprifoliaceae Mediterranean
381 Cephalaria alpina HP Soft yellow, moist but drained soil, sun, June H4 AT Cd 1.2m Caprifoliaceae Alps, Apennines
382 Cephalaria gigantea HP Pale yellow pincushion fls, statuesque habit, sun H7 Z3 AT Ht 1.8-2m Caprifoliaceae Siberia
383 Cephalaria leucantha HP Cream white, tall wiry stems, sun, well drained soil Z4 AT Cd 2m Caprifoliaceae S Europe
384 Cercis siliquastrum HT Judas Tree, pink, sun, neutral to limey soil H5 Z7 AT So Cd to 10m Caesalpiniaceae Europe/Asia
385 Cerinthe major HHA Yellow, bluish bracts, young lvs spotted, sun Z5 Sp So Ht 60cm Boraginaceae Mediterranean
386 Cerinthe major ex 'Purpurascens' HHA Purple, glaucous blue bracts, purple lvs, sun H3 Z5 Sp So Ht 60cm Boraginaceae Garden
387 Cerinthe minor HHA Yellow flrs w red bases, white spotted lvs, sun H7 Sp So Ht 30cm Boraginaceae
388 Chaenomeles × superba ex 'Pink Lady'
389 Chaerophyllum azoricum HHP White, luxuriant green lvs, endemic to Azores, shelter H7 AT Cd ? Apiaceae Azores
390 Chaerophyllum hirsutum ex 'Roseum' HP Pink umbellifer fls, sun/shade, moist soil, spring H7 Z5 AT Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
391 Chelidonium asiaticum (Hara) Krahulc. HP Giant Celandine, yellow poppies, hairy lvs, sun/shade H5 AT Ht Cd 60cm Papaveraceae Russia, China
392 Chelidonium hylomeconoides HP Yellow poppy-like flrs Summer, ground cover, pt shad H5 AT Ht Cd 20cm Papaveraceae
393 Chenopodium giganteum HA Tree Spinach magenta & green lvs, fls Jul-Sep Z5 Sp SS 2.4m Amaranthaceae Asia, India
394 Chenopodium giganteum 'Magenta Spreen'
395 Chionochloa rubra
396 Cicerbita plumieri HP Pale blue, erect growth, sun, summer H5 Sp 1.2m Asteraceae C Europe
397 Circaea lutetiana
398 Cirsium canum
399 Cirsium ex 'Mount Etna' HP Pink/white thistles, non spiny lvs, sun, sharp drainage H6 AT O Cd 60cm Asteraceae Garden
400 Cirsium oleraceum HP Cabbage Thistle spiny lvs, pale yellow fls Jul-Sep, moist not acid soil, shade H6 AT O 1.2m Asteraceae
401 Cirsium rivulare HP Purple, moist but drained soil, summer H7 Z5 AT O 1.2m Asteraceae C Europe
402 Cirsium rivulare ex 'Atropurpureum' HP Prolific deep crimson soft thistle heads, sun H7 Z5 AT O 1.2m Asteraceae Garden
403 Cirsium rivulare ex 'Trevor's Blue Wonder' HP Bright purple thistle fls summer, prickly lvs, sun H6 AT O 1.2m Asteraceae Garden
404 Cistanthe grandiflora HHP Rock Purslane, bright pink flrs, sun, well-drained H2 AT Cd 30cm Portulacaceae
405 Cistus salviifolius HS E, white flrs with yellow stamens, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp SS Ht 60cmx80cm Cistaceae
406 Citrus × aurantium
407 Clematis armandi
408 Clematis crispa HCl Pink to violet red flared bells, fragrant, slender habit Z6 Fr AT O to 2m Ranunculaceae SE USA
409 Clematis ex 'Blue Eclipse'
410 Clematis ex 'Elizabeth' (M) HCl Pink flrs w cream stamens H5 Fr AT O 8m Ranunculaceae
411 Clematis ex 'Minuet' (Vt) HCl White, purple suffused margins, late summer H6 Fr AT O to 4m Ranunculaceae Garden
412 Clematis ex 'Mrs Cholmondeley'
413 Clematis ex 'Princess Diana' (T) HCl Parent pink tulip shaped fls, summer on H5 Fr AT O to 2.5m Ranunculaceae Garden
414 Clematis integrifolia HP Mid-blue, recurved tips, late summer H6 Z3 Fr AT O to 1.2m Ranunculaceae S Europe
415 Clematis koreana ex Amber = 'Wit141205' (A)
416 Clematis mixed seed from mixed species and cultivars Fr AT O - Ranunculaceae -
417 Clematis napaulensis HHCl Cream bells, purple anthers, shelter, winter H3 Fr AT O to 3m Ranunculaceae India/S China
418 Clematis recta HP White scented fls in panicles, summer H6 Z3 Fr AT O to 1.5m Ranunculaceae Europe
419 Clematis tangutica HCl Yellow, late summer, feathery seedheads autumn H6 Fr AT O to 5m Ranunculaceae China
420 Clematis terniflora var. mandshurica HCl Recta type, white stars, lax habit, H7 Fr AT O 1.5-2m Ranunculaceae E Asia
421 Clematis tubulosa ex 'Wyevale'
422 Clematis × diversifolia ex 'Hendersonii' (I) HP Dusky purple bells, recurved tips, semi-scandent habit Z4 Fr AT O to 2m Ranunculaceae Garden
423 Cleome ex pink flowers HHA Spidery fls, late summer to autumn Sp SS Ht 1-2m Cleomaceae Garden
424 Cleome spinosa
425 Clianthus puniceus HHS Red pendant fls, pinnate lvs, fertile soil, greenhouse H3 Sp Ht to 3m Papilionaceae New Zealand
426 Clianthus puniceus ex 'Roseus'
427 Clivia miniata HHBb Orange-red trumpets, strap lvs, greenhouse H1 Fr Ht 30-75cm Amaryllidaceae Natal
428 Codonopsis clematidea HP Soft blue, orange/black base, glaucous lvs Z3 AT Cd SS 60-80cm Campanulaceae Asia
429 Codonopsis kawakamii
430 Codonopsis mollis HP Pale purple tinged bells, clump forming H5 AT Cd SS 100cm Campanulaceae Himalayas
431 Colchicum montanum HBb Thin-petalled pink flrs H5 Fr O Cd 8cm Colchicaceae Spain, Portugal
432 Colchicum species HBb No further details H5 Fr O Cd Colchicaceae
433 Collomia grandiflora HA Heads of cream to salmon, dark lvs, sun, well drained soil Z6 Sp to 90cm Polemoniaceae California
434 Colutea arborescens HS Yellow, inflated seed pods, late summer H6 AT Ch So to 5m Papilionaceae SE Europe
435 Colutea × media HS Bronze red, inflated pods, summer H5 AT Ch So to 5m Papilionaceae Garden
436 Commelina dianthifolia HHP Blue, full sun, lift overwinter in cold gardens Z7 Sp SS Ht 45-60cm Commelinaceae Mexico, SW USA
437 Commelina dianthifolia ex 'Sapphirino' HHP Pale blue flrs, narrow lvs, full sun, H4 Sp SS Ht 30cmx1m Commelinaceae
438 Commelina species HHP no details Sp SS Ht Commelinaceae -
439 Commelina tuberosa HHP Blue, full sun, lift tubers over winter Z8 Sp SS Ht 90cm Commelinaceae Mexico
440 Commelina tuberosa Coelestis Group HHP Vivid blue, full sun, all summer, shelter or lift over winter H3 Sp SS Ht 90cm Commelinaceae Mexico
441 Conopodium majus HP Pignut white, slender growth, spring Sp 20-40cm Apiaceae GB, Europe
442 Cordyline australis HHT White panicles, bold sword-like lvs, warmer gardens H3 AT So Ht to 10m Asparagaceae New Zealand
443 Cornus kousa mixed
444 Cornus kousa var. chinensis
445 Cornus kousa var. chinensis ex 'Bodnant Form' HT D, large white bracts, strawberry like fruits H6 AT So O 2.4mx2.4m Cornaceae
446 Cornus mas HT Yellow winter fls on bare stems, red cherry-like fr in summer H6 AT So O to 7m Cornaceae Europe
447 Cornus mas ex 'Jolico' HT D, yellow flrs on bare stems, large red cherry-like fruit, red Autumn colour H6 AT So O 3mx3m Cornaceae
448 Cortaderia richardii ambig. HGr White plumes on arching stems, bold clumps, sun H5 Z8 Sp to 5m Poaceae New Zealand
449 Corydalis adunca
450 Corydalis cava
451 Corydalis nobilis HP Spikes of red-tipped primrose yellow fls, May-Aug, blue-green ferny lvs, rich soil in sun H7 AT Cd Er 30cm Papaveraceae Siberia
452 Corydalis solida ex 'Red Bird'
453 Corydalis solida mixed colours HP Tuberous, ferny grey green lvs, racemes of pink-red tubular fls in spring H5 AT Cd SS 25cm Papaveraceae
454 Corynabutilon × suntense HS White to purple, free flowering, sun, summer H4 Ht Sp to 2m Malvaceae Garden
455 Cosmos bipinnatus deep red flowers HHA Deep red flrs H3 Sp 90cm Asteraceae
456 Cosmos bipinnatus ex 'Lemonade'
457 Cosmos bipinnatus ex pink flowers HHA Showy pink flowers, ferny lvs, sun, late summer H3 Sp 90cm Asteraceae Garden
458 Cosmos bipinnatus ex 'Xanthos' HHA Soft yellow fls in summer, sun H3 Sp 60cm Asteraceae Garden
459 Cosmos bipinnatus mixed HHA White, pink, crimson, long flowering, sun, summer H3 Sp 90cm Asteraceae Garden
460 Cosmos mixed HHA White to crimson, ferny lvs, sun H3 Sp - Asteraceae Garden
461 Cosmos sulphureus ex 'Pamela's Pick'
462 Cosmos sulphureus ex 'Polidor' HHA Yellow to red semi double strain, finely cut lvs, sun H3 Sp 60-75cm Asteraceae Garden
463 Cotinus coggygria HS Smoke-like fls, rounded lvs, autumn colour Z5 AT Cd 2-5m Anacardiaceae Europe/Asia
464 Cotoneaster elegans HS Coral red berries, small rounded lvs Ws Cd Er to 2m Rosaceae China
465 Cotoneaster moupinensis HS Dark red fr maturing black, graceful habit, autumn colour Z7 Ws Cd Er to 4m Rosaceae W China
466 Cotoneaster multiflorus
467 Cotoneaster ogisui
468 Cotoneaster reticulatus HS Pinkish fls, purple-black fr in Sept-Oct Z7 Ws Cd Er to 4m Rosaceae Sichuan
469 Cotoneaster shansiensis HS Pale orange droplet fr, grey-green lvs, yellow in autumn Z7 Ws Cd Er - Rosaceae China
470 Crambe cordifolia HP Clouds white stars, bold foliage and outline, sun H5 Z5 AT Er to 1.8m Brassicaceae Caucasus
471 Crataegus monogyna
472 Crepis rubra HA Pink dandlelion like fls, sun, well drained soil H6 Sp O 15-20cm Asteraceae
473 Crocosmia ex 'Lucifer' HP Deep scarlet, bold lvs, strong arching growth H5 Fr Sp 90cm Iridaceae Garden
474 Crocus tommasinianus HBb Lavender blue, easy naturaliser, sun, early spring H6 Fr Sp to 10cm Iridaceae Yugoslavia
475 Cryptotaenia japonica f. atropurpurea HP White, purple lvs, moist, part shade, June-July Z7 AT 30-60cm Apiaceae Japan
476 Cuphea blepharophylla
477 Cyclamen coum HBb Tubby fls, rounded lvs, fertile dry shade, March H5 Fr So Sd 10-15cm Primulaceae Turkey, Middle East
478 Cyclamen hederifolium HBb White to rose, variable lv colour, naturaliser, August on H5 Fr So Sd 10-15cm Primulaceae Mediterranean
479 Cyclamen hybrids hardy HBb no details H5 Fr So Sd Primulaceae
480 Cyclamen mixed species HBb mixed colours and hardiness Fr So Sd 10-15cm Primulaceae -
481 Cyclamen persicum HHBb Pale pink, deep pink nose, scented, pot/bulb frame H1 Fr So Sd 10-20cm Primulaceae E Mediterranean
482 Cynara cardunculus HP Purple thistles, bold grey jagged lvs, statuesque habit H5 Sp to 2m Asteraceae Europe
483 Cytisus ex 'Killiney Red' HS Rich red, darker velvety wings,free flowering, sun, May Z6 AT So 1.2m Papilionaceae Garden
484 Cytisus × praecox
485 Dactylicapnos scandens (also Dicentra s.) HCl Yellow, pink tips, soft lobed lvs, wind shelter H4 Z5 Fr Cd Er to 5m Papaveraceae China, India
486 Dactylicapnos torulosa (also Dicentra t.) HCl Golden yellow, ferny lvs, August on H4 Fr Cd Er to 2m Papaveraceae SW China
487 Dactylorhiza fuchsii HP Common Spotted Orchid, pale pink flrs, alkaline soil H5 O Er 50cm Orchidaceae
488 Dactylorhiza species HP no details provided Z5 O Er - Orchidaceae -
489 Dactyorhiza sp. possibly praetermissa × fuchsii
490 Dahlia merckii HTuber Lilac, shiny green lvs, sun, lift or winter protect H4 Z8 Sp Ht 60cm Asteraceae Mexico
491 Dahlia merckii dark-flowered HHTuber Single dk pink fls, sun, H3 Sp Ht 1.5m Asteraceae
492 Daphne laureola HS E, fragrant yellow green fls, black fr, tolerates shade, spring H5 Z7 Fr Cd Er to 1.2m Thymelaeaceae GB, Europe/Asia
493 Daphne mezereum HS Purple-red, v fragrant, red fr, early spring H6 Z5 Fr Cd Er to 2m Thymelaeaceae Europe/Asia
494 Daphne tangutica HS E, white/purple, scented, spring, summer repeat, red fr. H5 Z7 Fr Cd Er to 1.7m Thymelaeaceae China
495 Daphne tangutica Retusa Group HS E, white/purple, scented, dense growth, red fr Z7 Fr Cd Er to 1m Thymelaeaceae China
496 Daphne × burkwoodii HS Semi E, pale pink clustered fls, very fragrant, May on H4 Fr Cd Er 1m Thymelaeaceae Garden
497 Datisca cannabina HP Tiny greenish fls, bold arching stems of dissected lvs Z6 Sp SS Ht 2m Datiscaceae E Med to Asia
498 Daucus carota HBien Wild Carrot White umbellifer heads, fine lvs, sun Z5 AT Cd 60-90cm Apiaceae Europe, Asia
499 Decumaria sinensis
500 Delphinium dark blue flowers HP Dk blue flrs, sun, H5 Cd Sd Sp to 1.5m Ranunculaceae
501 Delphinium lilac flowers
502 Delphinium mixed blue flowers HP mixed types and shades - Ranunculaceae -
503 Delphinium requienii HBien Bluish fls, pale veined lvs Z4 Cd Sd Sp to 90cm Ranunculaceae Med islands
504 Delphinium staphisagria HBien Blue, soft hairy lvs, sun, free drainage Z8 Cd Sd Sp 30-90cm Ranunculaceae Mediterranean
505 Delphinium white flowers with black bee
506 Deschampsia cespitosa HGr Dense tufts, upright fls, moist, June-July H6 Z4 AT O to 1.2m Poaceae N Hemisphere
507 Dianthus alpinus HP Round rosy fls, prostrate mat, gritty soil, sun H6 Sp Ht 5-8cm Caryophyllaceae Alps
508 Dianthus armeria HA Small reddish fls, upright stems, sun H7 Sp Ht 40cm Caryophyllaceae GB, Europe, Middle East
509 Dianthus barbatus HBien Mixed Sweet Williams, scented, sun, April/May on H7 Z3 Sp Ht Caryophyllaceae Garden
510 Dianthus barbatus (Nigrescens Group) ex 'Sooty' (p,a) HBien Ruby/black fragrant flrs, sun, fr dr H7 Sp Ht 40cm Caryophyllaceae
511 Dianthus barbatus albus Bien Sweet William, scented white fl Jun-Aug H7 Z3 Sp Ht 50cm Caryophyllaceae Europe
512 Dianthus barbatus mixed HBien Sweet William white to purple, scented Z3 Sp Ht 20-30cm Caryophyllaceae Europe/Asia
513 Dianthus carthusianorum HP Fringed purple-magenta dense heads, sun H7 Z3 Sp Ht 50cm Caryophyllaceae Carpathians
514 Dianthus chinensis (p,a) HP Mixed colours, quick from seed , often grown as annual Z6 Sp Ht 15-30cm Caryophyllaceae China
515 Dianthus cruentus HP Bright red, green grassy lvs, sun, free draining gritty soil Sp Ht 40-60cm Caryophyllaceae Balkans
516 Dianthus deltoides HP Purple to crimson red, dark green mat, May on H6 Sp Ht 15-40cm Caryophyllaceae GB, Europe
517 Dianthus deltoides ex 'Albus' (p) HP White, dark green lvs, sun , May on Z3 Z3 Sp Ht 15-20cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
518 Dianthus ex Mendlesham Minx = 'Russmin' HP Fragrant semi-double white-edged maroon flrs, sun, well-drained soil H6 Sp Ht 15cm Caryophyllaceae
519 Dianthus ex 'Rainbow Loveliness' (p,a) HP White to crimson, heavily fringed/marked, June Z5 Sp SS Ht 30-45cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
520 Dianthus ex 'Tatra Fragrance' seedling HP Fragrant flrs, sun, well-drained soil H7 Sp Ht 20cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
521 Dianthus gratianopolitanus HP Cheddar PinkRose pink fragrant fls, grey linear lvs H6 Sp Ht 15-20cm Caryophyllaceae GB, Europe
522 Dianthus hyssopifolius HP Heavily fringed white to pale pink fls, sun, well drained soil Sp SS Ht 10-15cm Caryophyllaceae European mountains
523 Dianthus superbus HP Pink-lilac, heavily fringed, scented H5 Z4 Sp SS Ht 30-80cm Caryophyllaceae Europe/Asia
524 Dianthus superbus red flowers
525 Dianthus taller varieties mixed
526 Diascia personata HP Bright pink flrs, sun H4 1m Scrophulariaceae
527 Dictamnus albus var. purpureus HP Soft purple, veined, dk seedheads, sun, fertile soil H6 Fr Sp Cd 90cm Rutaceae Europe/Asia
528 Dierama argyreum HP Yellow buds, cream fls, free draining soil, sun H4 Fr SS 90cm Iridaceae S Africa
529 Dierama ex Barr hybrids HP Pendulous fls in range of pinks, sun, well-drained H4 Fr Ht 1m Iridaceae
530 Dierama ex 'Guinevere' HP Large white fls, moist drained soil, late summer H4 Z7 Fr SS 1m Iridaceae Garden
531 Dierama ex 'Pink Rocket' HP Short stems with bright pink fls, sun, well drained H4 Fr SS Garden
532 Dierama galpinii HP Clustered magenta-pink fls, fertile drained soil H5 Fr SS to 1.5m Iridaceae S Africa
533 Dierama igneum HP Pink-red flared fls, fertile drained soil, late summer H4 Z8 Fr SS 45-60cm Iridaceae S Africa
534 Dierama mixed HP Pale to dark red, arching stems, late summer Fr SS 1-1.5m Iridaceae Garden
535 Dierama nixonianum HP Pendulous lilac bells in midsummer, sun, well-drained H4 Fr Ht 70cm Iridaceae
536 Dierama pale pink flowers HP Pale pink, fertile drained soil, summer Z7 Fr SS - Iridaceae -
537 Dierama pulcherrimum HP Pink, graceful arching stems, late summer H4 Z7 Fr SS 1.5m Iridaceae S Africa
538 Dierama pulcherrimum dark flowers
539 Dierama pulcherrimum ex 'Blackbird' HP Violet mauve, fertile drained soil, late summer H4 Z7 Fr SS 1.5m Iridaceae Garden
540 Dierama pulcherrimum pale-flowered
541 Dierama robustum HP Pale pink pendant fls, fertile drained soil H5 Fr SS 1.2-2mm Iridaceae S Africa
542 Dierama species rusty pink flowers HP from Ron Davies, Scottish Rock Garden Club H5 Fr SS 75cm Iridaceae
543 Dierama tyrium HP Rich magenta, tall arching growth, fertile drained soil, sun Z7 Fr SS to 1.8m Iridaceae S Africa
544 Dierama white flowers HP Angel's fishing rod, clusters of white flrs H4 Fr SS Iridaceae
545 Dietes grandiflora HP Iris-like white flrs with blue standards, E sword-like lvs, sun, shelter, well-drained soil H3 AT Ht 1.5m Iridaceae
546 Digitalis ciliata HP H3 Z7 Sp SS 45cm Plantaginaceae Georgia
547 Digitalis ferruginea HP Reddish brown, dark veins, summer H6 Z8 Sp SS 1-1.2m Plantaginaceae Caucasicus
548 Digitalis ferruginea ex 'Gelber Herold' HBien Mustard brown, drained soil, sun/shade Z8 Sp SS 1m Plantaginaceae Garden
549 Digitalis grandiflora HP Soft yellow, sun/part shade, summer H6 AT SS 60cm Plantaginaceae Greece
550 Digitalis grandiflora ex 'Carillon' HP Soft yellow, neat compact habit, sun/part shade H6 Z6 AT SS 15-20cm Plantaginaceae Garden
551 Digitalis laevigata HP Bronzed yellow fls, white lip, summer H5 Sp SS 60cm Plantaginaceae Balkans
552 Digitalis lutea HP Pale yellow slender spikes, part shade H6 Sp SS 40-60cm Plantaginaceae S Europe, N Africa
553 Digitalis parviflora ex 'Milk Chocolate' HP Dense slender heads, brown netted white, July H5 Sp SS 60-75cm Plantaginaceae Garden
554 Digitalis parviflora Jacq. HP Dense slender heads of brown-purple, July H5 Sp SS 60-75cm Plantaginaceae S Europe
555 Digitalis purpurea HBien Foxglove purple spires, free seeding, sun/shade H7 AT SS to 1.5m Plantaginaceae GB, Europe
556 Digitalis purpurea ex 'Campanulata'
557 Digitalis purpurea ex Dalmation Series HBien Mixed colours H7 Sp SS 40cm Plantaginaceae
558 Digitalis purpurea ex 'Pam's Choice' HBien Creamy white, dense maroon spots H7 Sp SS 90-120cm Plantaginaceae Garden
559 Digitalis purpurea ex 'Sugar Plum' HBien Bright pink, maroon solid centre, dense spikes H7 Z6 Sp SS 90-120cm Plantaginaceae Garden
560 Digitalis purpurea ex 'Sutton's Apricot' HBien Soft apricot spikes, tall, sun/shade H7 Sp SS to 1.2m Plantaginaceae Garden
561 Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora HBien White, unspotted, part shade H7 Sp SS 90cm Plantaginaceae Garden
562 Digitalis purpurea mixed HBien White to purple, free seeding, sun/shade H7 Sp SS to 1.5m Plantaginaceae Garden
563 Digitalis purpurea pale pink flowers HBien Pale pink spikes, sun/shade H7 Sp SS 90-120cm Plantaginaceae Garden
564 Digitalis purpurea pure white flowers HBien Foxglove, white fls H7 Sp SS 1.2m Plantaginaceae
565 Digitalis purpurea white, spotted flowers HBien White, purple spots, sun/ part shade H7 AT SS to 1.2m Plantaginaceae Garden
566 Digitalis × mertonensis HP Coppery pink dense spikes, soft lvs, summer H5 Z8 Sp SS 60-75cm Plantaginaceae Garden
567 Dioscorea japonica bulbils HCl Japanese Yam Small white fls, scandent, edible tubers Z6 AT Ht to 2m Dioscoreaceae China, Japan
568 Dipelta floribunda HS Pink scented tubular fls, peeling bark, May H5 Z6 AT O to 3m Caprifoliaceae China
569 Dipelta ventricosa HS Conspicuous rose pink fls, spring-early summer Z7 AT O to 3m Caprifoliaceae W China
570 Dipelta yunnanensis HS Cream tinted pink, orange marks, late spring Z6 AT O to 1.5m Caprifoliaceae Yunnan
571 Diphylleia cymosa HP White, blue fr, large umbrella lvs, shade Z7 Z7 Fr Cd Er 60cm Berberidaceae E USA
572 Dipsacus fullonum HBien Teasel, bold cones and form, very free seeding H7 AT E to 2.5m Caprifoliaceae Europe/Asia
573 Dipsacus laciniatus HBien Whitish fls, ovoid cones, free seeding AT E to 2m Caprifoliaceae Europe/Asia
574 Dipsacus sp. #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
575 Dipteronia sinensis HT Pinnate lvs, disc-like seeds colouring in autumn AT O Cd to 5m Aceraceae W China
576 Dodonaea viscosa ex 'Purpurea' (f) Manual revision E, small lvs with wavy margins suffused purple-red, small fls followed by winged fr, full sun H2 Sp Ht 1-5m Sapindaceae Tropics, Australia
577 Dolichandra unguis-cati (was Macfadyena unguis-cati) HHCl Yellow trumpets, su, vigorous growth H2 Fr Ht to 8m Bignoniaceae C America, Caribbean
578 Dorema ammoniacum
579 Doronicum austriacum HP Yellow daisies, sun/part shade, moist soil H5 Sp SS 1.2m Asteraceae Europe
580 Doronicum ex 'Little Leo' HP Semi-double yellow rays, compact clumps, spring H5 Sp SS 35cm Asteraceae Garden
581 Doronicum pardalianches HP Light yellow daisies, free spreading, light shade H5 Sp SS 90cm Asteraceae Europe
582 Doronicum species HP no details provided H5 Sp SS - Asteraceae -
583 Dorycnium rectum L. (Ser.) HHA Clusters of white pea flrs, pinnate lvs, part shade, moist soil H2 Sp Ht 75cm Papillionaceae Mediterraneum
584 Dracocephalum argunense HP Blue spikes, sun/part shade, June AT Cd 30-45cm Lamiaceae China/Japan
585 Dracocephalum rupestre HP Violet-blue, part shade including dry, late summer Z3 AT Cd 30cm Lamiaceae China
586 Dryas drummondii HP E, yellow flrs, fluffy seeds, well-drained soil H7 AT Cd 15cm Rosaceae
587 Dryas octopetala HP Mountain Avens E, white, fluffy seeds, 'oak' lvs, early summer H7 AT Cd 15cm Rosaceae GB, Europe
588 Eccremocarpus scaber HHCl Orange tubular fls, long flowering, sun, shelter H3 Sp Ht to 3m Bignoniaceae Chile
589 Eccremocarpus scaber ex 'Anglia Hybrids'
590 Eccremocarpus scaber ex cream flowers HHCl Creamy yellow, long flowering, sun, shelter H3 Sp Ht to 3m Bignoniaceae Garden
591 Eccremocarpus scaber ex 'Peaches and Cream' HHCl Peach coloured variant, long flowering, sun, shelter H3 Sp Ht to 3m Bignoniaceae Garden
592 Eccremocarpus scaber ex 'Pink Trumpets' HHCl Pale pink trumpets, sun H3 Sp Ht to 3m Bignoniaceae
593 Eccremocarpus scaber ex red flowers HHCl Red, long flowering, sun, shelter H3 Sp Ht to 3m Bignoniaceae Garden
594 Eccremocarpus scaber orange flowers HCl Twining cl, orange tubular fls, summer, sun, shelter, well-drained soil H3 Sp Ht to 3m Bignoniaceae
595 Echinacea ex Double Scoop Raspberry = 'Balsceras'(Double Scoop Series) (d)
596 Echinacea ex white flowers HP White, sun, late summer H5 AT SS Ht - Asteraceae Garden
597 Echinacea mixed HP Mixed varieties and colours 70-120cm Asteraceae -
598 Echinacea pallida HP Purplish-pink, dark maroon centre, sun H5 Z5 Sp 90-120cm Asteraceae S USA
599 Echinacea purpurea ex 'Green Twister'
600 Echinacea purpurea ex 'White Swan' HP White reflexed petals, bronze cone, sun Z3 AT SS Ht 70cm Asteraceae Garden
601 Echinops ritro ex 'Veitch's Blue' HP Deep blue selection, jagged lvs, sun, July on H7 Z3 Sp 90-120cm Asteraceae Garden
602 Echinops ritro L. HP Blue globes, jagged lvs, sun, July on H7 Z3 Sp 1.2m Asteraceae Europe/Asia
603 Echinops sphaerocephalus ex 'Arctic Glow' HP Compact selection with red-brown stems, true from seed H7 Z3 Sp 1m Asteraceae Garden
604 Echinops tjanschanicus HP Prickly pale blue globe fls/seedheads Z6 Sp to 1.8m Asteraceae ?Asia
605 Echium pininana HHBien Huge heads of numerous blue fls, moist sheltered site H3 Sp Ht to 2m Boraginaceae Canary Islands
606 Echium vulgare HBien Bright blue to purple, sun, drainage, bee plant H7 Sp Ht 90cm Boraginaceae Europe/Asia
607 Edraianthus graminifolius HP Blue bell flrs, grass-like lvs, sun, well-drained soil H6 AT O 10cm Campanulaceae
608 Eleutherococcus senticosus HHS D, green lvs, fls follwed by black fr H3 AT O 2m Araliaceae Korea, Japan, China, Russia
609 Elmera racemosa HP Creamy bells, lobed lvs, well drained soil Z8 AT Cd 25cm Saxifragaceae NW USA
610 Emilia sonchifolia (L.) DC. ex DC. HHA Lilac flrs, dandelion-like lvs, sun, well-drained soil H2 Sp O 60cm Asteraceae
611 Ephedra chilensis ex 'Quite White'
612 Epilobium hirsutum 'Album' HP Lance-shaped mid-green lvs, racemes of white flowers, sun/part-shade H7 Fr Cd 1m Onagraceae
613 Eranthis hyemalis ex 'Hafod'
614 Eremurus ex white flowers HP White, sun, well drained soil, protect winter crowns H6 AT Cd Er - Asphodelaceae Garden
615 Eremurus robustus HP Pink, sun, drainage, protect winter crowns H6 AT Cd Er 1.8m Asphodelaceae Central Asia
616 Eremurus stenophyllus HP Slender bright yellow spikes, ageing rust, fertile soil H6 AT Cd Er 1.5m Asphodelaceae Central Asia
617 Erigeron aureus ex 'Canary Bird' HP Spoon-shaped hairy lvs, golden yellow daisies H4 Sp SS 12cm Asteraceae
618 Erigeron ex 'Azurefee'
619 Erigeron flettii HP White daisies, basal lvs, sun, gritty soil, crevice H6 Sp SS 5-15cm Asteraceae Olympic Mountains
620 Erigeron karvinskianus ex 'Stallone' HP Selected seed strain, pinkish-white, sunny well drained site H5 Sp SS 20-40cm Asteraceae Garden
621 Erinus alpinus HP White, pink, lavender, dry walls, crevices, sun H6 AT O 5-10cm Plantaginaceae Europe
622 Erodium ex 'Robespierre' HP No details AT SS Geraniaceae
623 Erodium manescavii HP Deep magenta pink, ferny lvs, long flowering , sun H6 AT SS 45cm Geraniaceae Pyrenees
624 Erodium pelargoniiflorum HP White, upper petals purple blotch, sun, well drained site Z6 AT SS 30cm Geraniaceae Turkey
625 Erodium trifolium
626 Eryngium agavifolium HP E, green thimbles, toothed lvs, sun, well drained H4 Fr Cd Er 1.5m Apiaceae Argentine
627 Eryngium alpinum HP Blue cone, soft calyx frills, sun, well drained soil H5 Fr O 75cm Apiaceae Europe
628 Eryngium bourgatii HP Greenish fls, lvs veined white, sun, well drained soil H5 Fr Cd Er 60cm Apiaceae Pyrenees
629 Eryngium ebracteatum HP Wiry stems topped with tight red flr heads, sun H4 Fr Ch Apiaceae
630 Eryngium eburneum HP Green, white stamens, swordlike arching lvs H6 Fr O 1.5m Apiaceae Argentine
631 Eryngium giganteum HBien Silvery bracts, stiff stems, dries buff, free seeding H6 Fr O 1m Apiaceae Turkey, Caucasus
632 Eryngium giganteum ex 'Silver Ghost' HBien Selected form, wide branching, silver bracts H6 Fr O 1m Apiaceae Garden
633 Eryngium leavenworthii
634 Eryngium planum HP Blue, blue spiky bracts, well drained soil, summer H5 AT Cd Er 90cm Apiaceae E Europe
635 Eryngium planum - spontaneous white form
636 Eryngium variifolium HP Grey-white spiny fls, white veined lvs, sun H5 AT Cd 45cm Apiaceae Morocco
637 Eryngium × oliverianum HP Steel blue fls, spiny bracts, sun, summer H5 AT Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
638 Eryngium × tripartitum # HP Blue heads/bracts, branched stems, sterile, sun H5 AT Cd 75cm Apiaceae Garden
639 Eryngium × zabelii HP Blue cones/bracts, spiny lvs, well drained soil, summer H5 AT Cd 60cm Apiaceae Garden
640 Eryngium × zabelii ex 'Big Blue' HP Spiky, divided, silvery lvs, blue flrs with prickly silvery-blue bracts, sun, well-drained soil H5 Fr O 75cm Apiaceae
641 Erysimum krendlii
642 Erysimum mixed colours HBienCl Mixed wallflowers, scented H5 AT _ Brassicaceae -
643 Erysimum scoparium HP E, mauve, blue grey lvs, sun, well drained soil H5 AT to 1m Brassicaceae Canary Islands
644 Erysimum yellow
645 Erythronium hendersonii HBb Lilac, dark purple centre, well drained part shade H5 Fr O Cd 10cm Liliaceae SW Oregon, California
646 Erythronium oregonum HBb White, yellow centred flrs, mottled lvs, part shade H5 Fr O Cd 30cm Liliaceae
647 Erythronium revolutum HBb Rose pink reflexed fls, dappled lvs, cool soil, April H5 Fr O Cd 20cm Liliaceae W USA, Vancouver
648 Erythronium revolutum ex 'Knightshayes Pink' HBb Rose pink reflexed fls, mottled lvs, good naturaliser H5 Fr O Cd 25-30cm Liliaceae Garden
649 Eschscholzia californica HA Yellow to orange poppies, sunny well drained site H3 Sp 30-40cm Papaveraceae California
650 Eschscholzia californica ex 'Ivory Castle' HA Cream fls, finely divided lvs, sun, well-drained soil H3 Sp 30cm Papaveraceae
651 Eschscholzia californica ex 'Red Chief' HA Bright orange-scarlet poppies, sunny well drained site H3 Sp 30cm Papaveraceae Garden
652 Eschscholzia californica var. maritima
653 Eucomis bicolor HHBb Pale green, sun, winter protection H4 AT 50cm Asparagaceae S Africa
654 Eucomis comosa HHBb Greenish white spikes, wavy lvs, sun, winter protection H4 AT 75cm Asparagaceae S Africa
655 Eucomis mixed HHBb Mixed species H4 AT 45-75cm Asparagaceae -
656 Eucomis vandermerwei HBb Burgundy spikes, speckled lvs, moist well drained soil H3 AT 20cm Asparagaceae E Transvaal, S Africa
657 Euonymus cornutus var. quinquecornutus HS Semi-E, showy pink 5 horned fr, orange seeds in autumn H6 AT Ws Cd to 2m Celastraceae China
658 Euonymus europaeus ex 'Red Cascade' HS Prolific red fr, arching branches, autumn colour H6 AT Ws Cd 1.8-3m Celastraceae Garden
659 Euonymus phellomanus HS Winged branches, large lvs, copious pink fr, autumn colour H6 So Ws Cd to 2m Celastraceae N and W China
660 Euonymus planipes HS Large crimson fr, autumn colour, elegant growth H6 So Ws Cd to 2m Celastraceae NE Asia
661 Euonymus planipes ex 'Sancho' HS D, red fr, autumn colour H6 So Ws Cd 2mx2m Celastraceae
662 Eupatorium cannabinum HP Hemp Agrimony light purple, sun, moisture H7 Sp SS 1.5m Asteraceae GB, Europe
663 Eupatorium purpureum HP Purplish pink, dark stems, moist, sun/part shade H7 Sp 3m Asteraceae E North America
664 Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii HP Large lime green heads, sun, free draining soil H4 AT Cd Er to 1.8m Euphorbiaceae Greece, Turkey
665 Euphorbia lathyris HBien Bright green, stiff upright growth, free seeding H5 Sp to 1.5m Euphorbiaceae Mediterranean
666 Euphorbia mellifera HHP Honey scented fl, bold foliage, sun, well drained shelter H3 Sp SS 1.2m Euphorbiaceae Madeira
667 Euphorbia myrsinites HP Lime yellow, blue grey spiralled lvs, sun, well drained soil H5 AT SS Er 15cm Euphorbiaceae S Europe/Middle East
668 Euphorbia stricta HP Small lime airy fls, long red stems H5 AT Cd 70cm Euphorbiaceae
669 Euphorbia × pasteurii HHP Mellifera/stygiana hyb, sun, well drained soil, shelter H4 AT Cd 1.5m Euphorbiaceae Garden
670 Eurybia schreberi HP White, dry shade, late summer H7 AT 40cm Asteraceae USA
671 Fallopia scandens
672 Felicia uliginosa HHP Lavender daisies, linear lvs, gritty soil, shelter H3 Ht E 15cm Asteraceae Natal
673 Festuca glauca Vill. HGr Glaucous blue plumes, upright lvs, sun, drained soil H5 Sp 40cm Poaceae Frnce
674 Fibigia clypeata HP Yellow, conspicuous flat seed pods, sun, good drainage H5 AT 30cm Brassicaceae S Europe/Asia
675 Filipendula rubra ex 'Venusta' HP Carmine pink flowered selection, moist soil H5 Sp 1.2-2m Rosaceae Garden
676 Filipendula vulgaris HP Dropwort White , pink buds, April-May H6 Sp 60-90cm Rosaceae GB, Europe/Asia
677 Foeniculum vulgare HP Fennel Yellow, green filigree lvs, sun, free seeding H5 AT to 1.8m Apiaceae Europe
678 Foeniculum vulgare ex 'Purpureum' HP Yellow, mahogany purple filigree lvs, sun, free seeding H5 AT to 1.8m Apiaceae Garden
679 Francoa sonchifolia HP White/pink graceful spikes, July on H4 Sp SS 60cm Francoaceae Chile
680 Francoa sonchifolia ex 'Alba' HP Elegant white spikes, lobed lvs, well drained soil, July on H4 Sp SS 90cm Francoaceae Garden
681 Francoa sonchifolia ex 'Pink Bouquet' HP Soft pink with rose markings, long elegant spikes H4 Sp SS 60cm Francoaceae Garden
682 Francoa sonchifolia ex 'Pink Giant' HP Long wands of pink fls, sun, good drainage, summer H4 Sp SS 1m Francoaceae Garden
683 Francoa sonchifolia ex Rogerson's form HP Deep purple-pink spikes, sun, good drainage H4 Sp SS 60cm Francoaceae Garden
684 Frangula caroliniana HT Buckthorn, Flrs May, red turning black fruit, ovate gn lvs, moist shade H6 Fr Cd 4m Rhamnaceae
685 Freesia laxa HHBb Red with deeper markings, shelter, summer H3 Sp 20cm Iridaceae S Africa
686 Freesia laxa ex 'Joan Evans' HHBb White, red blotch lower petals, shelter H3 Sp 20cm Iridaceae Garden
687 Fritillaria acmopetala HBb Green pendant bells, maroon inner, sun H4 AT Cd 30-40cm Liliaceae Cyprus, Turkey, Syria
688 Fritillaria imperialis HBb Brick orange bells, well drained, sun, warm spot H7 AT Cd to 1m Liliaceae Turkey to Himalayas
689 Fritillaria imperialis ex 'Garland Star'
690 Fritillaria imperialis ex 'Rubra' HBb Scarlet red bells, well drained sunny spot H7 AT Cd to 1m Liliaceae Garden
691 Fritillaria imperialis ex 'Rubra Maxima'
692 Fritillaria meleagris HBb Snakeshead Fritillary chequered bells, white, purple, moist H5 AT Cd 30cm Liliaceae GB, Europe
693 Fritillaria meleagris subsp. alba HBb White bells, sun, moist soil, April-May H5 AT Cd 30cm Liliaceae GB, Europe
694 Fritillaria pallidiflora HBb Pale yellow, internal spots, peaty soil, part shade H5 AT Cd 30-45cm Liliaceae USSR
695 Fritillaria persica HBb Plum-grey coloured bells, greyish lvs, sunny sheltered site H4 AT Cd 90cm Liliaceae Cyprus, S Turkey, Iran
696 Fritillaria persica ex 'Twin Towers Tribute'
697 Fritillaria pontica HBb Apple green, brown tipped, cool shade H4 AT Cd 45cm Liliaceae E Europe, Turkey
698 Fritillaria pyrenaica HBb Purplish brown, green inner, well drained soil H5 AT Cd 30cm Liliaceae Pyrenees, NW Spain
699 Fritillaria species HBb No details AT Cd Liliaceae
700 Fuchsia procumbens HS E, mat-forming, small yellow flrs, shelter H3 Sp Ht SS 10cm Onagraceae
701 Gaillardia mixed HP Mixed, free flowering, sun, fertile drained soil H5 Sp Ht - Asteraceae Garden
702 Gaillardia red flowers
703 Gaillardia × grandiflora ex 'Kobold' HP Crimson red, yellow tips, sun, fertile drained soil H5 Sp Ht 60cm Asteraceae Garden
704 Galactites tomentosa HA Purple thistles, variegated lvs, hot, dry Sp 45cm Asteraceae Mediterranean
705 Galanthus ex 'Spindlestone Surprise'
706 Galega officinalis HP White or mauve pea fls, sun, summer H7 So Sp 1.5m Papilionaceae S Europe/Asia Minor
707 Galega officinalis ex 'Alba' HP Erect racemes white flrs, pinnate lvs, sun/pt shade H7 So Sp 1.5m Papilionaceae
708 Galium verum HP Sprawling plant, panicles yellow flrs H7 Fr 40cm Rubiaceae
709 Genista aetnensis HT Yellow, green stems, elegant habit, well drained, July H5 AT So to 3m Papilionaceae Sardinia, Sicily
710 Genista sagittalis HS Deep yellow, green winged branches, sunny dry place H5 AT So to 1m Papilionaceae SE Europe
711 Gentiana acaulis HP Deep blue trumpets, glossy lvs, sun, spring H5 AT O 10cm Gentianaceae Europe
712 Gentiana asclepiadea HP Rich blue, arching stems, sun/shade, late summer H5 AT O 90cm Gentianaceae Europe
713 Gentiana asclepiadea ex 'Alba' HP White, arching stems, sun/part shade, late summer H5 AT O 90cm Gentianaceae Garden
714 Gentiana cruciata HP Bright blue clusters, rich green lvs, moist, late summer H5 AT O 20-30cm Gentianaceae Europe
715 Gentiana lutea HP Pale yellow, bold lvs, sun, deep soil, summer H5 AT O 1.2m Gentianaceae Europe
716 Gentiana makinoi HP Clusters tubular dk blue flrs Autumn, moist soil H5 AT O 40cm Gentianaceae
717 Gentiana verna HP Blue flrs, narrow lvs H5 AT O 10-20cm Gentianaceae
718 Geranium aristatum HP Pale pink reflexed fls, deeper veins, sun/part shade H7 AT 45-60cm Geraniaceae Balkans, Greece
719 Geranium clarkei ex 'Kashmir White' HP White saucers, veined pink, long flowering H5 AT 30-45cm Geraniaceae Garden
720 Geranium ex 'Brookside' HP Blue, white eye, finely cut lvs, ground cover sun/shade H7 AT 45-60cm Geraniaceae Garden
721 Geranium ex 'Elke' HP Purple-pink, pale centre and edges, summer H7 AT 15cm Geraniaceae Garden
722 Geranium ex 'Nimbus' HP Blue, purple veins, free flowering ground cover H7 AT 45cm Geraniaceae Garden
723 Geranium maculatum ex 'Espresso' HP Pale pink saucers, dark chocolate lvs, May-June H7 AT 60cm Geraniaceae Garden
724 Geranium maderense HHP Purple pink, bold glossy rosette, sun, fertile soil, tender H3 Sp to 1m Geraniaceae Madeira
725 Geranium mixed HP Mixed species and varieties 30-120cm Geraniaceae -
726 Geranium nodosum HP Lilac, moist or dry shade, long season, free seeding H5 AT 30-60cm Geraniaceae Europe
727 Geranium nodosum ex 'Blueberry Ice' HP Purple fls with white edge, Jun-Sept H5 AT 30cm Geraniaceae Garden
728 Geranium palmatum HHP Purplish pink, sun, shelter, all summer H4 Sp to 1.2m Geraniaceae Madeira
729 Geranium phaeum ex 'Silver Fox'
730 Geranium pratense HP Meadow CranesbillClear blue, sun/part shade H7 AT 60cm Geraniaceae GB, Europe/Asia
731 Geranium pratense ex (Victor Reiter Group) 'Purple-haze' HP Lavender, purple tinted lvs, select best seedlings H7 AT 40cm Geraniaceae Garden
732 Geranium pratense ex (Victor Reiter Group) 'Victor Reiter' HP Blue, purple flushed lvs, best in sun or light shade H7 AT 40-60cm Geraniaceae Garden
733 Geranium pratense ex dark leaved form HP Blue, dark tinted lvs, select best seedlings for colour H7 AT 60-90cm Geraniaceae -
734 Geranium pratense ex 'Double Jewel' (d) HP White double star shaped fls, pink centre, compact habit H7 AT 25cm Geraniaceae Garden
735 Geranium pratense ex 'Mrs Kendall Clark' HP Silver blue, sun/part shade, summer H7 AT 60-90cm Geraniaceae Garden
736 Geranium pratense ex 'Striatum' HP White splashed and streaked blue, summer H7 AT 60-90cm Geraniaceae Garden
737 Geranium pratense var. pratense f. albiflorum HP White flowers, sun/part shade, summer H7 AT 60-90cm Geraniaceae Garden
738 Geranium psilostemon HP Magenta, black centre, sun, moist, midsummer H7 AT to 1.2m Geraniaceae Turkey, Caucasus
739 Geranium pyrenaicum ex 'Bill Wallis' HP Bright purple blue, free flowering/seeding H6 AT 30cm Geraniaceae Garden
740 Geranium pyrenaicum f. albiflorum HP White starry fls, sun/shade, all summer H6 AT 30cm Geraniaceae Garden
741 Geranium robustum HP Pink, ferny greyish lvs, sun, well drained shelter H5 Sp to 1m Geraniaceae S Africa
742 Geranium rubifolium HP White-eyed, pink flowers over a long period,soft bramble-like lvs H7 AT 60cm Geraniaceae Kashmir
743 Geranium sanguineum HP Purple-magenta, trailing, sun, well drained soil H7 AT 20-30cm Geraniaceae GB, Europe, Caucasus
744 Geranium sanguineum ex 'Vision Violet' (Vision Series) HP Vivid purple fls, long season, sun, summer H7 AT 30cm Geraniaceae Garden
745 Geranium sinense HP Maroon black, reflexed petals, sun or part shade H6 Sp 60cm Geraniaceae Yunnan, Sichuan
746 Geranium sylvaticum f. roseum ex 'Baker's Pink' HP Clear pale pink, floriferous, long flowering H7 AT 70cm Geraniaceae Swiss Alps
747 Geranium versicolor HP White, netted with purple, long season, semi-E lvs H6 AT 45cm Geraniaceae S Europe
748 Geranium wallichianum CC7002
749 Geranium wallichianum ex 'Buxton's Variety' HP Sky blue, white centre, late summer on, autumn lv tints H7 AT 30cm Geraniaceae Garden
750 Geranium × johnsonii ex 'Johnson's Blue' HP Dk veined lavender blue flrs H7 AT 30cm Geraniaceae
751 Geum calthifolium HP Bright yellow, kidney shaped lvs, sun, early summer H7 Sp 10-30cm Rosaceae NW America, Asia
752 Geum coccineum ex 'Koi' HP Bright orange, glossy lvs, compact, long flowering H6 Sp 20cm Rosaceae Garden
753 Geum ex 'Lady Stratheden' (d) HP Yellow double, sun, early summer H7 AT 60cm Rosaceae Garden
754 Geum ex 'Mrs J. Bradshaw' (d) HP Bright red, double, sun, early summer H7 AT 60cm Rosaceae Garden
755 Geum rivale ex 'Leonard's Variety' HP Nodding pink fls, moist soil H7 AT 30cm Rosaceae Garden
756 Gillenia trifoliata HP White, red calyces, wiry stems, summer H7 AT O Cd 1.2m Rosaceae USA
757 Gladiolus communis
758 Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus HBb Magenta purple, sword shaped lvs, sun, well drained soil H5 to 90cm Iridaceae Mediterranean
759 Gladiolus ex hardy pink/red flowers HBb Pink/red hardy form, sun, well drained soil AT - Iridaceae -
760 Gladiolus flanaganii HBb Red short clusters, sun, well drained shelter H4 AT 25cm Iridaceae Drakensburg MTS, SA
761 Gladiolus murielae HHBb Fragrant large long tubed white fls with dark purple markings Aug-Oct, sun, well drained soil H3 Sp O 90cm Iridaceae E Africa
762 Gladiolus tristis HHBb White-yellow, scented, sun, good drainage Sp O 50-90cm Iridaceae S Africa
763 Gladiolus tristis var. concolor
764 Glaucium flavum HBien Yellow Horned Poppy Glaucous, sun, sharp drainage H4 AT 50cm Papaveraceae GB, Europe
765 Gunnera perpensa HP Kidney-shaped lvs, green flr spikes, sun, shelter, moist soil H5 Fr Ht Er 75cm Gunneraceae
766 Gypsophila paniculata
767 Habranthus tubispathus HHBb Rose red, pot cultivation, greenhouse H2 Fr Ht 20cm Amaryllidaceae Argentina
768 Habranthus × floryi 'green throat'
769 Haloragis erecta HP Glossy purple tinted saw-edged lvs, sun/light shade H3 E Sp 50cm Haloragaceae New Zealand
770 Hebe ex 'Sapphire' HS E, rose-purple spikes, red tinted narrow lvs, sun, AGM H4 Fr 1-1.5m Plantaginaceae Garden
771 Helenium autumnale ex 'Fuego'
772 Helenium autumnale ex 'Helena Gold' (Helena Series)
773 Helenium ex 'Moerheim Beauty' HP Tawny orange, sun, late summer, AGM H7 Z3 E Sp 1.2m Asteraceae Garden
774 Helenium ex 'Sahin's Early Flowerer' HP Streaked orange fls, brown cone, June on, AGM H7 Z3 E Sp 90cm Asteraceae Garden
775 Helianthus annuus ex 'Choco Sun'
776 Helianthus annuus ex 'Russian Giant'
777 Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra ex 'Summer Nights' HP Yellow, mahogany disc, fertile drained soil, sun H7 Z4 Sp 1-1.5m Asteraceae Garden
778 Helleborus argutifolius HP E, pale green 'fls', grey-green lvs, spring H5 Z6 Fr 60cm Ranunculaceae Corsica, Sardinia
779 Helleborus × hybridus ex dark seedling HP Dark flrs, part shade, shelter, not acid soil H7 Fr 50cm Ranunculaceae Garden
780 Helleborus × hybridus mixed HP Mixed, sun/part shade, early spring H7 Fr 40cm Ranunculaceae Garden
781 Helleborus × hybridus pink flowers HP Pink shades, sun/part shade, early spring H7 Fr Ranunculaceae Garden
782 Helleborus × hybridus white streaked red flowers HP White, streaked red, sun/part shade, early spring H7 Fr 40cm Ranunculaceae Garden
783 Helleborus × sternii ex 'Blackthorn Group'
784 Hemerocallis ex 'Apple Court Damson'
785 Hemerocallis ex 'Frans Hals' HP 3 inner petals orange red, cream ribs, back petals cream H7 AT O 60cm Hemerocallidaceae Garden
786 Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus HP Light yellow, fragrant, sun, June on H7 Z5 AT O 90cm Hemerocallidaceae Asia
787 Hemerocallis mixed HP Mixed varieties and colours H7 Z5 AT O 45-90cm Hemerocallidaceae Garden
788 Hepatica nobilis HP Blue-purple bowl shaped fls, fertile part shade, March H5 Z5 Fr O 10cm Ranunculaceae Europe
789 Hesperantha baurii HP Pink to mauve stars, sun, good drainage H5 AT Ht 30cm Iridaceae Drakensburg MTS, SA
790 Hesperantha coccinea ex 'Major'
791 Hesperis matronalis HP White to violet, very fragrant, sun/part shade H7 Z6 E 1.2m Brassicaceae S Europe, Siberia
792 Hesperis matronalis var. albiflora HP Pure white form, very fragrant, summer H7 Z6 E 1.2m Brassicaceae Garden
793 Heuchera cylindrica HP Whitish fls, stiff stems, dark lvs, summer H6 Sp O 60cm Saxifragaceae W USA
794 Heuchera cylindrica ex 'Greenfinch' HP Cream/green, upright stems, marbled lvs H6 Z4 Sp O 90cm Saxifragaceae Garden
795 Hibiscus syriacus HS D, pink or blue trumpet shaped flowers from July to Oct, full sun H5 Sp Ht 3mx2m Malvaceae E Asia
796 Hibiscus trionum HHA Pale yellow, dark centre, sun H3 Sp Ht So to 1.2m Malvaceae SW Asia, Africa
797 Hieracium lanatum HP Yellow, grey felted lvs, sunny dry soil, summer H7 Z7 AT Cd 30cm Asteraceae Europe
798 Hieracium pilosum
799 Hieracium spilophaeum HP Dandelion-like yellow fls, rosette lvs splashed purple, sun, not acid soil H5 AT O 50cm Asteraceae
800 Hieracium spilophaeum ex 'Leopard' HP Yellow, red marbled lvs, sunny dry soil H5 Z6 AT O 30cm Asteraceae Garden
801 Hoheria angustifolia Manual revision E, dk green lvs, white fls in spring H4 O 7mx3m Malvaceae New Zealand
802 Hoheria ex 'Borde Hill' HS E, large white flrs, sun, shelter, bee plant H4 AT O 5mx2m Malvaceae
803 Hoheria sexstylosa ex 'Stardust' HT E, small white fragrant fls, toothed dark lvs, summer, AGM H4 AT O 5m Malvaceae Garden
804 Hoheria sp. poss. angustifolia
805 Hordeum jubatum HAGr Pink tinged silvery barley heads, sun H6 AT 30-60cm Poaceae N Hemisphere
806 Horminum pyrenaicum HP Violet spikes, dark lvs, spring on H6 Sp 20-25cm Lamiaceae Pyrenees
807 Hosta ex (Tardiana Group) 'Eric Smith' HP Blue-green heart shaped lvs, white flrs, shade H7 E Sp O 50cm Asparagaceae
808 Hosta ex (Tardiana Group) 'Halcyon'
809 Hosta ex 'George Smith' (sieboldiana) HP Golden lvs, blue margin H7 E Sp 70cm Asparagaceae
810 Hosta ex 'Hydon Sunset' HP Heart-shaped wavy yellow lvs, purple flrs, pt-shade, moisture H7 E Sp O 60cm Asparagaceae
811 Hosta ex 'Lakeside Elfin Fire'
812 Hosta ex 'Minima'
813 Hosta ex TCM-12-838 HP Purple fls, narrow green lvs H7 E Sp O 20cm Asparagaceae Japan
814 Hosta gracillima HP Lance-shaped wavy green lvs, purple striped lavender fls,shade H7 E Sp O 15cm Asparagaceae Japan
815 Hosta sieboldiana HP Lavender, bold glaucous ribbed lvs H7 Z3 E Sp O 60-90cm Asparagaceae Japan
816 Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans HP Lavender, bold glaucous ribbed lvs, AGM H7 Z3 E Sp O 60-90cm Asparagaceae Japan
817 Hyacinthoides non-scripta HBb English Bluebell, shade, wild garden H6 Fr 35cm Asparagaceae GB. W Europe
818 Hydrangea paniculata
819 Hymenoxys hoopesii (was Helenium h.) HP Yellow daisies, rosette of lvs, July on H7 Sp 60-90cm Asteraceae W USA, Mexico
820 Hyssopus officinalis HP Hyssop, light purple, aromatic lvs, sun, summer H7 Sp E to 60cm Lamiaceae Europe/Asia
821 Hystrix patula HGr Green heads fading tan, dark coarse lvs H7 Z4 Sp 60-90cm Poaceae N America
822 Iberis gibraltarica ex 'Betty Swainson' HP Pure white, E dark green lvs, spring on, AGM H4 Sp 25cm Brassicaceae Garden
823 Iberis umbellata mixed colours
824 Impatiens arguta ex 'Alba' HP White fls, part shade H4 Sp Ht 60cm Balsaminaceae Himalayas
825 Impatiens balfourii HA Pink/white bicolour, long flowering season, free seeding H6 Sp Ht 75cm Balsaminaceae Himalayas
826 Impatiens scabrida HA Creamy yellow, spotted, long season, free seeding H6 Sp Ht 60cm Balsaminaceae Himalayas
827 Impatiens stenantha
828 Incarvillea delavayi HP Purple trumpets, sun, well drained soil, June H3 Z7 E Sp O 30cm Bignoniaceae W China, Tibet
829 Incarvillea delavayi ex 'Bees' Pink' HP Rich pink, sun, good drainage, June H3 Z7 E Sp O 30cm Bignoniaceae Garden
830 Incarvillea mairei HP Rich pink, sun, well drained soil, June H3 Z7 E Sp O 30cm Bignoniaceae W China
831 Inula helenium HP Elecampane, yellow daisies, rough lvs, summer H6 Z5 E Sp O 1.2m Asteraceae GB, Europe/Asia
832 Inula hookeri HP Light yellow fine rays, whiskery soft buds, moist H6 Z6 E Sp O 75cm Asteraceae Himalayas
833 Inula magnifica HP Decorative buds, deep yellow, stout stems, rough lvs H7 Z6 E Sp O 1.8m Asteraceae Caucasus
834 Inula royleana HP Orange, fine rayed, moist, summer H6 E Sp O 60cm Asteraceae Himalayas
835 Ipheion ex 'Rolf Fiedler'
836 Ipheion uniflorum f. album HBb Pure white form, yellow stamens, sun, early spring H5 Sp Fr 15cm Alliaceae Garden
837 Ipomoea ex blue/purple flowers HHCl Blue/purple, twining, sun, summer H1 Sp Ch Ht to 3m Convolvulaceae Garden
838 Ipomoea purpurea HHCl Deep purple, hairy lvs, twining, sun, summer H1 Sp Ch Ht to 3m Convolvulaceae Mexico
839 Ipomoea purpurea ex 'Grandpa Otts' HHCl Intense violet, red star centre, warm sunny place H1 Sp Ch Ht to 3m Convolvulaceae Garden
840 Ipomoea purpurea ex 'Kniola's Black Night' HHCl Purple black, cerise throat H1 Sp Ch Ht to 2.5m Convolvulaceae Garden
841 Ipomoea purpurea ex 'Venice Pink'
842 Ipomopsis rubra
843 Iris bearded dwarf yellow
844 Iris Californian hybrids HP Var colours, evergreen H4 AT So Cd 15-70cm Iridaceae
845 Iris Californian hybrids white flowers HP seed from white form H4 Sp 30-60cm Iridaceae Garden
846 Iris chrysographes HP Mixed colours, fine marking, early summer, AGM H7 Z6 Sp 45cm Iridaceae W China
847 Iris domestica was Belamcanda chinensis HBb Orange spotted fls, moist drained soil, warm spot H7 AT O Cd 90cm Iridiaceae China
848 Iris douglasiana HP E, lavender, glossy red based lvs, sun/part shade H6 Z7 AT So Cd 60cm Iridaceae California, Oregon
849 Iris ensata mixed HP no further details H7 Sp Iridaceae
850 Iris ex 'Baby Sister' (Sib) HP Violet flrs, grassy lvs H7 Sp 30cm Iridaceae
851 Iris ex 'Banbury Beauty' (CH) HP Californian hybrid, light lavender, purple zone, sun/light shade, AGM H4 Z7 Sp 45cm Iridaceae Garden
852 Iris ex 'Banish Misfortune' (Sib) HP Sibirica, lavender, white fall with lavender veining, moist soil H7 Sp 1.2m Iridaceae Garden
853 Iris ex 'Caesar's Brother' (Sib) HP Sibirica, mid purple blue, erect standards, moist soil H7 Z4 AT So Cd 1m Iridaceae Garden
854 Iris ex 'Dreaming Yellow' (Sib) HP Sibirica, white, yellow haft, wavy falls, early summer H7 Z4 AT So Cd 80cm Iridaceae Garden
855 Iris ex 'Flight of Butterflies' (Sib) HP Sibirica, bright blue very heavily veined falls, free flowering H7 Z4 Sp 90cm Iridaceae Garden
856 Iris ex 'Perry's Blue' (Sib) HP Sibirica, sky blue flowers with white markings in May and June, slender strap-shaped leaves, sun H7 AT So Cd 90cm Iridaceae Garden
857 Iris ex 'Roku Oji' (Sib) HP Sibirica, rich purple, white flash, six fall petals H7 Z4 Sp 60-70cm Iridaceae Garden
858 Iris ex 'Ruffled Velvet' (Sib) HP Sibirica, purple fls with yellow veined markings on falls, moist well drained soil, sun, AGM H7 AT So Cd 70cm Iridaceae Garden
859 Iris ex 'Sparkling Rose' (Sib) HP Lilac/pink flrs with white base, sun, pt-shade H7 Sp 90cm Iridaceae
860 Iris ex 'Stephen Wilcox' (Sib)
861 Iris ex 'White Swan' (Sib)
862 Iris ex 'White Swirl' (Sib) HP Sibirica, white flared fls, yellow centre, moist soil, early summer H7 Z4 AT So Cd 85cm Iridaceae Garden
863 Iris graminea HP Narrow purple standards/falls, scented, moist, AGM H7 Z5 AT So Cd 40cm Iridaceae S Europe
864 Iris innominata HP E very narrow lvs, fls in yellows or blues, H7 Sp 25cm Iridaceae W USA
865 Iris laevigata dark blue flowers with white stripe
866 Iris latifolia ex pale blue flowers HBb Pale blue form, moist soil H7 Sp 40cm Iridaceae Garden
867 Iris latifolia ex white flowers HBb White flowered form moist soil H7 Sp 40cm Iridaceae -
868 Iris milesii HP Lavender, yellow crests, moist soil, sun/part shade H3 AT So Cd 80cm Iridaceae Himalayas
869 Iris orientalis ambig. HP White, yellow blotch on falls, moist well drained soil, sun H7 AT So Cd to 1m Iridaceae Turkey, Greece
870 Iris prismatica HP Mid blue, narrow lvs, moist soil, open position H7 AT So Cd 30-60cm Iridaceae E USA
871 Iris pseudacorus HP Yellow Flag Iris, moist to wet soil, waterside H7 Z5 AT So Cd 1.2m Iridaceae GB, Europe/Asia
872 Iris pseudacorus ex 'Variegata' (v) HP Yellow, parent variegated, moist to wet soil H7 Z5 AT So Cd 1.2m Iridaceae Garden
873 Iris setosa HP Rich purple, white splash, moist soil, early summer H7 Z3 AT So Cd 60cm Iridaceae USA/ E Asia
874 Iris sibirica HP Blue to purple, grassy lvs, moist, early summer H7 Z4 AT So Cd 50-90cm Iridaceae Europe/Asia
875 Iris sibirica blue flowers HP Blue flrs, moist soil H7 Sp 80cm Iridaceae
876 Iris sibirica large blue/purple flowers
877 Iris sibirica mixed colours HP Mixed colours, moist, sun/part shade H7 Z4 AT So Cd 50-90cm Iridaceae Garden
878 Iris tectorum HP Large purple fls with white crests, sun, moist soil, not alkaline H4 Sp 40cm Iridaceae
879 Iris versicolor HP Purple, narrow lvs, sun, moist to wet, waterside H7 Z3 AT So Cd 60cm Iridaceae USA
880 Iris xiphium var. lusitanica HP Spanish Iris, yellow flrs, sun, drainage H6 Sp 45cm Iridaceae
881 Isatis tinctoria HBien Woad Flat heads of yellow, brown seeds, lime, sun H7 AT O 1m Brassicaceae Mediterranean
882 Isodon japonicus (Burm.f.) H. Hara HP Sprays lilac flrs H5 Sp O 1m Lamiaceae
883 Jeffersonia diphylla HP White, twin lvs, cool fertile shade, spring H7 Z4 Fr 30cm Berberidaceae USA
884 Kalimeris altaica HP Small pale lilac daisy fls Jul-Sep, upright, sun or part shade H7 Ht 1m Asteraceae
885 Kalimeris incisa HP Lilac daisy flrs May-Sept, sun /pt shd H6 Ht 90cm Asteraceae Japan
886 Kirengeshoma palmata HP Yellow, arching stems, deep soil, autumn H7 Z5 Fr Ht Er 90cm Hydrangeaceae Japan
887 Kitaibela vitifolia HP White, vine like lvs, sun/part shade, July on H6 Z4 AT 2m Malvaceae E Europe
888 Klasea bulgarica HP Large white thistle fls, Aug -Sep, large glossy toothed lvs H4 Sp 2m Asteraceae E. Europe
889 Knautia arvensis HP Lilac pincushions, soft hariy lvs, midsummer on H7 Z4 Fr Sp Ht 1.5m Caprifoliaceae Europe
890 Knautia macedonica HP Dark crimson pincushions, sun, summer H7 Z4 Fr Sp Ht 60-90cm Caprifoliaceae Macedonia
891 Knautia macedonica ex Melton pastels HP Pink to crimson seed strain, July H7 Fr Sp Ht 90-120cm Caprifoliaceae Garden
892 Kniphofia ex 'Mango Popsicle'
893 Kniphofia sp. HP No details Sp O SS Asphodelaceae
894 Kniphofia uvaria HP Red & yellow pokers, fertile, well-drained soil H5 Sp O SS 1.2m Asphodelaceae
895 Kniphofia yellow flowers HP Yellow flrs H7 Sp O SS Asphodelaceae
896 Koelreuteria paniculata HT Yellow, pinnate lvs, inflated seedpods H6 Z5 Fr Sp E to 5m Sapindaceae China
897 Lamium orvala HP Copper pink, speckled throat, moist shade, spring H7 Z6 Sp 30-45cm Lamiaceae Europe
898 Lantana camara HHS E, orange-yellow, greenhouse H1 Sp Ht 1-2m Verbenaceae Central America
899 Lathyrus annuus = itea
900 Lathyrus aureus HP Burnt orange pea fls, sun, May-June H7 Z5 AT So 60cm Papilionaceae Greece, Black Sea
901 Lathyrus latifolius HCl Magenta pink, sunny wall or bank, summer on H7 AT So to 2.5m Papilionaceae Europe, N Africa
902 Lathyrus latifolius deep pink HCl Perennial sweet pea Summer, moist, fr dr H7 AT So 2m Papilionaceae
903 Lathyrus latifolius ex 'Rosa Perle' HCl Clear pink, sunny bank or wall, summer, AGM H7 AT So to 2.5m Papilionaceae Garden
904 Lathyrus latifolius ex 'White Pearl' HCl Large white flowers, sunny wall or bank, summer, AGM H7 Z4 AT So to 2.5m Papilionaceae Garden
905 Lathyrus latifolius magenta flowers HCl Magenta flrs, sun H7 AT So to 2.5m Papilionaceae
906 Lathyrus latifolius pale pink flowers HCl Perennial sweet pea, pink fls, well-drained soil H7 AT So 2m Papilionaceae
907 Lathyrus laxiflorus HP Violet-blue, mat forming, sun H7 Z7 AT So 20-40cm Papilionaceae S Europe, E Med
908 Lathyrus linifolius HP Small pink veined fls ageing blue, open position, May on H7 Sp Ch 30-60cm Papilionaceae France
909 Lathyrus nervosus HP Blue shaded fls, oval lvs, trailing, sun, well drained site H3 Z9 Sp Ch to 1.2m Papilionaceae S America
910 Lathyrus niger HP Dark purple, fading blue, sun/part shade, May H6 Z6 AT So 60-90cm Papilionaceae Europe
911 Lathyrus odoratus ex 'Cedric Morris coll. Sicily'
912 Lathyrus odoratus ex 'Painted Lady' HACl Pink/white bicolour, highly scented, raised 18th century H3 AT So to 2m Papilionaceae Garden
913 Lathyrus odoratus ex 'Royal Family' HACl mixed colours H3 AT So to 2m Papilionaceae
914 Lathyrus odoratus mixed HACl Mixed colours, many scented H3 AT So to 2.5m Papilionaceae Garden
915 Lathyrus odoratus mixed Old Fashioned varieties HACl Mixed colours, ex very highly scented varieties H3 AT So to 2m Papilionaceae Garden
916 Lathyrus rotundifolius HCl Brick pink, distinctive rounded lvs, sun, June on H7 Z5 AT So Cd to 1.5m Papilionaceae Caucasus, M East
917 Lathyrus sylvestris HCl Greenish-pink, mauve wings, sun, June H6 Z6 AT So to 2.5m Papilionaceae GB, Europe
918 Lathyrus tingitanus HACl Bright magenta purple, May-July H5 AT So to 1.2m Papilionaceae W Mediterranean
919 Lathyrus vernus HP Purple/mauve, fading blue, April-May H6 Z4 AT So 30-45cm Papilionaceae Europe, Turkey
920 Lathyrus vernus ex 'Alboroseus' HP Pink/white form, sun, part shade, April-May H6 Z4 AT So 30-45cm Papilionaceae Garden
921 Lathyrus vernus f. roseus HP Mauve pink form, sun/part shade, April-May H6 Z4 AT So 30-45cm Papilionaceae Garden
922 Lathyrus vernus purple flowers HP Purple flrs, sun/light shade, April-May H6 AT So 30-45cm Papilionaceae
923 Lavandula angustifolia HS E, purple spikes, fragrant, greyish lvs, sun H5 Sp 30-60cm Lamiaceae W Mediterranean
924 Lavandula angustifolia ex 'Hidcote' HS E, deep violet selection, grey lvs, fragrant, AGM H5 Sp 30-60cm Lamiaceae Garden
925 Lavatera arborea HBien Pink, dark veining at centre, sun, well drained soil H4 Sp Ht to 2m Malvaceae Europe, Mediterranean
926 Lavatera thuringiaca HP Pink, soft lvs., sun, summer H5 Z8 Sp Ht 1.5m Malvaceae Europe
927 Lavatera trimestris HHA White to deep pink mallow fls, long season H3 Sp Ht 60-90cm Malvaceae Mediterranean
928 Lavatera trimestris ex 'Ruby Regis' HA Deep carmine pink fls, sun H5 Sp Ht 60cm Malvaceae
929 Ledebouria socialis
930 Leibnitzia anandria HP Rosettes of serrated lvs, golden-eyed white flowers, fluffy seedheads, sun, well-drained soil H6 AT O 20cm Asteraceae
931 Leonotis nepetifolia HHA Yellow to orange whorled fls, sun, shelter H2 Z8 Sp Ht 3m Lamiaceae Tropics
932 Leonotis nepetifolia var. nepetifolia ex 'Staircase'
933 Leontodon sp. HP no further details H7 Sp Asteraceae
934 Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum HP Grey-white stars, woolly lvs, well drained soil H6 Fr 15-30cm Asteraceae European mountains
935 Leonurus cardiaca HP Pink fl clusters at leaf joints, sun/part shade, late summer H7 Z3 Sp O 1.2m Lamiaceae Europe
936 Lepechinia salviae HP Deep magenta flrs, sage like lvs, sun, drainage, shelter H4 Sp Ht 75cm Lamiaceae
937 Leptospermum scoparium HS E.Pink flr clusters Spring, narrow lvs H4 AT Er 2.5m Myrtaceae
938 Leucanthemum vulgare HP Ox Eye Daisy,white, yellow centre, sun, summer H7 Z3 AT E 60-90cm Asteraceae Europe
939 Leucanthemum × superbum ex 'Alaska' HP White daisy flrs with yellow centres, sun, well-drained soil H5 AT Ht 50cm Asteraceae
940 Levisticum officinale HP Lovage, aromatic culinary lvs, moist soil H7 AT Ht to 2m Apiaceae SE Iran, Afghanistan
941 Leymus arenarius HGr Steel blue blades, free spreading, light dry soil, sun H7 Z4 Sp to 1.5m Poaceae GB, Europe
942 Liatris spicata HP Mauve-purple bottlebrushes, sun, summer H7 Z4 Sp Ht 60cm Asteraceae USA
943 Liatris spicata ex 'Floristan Violett'
944 Libertia grandiflora ambig. HP Clusters white fls, stiff lvs, summer H4 Z8 Sp Fr Ch 60-90cm Iridaceae New Zealand
945 Libertia peregrinans HP White, brown-green lvs, summer H4 Sp Fr Ch 60cm Iridaceae New Zealand
946 Libertia sessiliflora ex 'Caerulescens' HP Pale blue, tough grassy lvs, sun, moist fertile soil H4 Z9 Sp Fr Ch 60cm Iridaceae Chile
947 Ligusticum scoticum HP White, culinary seeds, glossy lvs H7 AT Cd Er 90cm Apiaceae Scotland
948 Lilium cilatum (IXc/d)
949 Lilium formosanum var. pricei (IXb/a) HBb White, fragrant, compact, sun, summer, good pot subject H7 Fr O 60cm Liliaceae Taiwan mountains
950 Lilium mackliniae (IXc/a) HBb Pale purple, dark outer, shade H5 Fr O 20cm to 1m Liliaceae India
951 Lilium martagon (IXc/d) HBb Purple spotted reflexed fls, sun/part shade H7 Fr O to 2m Liliaceae Europe/Asia
952 Lilium martagon (IXc/d) dark flowers HBb Purple spotted reflexed fls, sun/part shade H7 Fr O to 2m Liliaceae
953 Lilium martagon (IXc/d) ex pink flowers HBb Pink reflexed fls, sun/part shade H7 Fr O to 2m Liliaceae Garden
954 Lilium martagon (IXc/d) red flowers HBb Red flrs, sun/part shade H7 Fr O to 2m Liliaceae
955 Lilium martagon ex 'Fairy Morning' (IIc/c)
956 Lilium martagon var. album (IXc/d) HBb White unspotted reflexed fls, sun/part shade H7 Fr O to 2m Liliaceae Garden
957 Lilium regale (IXb/a) HBb White trumpets, purple outer, strong scent H6 Fr O to 2m Liliaceae W China
958 Limnathes douglasii HA White, yellow base, bee plant, sun H5 AT E 15-30cm Limnanthaceae California
959 Limonium minutum
960 Linaria aeruginea HP Small spikes of dwarf snapdragon flrs, mixed colours, sun, H7 Sp Ht 20cm Plantaginaceae
961 Linaria dalmatica HP Yellow, grey lvs, sun, well drained soil, summer H7 Z5 Sp O E 90cm Plantaginaceae S E Europe
962 Linaria purpurea HP Tiny purple fls, sun, light soil, free seeding H6 Z6 Sp O E 90cm Plantaginaceae E Europe
963 Linaria purpurea ex 'Brown's White Strain' HP White, greyish lvs, sun, light soil, free seeding H6 Z6 Sp O E 90cm Plantaginaceae Spain, Portugal
964 Linaria purpurea ex 'Canon Went' HP Light pink form, greyish lvs, sun, light soil H6 Z6 Sp O E 90cm Plantaginaceae Garden
965 Linaria purpurea ex 'Springside White' HP White, greyish lvs, compact, sun, light soil H6 Z6 Sp O E 90cm Plantaginaceae Garden
966 Linaria vulgaris HP Pale yellow, dense spikes, free seeder, summer H7 Z4 Sp O E 60-90cm Plantaginaceae GB, Europe/Asia
967 Linum (mixed)
968 Linum grandiflorum ex 'Blue dress' HA Sprays blue flrs, sun, shelter, well-drained soil H4 AT O E 45cm Linaceae
969 Linum narbonense HP Pale blue saucers, sun, well-drained soil H6 AT O E 60cm Linaceae
970 Lobelia siphilitica HP Clear blue, part shade, moist, summer H5 Z5 Fr E 90cm Campanulaceae E USA
971 Lomelosia cretica HP Lavender blue scabious flrs, spherical seedheads,sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp 35cm Dipsacaceae
972 Lonicera japonica HCl Japanese Honeysuckle, E, vigorous, fragrant white fls, black berries H5 Fr O to 8m Caprifoliaceae
973 Lonicera standishii var. lancifolia 'Budapest' HS D, scented pale pink flrs on bare branches in Spring H6 Fr O 2mx2m Caprifoliaceae
974 Lonicera tatarica ex 'Arnold Red' HS Rich rose pink fls, red fr, May-June H7 Fr O to 3m Caprifoliaceae Garden
975 Lopezia cordata ex 'Pretty Rose' HA Pale pink flrs, sun H4 Sp O E 20cm Onagraceae Mexico, Guatemala
976 Lophospermum scandens ex 'Joan Loraine' HHCl Deep purple trumpets, sun, shelter H2 Sp Ht to 3m Plantaginaceae
977 Lotus hirsutus HS Cream/pink, silver lvs, sun, drainage H4 AT O Cd 60cm Papilionaceae S Europe
978 Lunaria annua HBien Honesty Purple/white, decorative pods, part shade H7 Sp E to 1m Brassicaceae S E Europe
979 Lunaria annua cerise flowers HBien Cerise, decorative winter seedpods H7 Sp E to 1m Brassicaceae Garden
980 Lunaria annua ex 'Chedglow' HBien Purple, dark purple foliage, decorative pods, part shade H7 Sp E 90cm Brassicaceae Garden
981 Lunaria annua ex 'Corfu Blue' HBienCl Blue-purple, suckers, decorative pods H7 Sp E 90cm Brassicaceae Garden
982 Lunaria annua ex 'Munstead Purple' HBien Rich purple, decorative winter seedpods, part shade H7 Sp E to 1m Brassicaceae Garden
983 Lunaria annua ex 'Variegata' (v) HBien White or purple, variegated lvs, % true from seed H7 Sp E to 1m Brassicaceae Garden
984 Lunaria annua maroon flowers
985 Lunaria annua var. albiflora HBien White, green lvs, decorative pods, part shade H7 Sp E to 1m Brassicaceae Garden
986 Lunaria annua var. albiflora ex 'Alba Variegata' (v) HBien White, variegated lvs, % true from seed, select after 1 year H7 Sp E to 1m Brassicaceae Garden
987 Lunaria rediviva HP Lilac-white, spring, elliptical seedpods autumn on H7 Z4 Sp O E 60-90cm Brassicaceae Europe
988 Lunaria rediviva white flowers HP White flrs, spring, elliptical seedpods autumn on H7 Sp O E 90cm Brassicaceae Europe
989 Lupinus arboreus HS Yellow, scented, sun/well drained soil, summer H4 Sp Ch 1.5m Papilionaceae California
990 Lupinus arboreus blue flowers HS Blue selection, sun,well drained soil, summer H4 Sp Ch 1.5m Papilionaceae Garden
991 Lupinus arboreus mauve/yellow flowers HS Mauve/yellow bicolour, sun, well drained soil, summer H4 Sp Ch 1.5m Papilionaceae Garden
992 Lupinus arboreus yellow flowers HS Yellow scented flrs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ch 1.5m Papilionaceae
993 Lupinus chamissonis HS Blue/claret fls, silver lvs, sun, drainage H5 Sp Ch 45-60cm Papilionaceae W USA
994 Lupinus hartweggi ex 'Avalune Blue' HA Blue flrs, sun/pt shade H6 Sp Ch 40cm Papilionaceae
995 Lupinus mixed varieties HP Mixed colours, bicolours, sun, summer Sp Ch 60-90cm Papilionaceae Garden
996 Lupinus nootkatensis HP Blue/white, hairy stems, well drained soil H7 Z3 Sp Ch 90cm Papilionaceae W USA
997 Lupinus peach flowers
998 Lupinus white 4ft tall
999 Lupinus × regalis Russell Group HP Selected strain for colour and size of fl H4 Z4 Sp Ch 60-90cm Papilionaceae Garden
1000 Lychnis chalcedonica HP Scarlet red, erect habit, sun, moist soil, summer H7 Z4 Sp 1.2m Caryophyllaceae E Russia
1001 Lychnis chalcedonica var. albiflora HP White form, sun, moist soil, summer H7 Z4 Sp 1.2m Caryophyllaceae Garden
1002 Lychnis chalcedonica white flowers
1003 Lychnis coronaria HP Pink to purple, grey felted lvs, sun, well drained H7 Z4 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae S Europe
1004 Lychnis coronaria dark pink flowers HP Dark pink flrs, grey lvs, sun, well drained soil, summer H7 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae
1005 Lychnis coronaria dark red flowers
1006 Lychnis coronaria ex 'Alba' HP White form, grey lvs, well drained, summer H7 Z4 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1007 Lychnis coronaria ex 'Angel's Blush' HP White, variable pink eye, grey lvs, sun, well drained H7 Z4 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1008 Lychnis coronaria ex 'Cerise' HP Vivid carmine fls, grey lvs, sun, well drained soil H7 Z4 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1009 Lychnis coronaria ex MESE 356 HP Magenta, eye fading white, grey lvs, well drained H7 Z4 Sp 75cm Caryophyllaceae Macedonia
1010 Lychnis coronaria ex Oculata Group HP White, cerise pink eye, grey lvs, well drained H7 Z4 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1011 Lychnis coronaria magenta flowers HP Magenta fls, grey lvs, well-drained soil in sun H7 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1012 Lychnis coronaria mixed colours HP Dark pink, grey lvs, sun, well drained soil, summer H7 Z4 Sp 90cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1013 Lychnis ex 'Molten Lava' HP Orange-red, bronze foliage, sun, well drained H7 Z4 Sp 20cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1014 Lychnis flos-cuculi HP Rose pink, sun, moisture, summer H7 Z4 Sp 30-60cm Caryophyllaceae Europe/Asia
1015 Lychnis flos-jovis ex 'Nana'
1016 Lychnis viscaria HP Magenta, sun, moist well drained neutral/acid soil H6 Z4 Sp 25cm Caryophyllaceae GB, Europe, Russia
1017 Lychnis × arkwrightii ex 'Vesuvius' HP Orange scarlet, dark lvs, variable ex seed H5 Z4 Sp 30-45cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1018 Lychnis yunnanensis HP Pink, upright, butterfly plant, sun, moist soil H4 Z6 Sp 20cm Caryophyllaceae Yunnan
1019 Lycopus europaeus HP Pond marginal, white flrs H5 Sp O 90cm Lamiaceae
1020 Lysimachia minoricensis HHP Pink-yellow marbled lvs, moist drained soil, shelter H1 Z9 Sp O 30cm Primulaceae Minorca
1021 Lysimachia vulgaris HP Yellow Loosetrife Yellow stars, naturaliser in moist soil H7 Sp O 1.2m Primulaceae GB, Europe/Asia
1022 Lythrum salicaria HP Purple spikes, free seeding and spreading in moist soil H7 Z3 Sp Ht E 1.2m Lythraceae N Hemisphere
1023 Maianthemum racemosum HP Creamy white, fragrant, arching stems, part shade H7 Z4 Cd Er 60-90cm Convallariaceae N America
1024 Malope trifida ex 'Vulcan' HA Large dk pink flrs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ht E 1.2m Malvaceae
1025 Malva alcea HP Saucer-shaped pink fls, long flowering, sun H5 Sp 1.2m Malvaceae
1026 Malva alcea var. fastigiata HP Deep pink cups, sun, late summer H6 Z5 Sp Ht 75cm Malvaceae Garden
1027 Malva moschata HP Musk Mallow Pink, sun, June-September H5 Z5 Sp Ht 60-90cm Malvaceae GB, Europe
1028 Malva moschata ex 'Appleblossom' HP Pale pink cups, sun, free flowering, June on H5 Z5 Sp Ht 60-90cm Malvaceae Garden
1029 Malva moschata ex 'Rosea' HP Rose pink form, sun, June on H5 Z5 Sp Ht 60-90cm Malvaceae Garden
1030 Malva moschata f. alba HP White mallow fls, sun, June on H5 Z5 Sp Ht 60-90cm Malvaceae GB, Europe
1031 Malva sylvestris ex 'Alba' HP White, sun, light well drained soil, June on H5 Z5 Sp Ht to 1m Malvaceae Garden
1032 Malva sylvestris var. mauritiana ex 'Zebrina' HP Soft lavender, dark centre/veins, sun, long seas H5 Z5 Sp Ht 60-120cm Malvaceae Garden
1033 Malva tournefortiana
1034 Margyricarpus pinnatus HS E, finely-cut lvs, small white berries H4 Sp 30cmx1m Rosaceae
1035 Marrubium libanoticum HP Grey velvety lvs, whorls white flrs, sun, well-drained, shelter H4 Sp Ht Er 30cm Lamiaceae
1036 Matthiola incana HP White to pink, scented, sun, well drained, crevices H4 Sp O 30-70cm Brassicaceae GB, Europe, M East
1037 Matthiola incana 'Alba' HP White, scented, sun, well drained crevices H4 Sp O 30-70cm Brassicaceae GB, Europe, M East
1038 Matthiola incana purple flowers HP Purple fls, greyish lvs, fragrant, woody base, sun H5 Sp O 30-60cm Brassicaceae ?
1039 Maurandya barclayana HHCl Cobalt blue, twiner, pot or warm wall H2 Sp Ht to 2m Plantaginaceae Mexico
1040 Maurandya scandens HHCl Climbing Snapdragon pink/fuchsia trumpet fls all summer H3 Sp Ht 2m Plantaginaceae Mexico
1041 Meconopsis baileyi HP Turquoise blue, part shade, cool soil H5 Z7 Fr SS Cd 60-75cm Papaveraceae Tibet
1042 Meconopsis baileyi ex 'Hensol Violet' HP Deep lilac fls, cool moist soil, May-June H5 Z7 Sp 60-90cm Papaveraceae Garden
1043 Meconopsis baileyi var. alba HP White, cool moist soil, part shade, May-June H5 Z7 Fr SS Cd 60-90cm Papaveraceae Garden
1044 Meconopsis betonicfolia
1045 Meconopsis ex (Fertile Blue Group) 'Lingholm' HP Intense blue selection, cool soil, part shade H5 Z7 Fr SS Cd 60-90cm Papaveraceae Garden
1046 Meconopsis ex Fertile Blue Group HP Turquoise blue poppies, cool soil, part shade H5 Z7 Fr SS Cd 60-90cm Papaveraceae Garden
1047 Meconopsis grandis HP Blue flrs Jun, semi-shade, moist sl H5 Fr SS Cd 60-90cm Papaveraceae
1048 Meconopsis napaulensis (hort)
1049 Meconopsis napaulensis HP Red or yellow flrs, E lvs, monocarpic H5 Fr SS Cd 1.2m Papaveraceae
1050 Meconopsis staintonii HP Red flrs, E lvs H5 Fr SS Cd 1.2m Papaveraceae
1051 Melianthus major HHS Red brown fls, handsome blue grey arching lvs, sun H3 Z8 Sp Ht to 2m Melanthiaceae Cape Province
1052 Melica ciliata HGr Silky haired spikes, sun/part shade H6 Z5 Sp 60cm Poaceae Eurasia
1053 Meliosma dilleniifolia subsp. cuneifolia HHS Creamy white panicles, hawthorn fragrance, July H2 AT O to 4m Sabiaceae W China
1054 Mentha aquatica HP Watermint aquatic, dk green lvs, clusters of tubular lilac fls, moist soil or water H7 Sp O to 90cm Lamiaceae Eurasia
1055 Mertensia maritima HP Pale blue, glaucous mat, sharp drainage, slug protect H5 Z3 AT O 15cm Boraginaceae N America, N Europe
1056 Mertensia sibirica HP Nodding clusters blue fls, blue-green lvs, part shade H4 Z3 AT O 30-45cm Boraginaceae Siberia, Sichuan
1057 Mertensia simplicissima HP Blue bell flrs, blue/grey lvs, sun, well-drained soil H5 AT O 15cm Boraginaceae
1058 Merwilla plumbea
1059 Metrosideros excelsa
1060 Meum athamanticum HP White-purple, aromatic ferny lvs, lime, sun H6 Fr 60cm Apiaceae GB, Europe
1061 Milium effusum ex 'Aureum' HGr Yellow lvs, stems/fls, moist light shade, free seeding H7 Z5 Sp 30-60cm Poaceae Garden
1062 Mimulus guttatus HP Yellow, spotted red, moist to wet H6 AT O 60cm Phrymaceae USA
1063 Mirabilis jalapa HHP Mixed, fragrant, evening fls, protect cold areas H3 Z8 Sp Ht 60-120cm Nyctaginaceae Tropical America
1064 Mirabilis jalapa ex white flowers HHP White fls, fragrant, evening fls, protect cold areas H3 Z8 Sp Ht 60-12-cm Nyctaginaceae Garden
1065 Mirabilis jalapa ex yellow flowers HHP Yellow form, fragrant H3 Sp Ht 60cm-1.2m Nyctaginaceae Tropical America
1066 Mirabilis multiflora
1067 Mitella breweri HP Small yellow-green fls, ground cover for cool shade H7 Z5 AT O 20-25cm Saxifragaceae NW USA
1068 Mitella ovalis HP Pale green scalloped lvs, spikes green flrs, shade H7 AT O 50cm Saxifragaceae N. America
1069 Molinia caerulea HGr Purple Moor Grass Purple spikes, moist soil H7 Z4 Sp O 60-90cm Poaceae GB, Europe, Asia
1070 Molopospermum peloponnesiacum HP White, yellow seeds, glossy lvs, sun, drainage/gravel H7 Sp O 1.8m Apiaceae S Alps, Pyrenees
1071 Monarda ex 'Beauty of Cobham' HP Pale pink, purple tinted bracts and lvs, June-Sept H4 Z4 E Sp Ht 1m Lamiaceae Garden
1072 Moraea elegans
1073 Moraea huttonii HBb Yellow, brown on falls, sun, moist drained, shelter H4 AT O to 1m Iridaceae E Cape S Africa
1074 Morina afghanica HP Whorled white/red fls, sun, well drained H6 Z6 Sp O 90cm Caprifoliaceae Afghanistan
1075 Morina longifolia HP White/red whorls, thistle like rosette, sun, drained soil H6 Z6 Sp O 90cm Caprifoliaceae Nepal
1076 Muscari armeniacum HBb Azure-purple, white rim, scented, sun/part shade H6 AT O 15-20cm Asparagaceae Caucasus, Turkey
1077 Muscari armeniacum ex 'Valerie Finnis' HBb Powder blue dense spikes, scented, spring H6 AT O 15cm Asparagaceae Garden
1078 Muscari aucheri ex 'Ocean Magic' HBb Pale blue, fading darker, spring H5 AT O 10-15cm Asparagaceae E Turkey, Caucasus
1079 Muscari azureum HBb Pale blue, dark stripe, sun, drainage H6 AT O 10-15cm Asparagaceae Garden
1080 Muscari comosum HBb Greenish, top tuft blue sterile fls, spring H6 Z7 AT O 20cm Asparagaceae Garden
1081 Muscari ex 'Mount Hood' HBb Green strap-like lvs, conical spikes tubular flrs blue at the base and white at the top AT O 20cm Asparagaceae
1082 Muscari latifolium HBb Dark indigo, pale blue sterile florets H6 AT O 25cm Asparagaceae -
1083 Muscari mixed species HBb - AT O - Asparagaceae SW Turkey
1084 Myosotis pygmaea HP Tiny white flrs, rosette hairy lvs, well-drained soil H4 Sp O 10cm Boraginaceae
1085 Myrrhis odorata HP Sweet CicelyCreamy, fragrant, May-June H5 Fr 60-90cm Apiaceae GB, Europe
1086 Narcissus bulbocodium (13) HBb Hoop Petticoat Daffodil Yellow, variable H4 Fr Er 15cm Amaryllidaceae Mediterranean
1087 Narcissus bulbocodium subsp. bulbocodium var. citrinus (13) HBb Pale yellow wide trumpet, small petals H4 Fr Er 15cm Amaryllidaceae
1088 Narcissus bulbocodium subsp. obesus (13) HBb Yellow hoop petticoat flr, E-M Spring H6 Fr Er 15cm Amarylllidaceae
1089 Narcissus cantabricus (13) HBb White hoop petticoat flrs Winter, sun, fr dr soil H4 Fr Er 20cm Amaryllidaceae
1090 Nemesia mixed colours
1091 Nepeta clarkei HP Violet, white lip, downy lvs, sun, well drained soil H7 Z4 AT O 45cm Lamiaceae Pakistan, Kashmir
1092 Nepeta govaniana HP Clear pale yellow, light green aromatic lvs, summer H6 Z4 AT O 90cm Lamiaceae Kashmir
1093 Nepeta nuda ex 'Alba'
1094 Nepeta parnassica HP White spotted purple, tall, sun, late summer H7 Z3 AT O 1.2m Lamiaceae Greece
1095 Nepeta subsessilis HP Speckled blue, aromatic lvs, moist drained soil H6 Z5 AT O 90cm Lamiaceae Japan
1096 Nepeta transcaucasica ex 'Blue Infinity' HP Dense lavender-white spikes, aromatic lvs, June on H4 Z8 AT O 40-60cm Lamiaceae Garden
1097 Nepeta tuberosa HP Distinctive purple spikes, grey hairy lvs, well drained soil H5 Z4 AT O 80cm Lamiaceae Spain, Portugal, Sicily
1098 Nicandra physalodes HA Blue-mauve bells, white throat, ribbed tinted fr, sun H5 Sp Ht E to 1.2m Solanaceae Peru
1099 Nicandra physalodes alba HA White flowered form H5 Sp Ht E to1.2m Solanaceae Garden
1100 Nicotiana alata deep red flowers
1101 Nicotiana knightiana HHA Slim green tubular fls, dark lip, free flowering H2 Sp Ht SS 30-120cm Solanaceae Andes
1102 Nicotiana langsdorffii HHA Bright green small pendant fls, sun H2 Sp Ht SS 90cm-1.5m Solanaceae Brazil
1103 Nicotiana mutabilis HHA White, fading pink to magenta, open airy habit, sun H2 Sp Ht SS 90-120cm Solanaceae Brazil
1104 Nicotiana rustica HHA Clustered green tubby fls, sticky stems/lvs H2 Sp Ht SS 30-40cm Solanaceae Mexico, Andes
1105 Nicotiana sylvestris HHA Fragrant white tubular fls, bold shape H2 Sp Ht SS to 2m Solanaceae Argentina
1106 Nigella damascena HA Love in a Mist, blue, feathery bracts, showy pods H3 AT O E 30-50cm Ranunculaceae S Europe, N Africa
1107 Nigella damascena deep blue flowers HA Dk blue flrs, feathery lvs, seed pods, sun, shelter, well-drained not acid soil H3 AT O E 40cm Ranunculaceae
1108 Nigella damascena ex 'Miss Jekyll' HA Sky-blue flrs, feathery lvs, showy seed pods, sun, shelter, well-drained soil H3 AT O E 50cm Ranunculaceae
1109 Nigella damascena mixed blue flowers HA Blue flrs, feathery lvs, seed pods, sun, shelter, well-drained not acid soil H3 AT O E 50cm Ranunculaceae
1110 Nigella damascena white flowers HA White flrs, feathery green lvs, sun H3 AT O E 30cm Ranunculaceae
1111 Nigella mixed species HHA No further details H3 AT O E Ranunculaceae
1112 Nonea lutea HBien Yellow tubular fls, hairy lvs, sun/part shade, May H5 AT Ht Er 20-30cm Boraginaceae Caucasus, C Asia
1113 Oenothera biennis HBien Yellow, red tinged buds, summer H7 AT O 90cm Onagraceae N USA
1114 Oenothera ex 'Apricot Delight' HP Lemon buds maturing apricot, red stems, scented H4 Sp O 60-100cm Onagraceae Garden
1115 Oenothera stricta HBien Red buds, yellow, fading red, sun, well drained soil H7 Z5 AT O 20-30cm Onagraceae Chile
1116 Oenothera stricta ex 'Sulphurea' HP Cream fading apricot, scented, well drained, July H7 Z5 Sp O 75cm Onagraceae Chile
1117 Olearia arborescens
1118 Olearia macrodonta HS E, white fls in June, greyish holly-like lvs H4 Sp Er to 5m Asteraceae New Zealand
1119 Olearia phlogopappa ex 'Comber's Blue' HS Blue/lilac flr clusters Mar-Jun, sun well drained H4 Sp Er 2m Asteraceae
1120 Olsynium filifolium from Falkland islands
1121 Omphalodes linifolia HA White, glaucous lvs, sun H7 Z7 Sp Ht 20-40cm Boraginaceae SW Europe, N Africa
1122 Onopordum acanthium HBien Purple, grey lvs, winged stems H5 AT O to 3m Asteraceae S Europe to Russia
1123 Onopordum carduchorum HBien Purple, spiny heads, stems, leaves H4 AT O 1.5m Asteraceae Turkey, Syria, Iran
1124 Orlaya grandiflora HA White lacy fls, sun, early summer H7 Sp 50cm Apiaceae Mediterranean
1125 Ornithogalum candicans HBb White bells, sun, rich drained soil, late summer H4 SS Sp Ht 1m Asparagaceae S Africa
1126 Ornithogalum pyrenaicum HBb Dense spike whitish-yellow stars, June H6 AT O to 1m Asparagaceae GB, Europe
1127 Ornithogalum viridiflorum HBb Pale green bells, sun, fertile drained soil H4 SS Sp Ht 1m Hyacinthaceae S Africa
1128 Orthrosanthus laxus HP Pale to bright blue, grassy lvs, shelter H3 Sp Ht 10-45cm Iridaceae SW Australia
1129 Orychophragmus violaceus HHA Violet blue flrs, sun, well-drained soil H3 Sp Ht 60cm Brassicaceae
1130 Oryzopsis miliacea HGr Tufted grass, gold airy flr panicles Spring on, sun H5 Sp Ht Er 40-75cm Poaceae
1131 Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Purpureus' HS E, dk bronze holly-like lvs, small fragrant white flrs, black fruits, well-drained soil H5 AT O 3mx2m Oleaceae
1132 Oxyria digyna HP Wood Sorrel, spikes red flrs, rosette round lvs, moist H5 Sp 50cm Polygonaceae
1133 Ozothamnus rosemarinifolius
1134 Pachyphragma macrophyllum HP White, glossy lvs, shade ground cover, March-April H7 Z7 AT O 20-40cm Brassicaceae Turkey, Caucasus
1135 Paeonia anomala subsp. veitchii HP Pale rose pink, compact growth, May-June H6 Z8 AT O Er 30cm Ranunculaceae NW China
1136 Paeonia arietina HP Carmine pink, gold stamens, June H6 Z8 AT O Er 60cm Ranunculaceae Italy, Turkey
1137 Paeonia cambessedesii HP Pink, dark veins, tinted lvs, sharp drainage, shelter H3 Z8 AT O Er 60cm Ranunculaceae Balearic Islands
1138 Paeonia clusii
1139 Paeonia daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii HP Pale yellow, tinted spring shoots, lvs, red/black fr H6 Z6 AT O Er 60cm Ranunculaceae Caucasus
1140 Paeonia daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii pink-tinged flowers HP Spring flring, sun/pt shade, fr dr sl H6 AT O Er 60cm Paeoniaceae
1141 Paeonia daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii pink-tinged flowers [2] HP Spring flring, sun/pt shade, fr dr sl H6 AT O Er 60cm Paeoniaceae
1142 Paeonia delavayi (S) HS Maroon fls, black seeds, sun/part shade, May-June H6 Z5 AT O Er 2m Ranunculaceae China
1143 Paeonia delavayi dark red flowers HS Shiny fls, sun/part shade, May-June H6 Z5 AT O Er to 2.5m Ranunculaceae W China
1144 Paeonia delavayi yellow flower with red flare
1145 Paeonia ludlowii (S) HS Large yellow fls, leathery lvs, May H6 Z6 AT O Er 2m Ranunculaceae S E Tibet
1146 Paeonia mascula HP Pink fls, blusih green lvs, May-June H6 Z8 AT O Er 60cm Ranunculaceae S Europe
1147 Paeonia suffruticosa white single flowers
1148 Paeonia tree
1149 Paeonia tree peony with copper flowers
1150 Paeonia × suffruticosa red flowers HS Red flrs, sun, shelter H6 AT O Er 1.5m Ranunculaceae
1151 Panicum capillare L. HAGr Green lvs, green airy flr spikes, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ht 90cm Poaceae N. America
1152 Panicum ex 'Frosted Explosion' HAGr Grass, frothy flr/seed heads, blue/gn, deciduous, sun H4 Sp Ht 40cm Poaceae
1153 Panicum virgatum HGr Clouds purple spikelets, sun, well drained soil H5 Z4 Sp Ht 1.8-2.4m Poaceae N Armerica, W Indies
1154 Papaver alboroseum
1155 Papaver atlanticum HP Copper orange papery fls, May on H5 Z7 AT O 60cm Papaveraceae Morocco
1156 Papaver atlanticum ex 'Flore Pleno' (d) HP Soft orange semi-double fls, sun, May on H5 Z7 AT O 60cm Papaveraceae Garden
1157 Papaver cambricum HP Welsh Poppy Yellow, very free seeding, sun/shade H6 Z7 Fr O 30cm Papaveraceae W Europe
1158 Papaver cambricum double-flowered, orange (d) HP Double orange form H6 Z7 Fr O 30cm Papveraceae Garden
1159 Papaver cambricum ex 'Frances Perry' HP Deep orange red selected form H6 Z7 Fr O 30cm Papaveraceae Garden
1160 Papaver cambricum hot orange flowers
1161 Papaver cambricum orange flowers HP Orange, free seeding, sun/shade H6 Z7 Fr O 30cm Papaveraceae W Europe
1162 Papaver cambricum pale orange flowers
1163 Papaver commutatum HA Scarlet, black blotches, sun, well drained soil, free seeding H5 AT O 30-45cm Papaveraceae Caucasus
1164 Papaver ex (Oriental Group) 'Prinzessin Victoria Louise' HP Parent salmon, purple blotch, sun, early summer H7 Z7 AT O 70-90cm Papaveraceae Garden
1165 Papaver ex (Oriental Group) 'Turkenlouis'
1166 Papaver gracile
1167 Papaver lasiothrix
1168 Papaver nudicaule HP White, lemon, yellow base, basal lvs, sun H7 AT O 10-30cm Papaveraceae Arctic, N USA, Eurasia
1169 Papaver orientale mixed colours HP Large poppy fls, mixed colours, early summer H7 Z7 AT O 60-90cm Papaveraceae Garden
1170 Papaver orientale orange flowers HP Orange flrs H7 AT O Papaveraceae
1171 Papaver pilosum subsp. spicatum HP Pale brick red crumpled petals, sun, well drained H4 Z7 AT O 50-60cm Papaveraceae Asia Minor
1172 Papaver rhoeas ex 'Bridal Silk'
1173 Papaver rupifragum HP Single brick pink fls, sun, June-August, free seeding H7 Z7 AT O 60cm Papaveraceae Spain
1174 Papaver rupifragum ex 'Flore Pleno' (d) HP Double brick pink fls, sun, June-August H7 Z7 AT O 60cm Papaveraceae Garden
1175 Papaver somniferum HA Mixed colours, glaucous lvs, free seeding, sun H5 Sp O to 1.2m Papaveraceae S W Europe
1176 Papaver somniferum deep pink flowers
1177 Papaver somniferum ex 'Cherry Glow'
1178 Papaver somniferum ex 'Lauren's Grape' HA Purple flr, Glaucous lvs/seedpods, free seeding, sun, summer H5 Sp O 90cm Papaveraceae
1179 Papaver somniferum ex 'Queen's Poppy' HA Lge pinky/red flrs, central white cross H5 Sp O 1m Papaveraceae
1180 Papaver somniferum lilac double flowers HA Glaucous lvs/seedpods, free seeding, sun, summer to 1.2m Papaveraceae Garden
1181 Papaver somniferum mixed lovely colours HA Mixed colours, glaucous lvs, sun H5 Sp O 1.2m Papaveraceae
1182 Papaver somniferum mixed lovely colours [2] HA Mixed colours, glaucous lvs, sun H5 Sp O 1.2m Papaveraceae
1183 Papaver somniferum mixed purple flowers HA Glaucous lvs/seedpods, free seeding, sun, summer H5 Sp O to 1.2m Papaveraceae Garden
1184 Papaver somniferum mixed red flowers HA Fimbriated dark red petals, glaucous lvs, sun H5 Sp O 75-90cm Papaveraceae Garden
1185 Papaver somniferum pink double flowers HA Pink double fls, sun H5 Sp O 90cm Papaveraceae
1186 Papaver somniferum red double flowers
1187 Paradisea liliastrum (L.) Bertol. HP Fragrant white trumpet fls, May, grassy lvs, well-drained soil in sun H5 Fr O Sp 30-60cm Asparagaceae
1188 Paradisea lusitanica HP Fragrant white trumpet fls, May, grassy lvs, well-drained soil in sun H4 Z7 Fr O Sp 1m Asparagaceae S W Europe
1189 Paraquilegia HP no details AT Ranunculaceae
1190 Paris quadrifolia HP Herb Paris Green fls, black fr, shade, not alkaline soil H4 Z5 AT O 20cm Melanthiaceae GB/Europe
1191 Pasithea caerulea HBb Rich blue stars in airy heads, sun, well drained soil H3 AT Ht 60-90cm Hemerocallidaceae Chile
1192 Passiflora caerulea HCl White/purple, orange fr, well drained, shelter H4 Z7 AT Ht E to 10m Passifloraceae Brazil, Argentina
1193 Passiflora incarnata
1194 Patrinia scabiosifolia HP Clusters small bright yellow fls, late summer, sun H6 Fr 60-90cm Caprifoliaceae China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan
1195 Paulownia tomentosa HT Mauve blue fls, or prune hard for exotic foliage effect H5 Fr O 9-12m Paulowniaceae China
1196 Pavonia hastata HS D, red centred white flrs, sun H4 Sp Ch 1.5mx1.5m Malvaceae
1197 Peltoboykinia tellimoides HP Greenish, rounded bold tinted lvs, shade H4 Z6 Sp O 75cm Saxifragaceae Japan
1198 Peltoboykinia watanabei HP Yellow, lobed lvs, shade, summer H4 Z7 Sp O 75cm Saxifragaceae Japan
1199 Pennisetum advena ex 'Rubrum' HGr Arching purple fls, red lvs, drained shelter H3 Z9 Sp Ht 1-1.5m Poaceae Garden
1200 Pennisetum macrourum HGr Long cylindrical green spikes, drained moist, sun H3 Z5 Sp Ht 1.5m Poaceae S Africa
1201 Pennisetum thunbergii ex 'Red Buttons' HGr Red bristly spikes, spiky green lvs, sun well drained H3 Sp Ht 50-80cm Poaceae Garden
1202 Pennisetum villosum HGr Fluffy white fls, free flowering, well drained soil H3 Z7 Sp Ht 45cm Poaceae Mediterranean
1203 Penstemon confertus HP Spikes lemon flrs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ht 30cm Plantaginaceae N America
1204 Penstemon digitalis ex 'Husker Red' HP Pure white, red foliage, select best seedlings H5 Z3 Sp Ht 75cm Plantaginaceae Garden
1205 Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmaeus HP Lavender flrs with white lip, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ht 30cm Plantaginaceae
1206 Penstemon mixed species HP Mixed colours and types H4 Sp Ht 30-75cm Plantaginaceae -
1207 Penstemon ovatus HP Bright blue, glossy rosette lvs, well drained soil H4 Z3 Sp Ht 30-60cm Plantaginaceae NW USA
1208 Penstemon smallii HP Lavender from purple buds, purplish lvs, light soil, sun H4 Z6 Sp Ht 75cm Plantaginaceae N Carolina, Tennessee
1209 Penstemon strictus HP Deep blue, swollen throat, sun, drained soil H4 Sp Ht 60cm Plantaginaceae S USA, Mexico
1210 Persicaria amplexicaulis ex 'Fat Domino' HP Fat red flr spikes on tall stems July on, sun/pt shade, w/d sl H6 Sp 1m Polygonaceae
1211 Persicaria orientalis HA Vibrant pink drooping plumes, moist, sun H3 Sp 1-1.2m Polygonaceae China, Japan, Malaysia
1212 Petrocoptis pyrenaica HP White, pale pink, sun, drainage H5 AT Cd O 15cm Caryophyllaceae Spain
1213 Petromarula pinnata
1214 Petunia axillaris HHA White rounded fls, night scented, sun H2 Sp Ht 15-20cm Solanaceae S America
1215 Petunia exserta HHP Bright scarlet red, long tube, free draining soil, tender H1 Sp Ht 30cm Solanaceae S Brazil
1216 Phacelia bolanderi HP Pale blue clustered fls, sun, May-July H3 Sp Ht Cd 15cm Boraginaceae California, Oregon
1217 Phacelia californica HA Clusters gentian blue flrs, sun, well-drained soil H3 Sp O 25cm Boraginaceae
1218 Phacelia campanularia A. Gray HA Bright blue bell-shaped flowers, aromatic lvs, sun H4 Sp Ht Cd 30cm Boraginaceae
1219 Phacelia grandiflora
1220 Phaedranassa cinerea HHBb Green-tipped deep pink flrs, sun, greenhouse H1 Sp Ht Amaryllidaceae Ecuador
1221 Phaenosperma globosa HGr E, bead-like seed heads, wiry stems, lvs bluish below H5 Z6 AT Er 90-120cm Poaceae Japan, Korea, Taiwan
1222 Phagnalon saxatile HHS E narrow silvery lvs, cream thistle flrs H3 Sp 50cm Asteraceae
1223 Phlomis italica HP Pale rose fls, hairy lvs, sun, drainage, June H4 Sp Ht 30cm Lamiaceae Balearic Islands
1224 Phlomis russeliana HP E, yellow hooded fls, soft lvs, sun, well drained soil H6 Z4 Sp Ht 90cm Lamiaceae Syria
1225 Phlomis samia ex L. JMT HP E, heart-shaped lvs, pink hooded fls, sun, dry H6 Sp Ht 90cm Lamiaceae
1226 Phlomis tuberosa HP E, rose-lilac, red calyces, sun, summer H5 Z5 Sp Ht 1.2m Lamiaceae E Europe, Siberia
1227 Phlox paniculata ex 'Blue Paradise' HP Fragrant violet fls with dark eye H7 Fr 1.2m Polemoniaceae
1228 Phlox paniculata ex 'Monica Lynden-Bell' HP Fragrant pearly pink flrs, sun or part shade, moist soil H7 Fr 80cm Polemoniaceae
1229 Phlox paniculata ex 'Rosa Pastell' HP Fragrant pale pink fls with darker eye H7 Fr 70cm Polemoniaceae
1230 Phormium cookianum subsp. hookeri ex 'Cream Delight' (v) HP Parent's lvs widely striped cream H4 Z8 Sp Ht 90cm Hemerocallidaceae Garden
1231 Phormium ex 'Platts black'
1232 Phyllis nobla
1233 Physaria didymocarpa HP Yellow, sun, well drained soil H6 Fr Cd Er 15cm Brassicaceae USA
1234 Physostegia virginiana HP Rose pink spikes, free spreading, sun/part shade, moist H7 Z4 AT O 1.2m Lamiaceae C, E USA
1235 Physostegia virginiana ex 'Crown of Snow' HP White spikes, moderate spread, July H7 Z4 AT O 80cm Lamiaceae Garden
1236 Physostegia virginiana ex 'Vivid' HP Bright pink flrs, moist soil H7 Z4 AT O 90cm Lamiaceae
1237 Phyteuma nigrum HP Dark violet, sun, summer H6 AT Cd Er 20cm Campanulaceae Europe
1238 Phyteuma scheuchzeri HP Deep blue spherical heads, sun, summer H6 AT Cd Er 30-40cm Campanulaceae Alps
1239 Phytolacca acinosa HHP White spikes, black purple fr, autumn colour H1 Sp Ht 1.2m Phytolaccaceae China, Japan
1240 Phytolacca americana HP White spikes, glossy maroon fr, autumn colour H3 Sp Ht 1.2m Phytolaccaceae Florida
1241 Phytolacca japonica HP Pale rose spikes, shiny black fr, autumn colour H3 Sp Ht 1m Phytolaccaceae Japan
1242 Pilosella aurantiaca HP Orange hawkweed fls, free seeding, summer on H4 Z5 AT O 20cm Asteraceae Europe
1243 Pimpinella major ex 'Rosea' HP Deep pink umbellifer fls, fading paler, ferny lvs H7 Z5 Fr O 1.2m Apiaceae Garden
1244 Pinellia pedatisecta HP pale green spathes, part shade, moisture H6 Fr 50cm Araceae
1245 Pinguicula grandiflora subsp. grandiflora HP Butterwort, purple fls, moist, acid soil, insectivorous H5 Fr 20cm Lentibulariaceae
1246 Piptanthus nepalensis HS E, yellow pea fls, green stems, sun H3 AT O to 5m Papilionaceae Himalayas
1247 Plantago arborescens Poir. HHS Dk green lvs, sun, well-drained soil H1 Sp Ht 30cm Plantaginaceae Canary Isles
1248 Plantago major ex 'Rosularis' HP Green rosettes of leaf bracts, sun, well drained soil H5 AT O 25cm Plantaginaceae
1249 Plantago major ex 'Rubrifolia' HP Shiny maroon-purple broad lvs, sun H5 Z5 AT O 15-20cm Plantaginaceae Garden
1250 Plantago malato-belizii HHP Broad lvs, white flrs H2 Sp Ht 30cm Plantaginaceae Madeira
1251 Plantago triandra
1252 Platycodon grandiflorus HP Soft blue inflated fls, sun, long flowering season H5 Z4 AT 60cm Campanulaceae China, Japan
1253 Podophyllum peltatum HP White, pendant yellowish fr, lobed lvs, shade H6 Z4 Fr 30-40cm Berberidaceae E USA
1254 Polanisia dodecandra
1255 Polemonium caeruleum HP Jacob's Ladder Mid blue, free seeding, May H7 Z4 AT O 60cm Polemoniaceae GB, N Hemisphere
1256 Polemonium caeruleum subsp. caeruleum f. album HP White bells, yellow stamens, sun/part shade, May H7 Z4 AT O 60cm Polemoniaceae Garden
1257 Polemonium caeruleum white flowers
1258 Polemonium pauciflorum HP Soft yellow, long tube, sun, moist, June H4 Z7 AT O 30-45cm Polemoniaceae Arizona, Mexico
1259 Polemonium pauciflorum ex 'Sulphur Trumpets' HP Narrow yellow trumpets, silvery lvs, moist, June H4 Z7 AT O 30-45cm Polemoniaceae Garden
1260 Polemonium reptans ex 'White Pearl' HP White, lightly flushed pink, moist soil, summer H7 AT O 30cm Polemoniaceae Garden
1261 Polemonium white flowers HP White, sun/part shade, summer H7 Z4 AT O - Polemoniaceae Garden
1262 Polemonium yezoense var. hidakanum ex 'Purple Rain' HP Blue, parent dark stems, purplish lvs H7 Z3 AT O 50cm Polemoniaceae Garden
1263 Potentilla nepalensis ex 'Miss Willmott' HP Warm cherry pink, dark centre, summer H7 Z5 AT O 45cm Rosaceae Garden
1264 Potentilla palustris HP Deep purple, greyish lvs, moist, summer H7 AT O 15-45cm Rosaceae Europe/Asia, Japan
1265 Potentilla recta HP Bright yellow, sun, June-July H7 Z4 AT O 60cm Rosaceae Europe/Asia
1266 Potentilla recta ex 'Alba' HP White form, sun, June-July H7 Z4 AT O 60cm Rosaceae Garden
1267 Potentilla rupestris HP White, yellow eye, sun, early summer H7 Z5 AT O 45cm Rosaceae N Europe/Asia
1268 Potentilla thurberi ex 'Monarch's Velvet' HP Velvety red fls, dark centre, sun, summer H7 Z5 AT O 40cm Rosaceae Garden
1269 Potentilla × hybrida ex 'Jean Jabber'
1270 Primula alpicola (Si) HP White to purple mealy fls, fertile moist soil, June H6 Z4 Fr SS Cd 20-30cm Primulaceae S E Tibet
1271 Primula auricula mixed HP Mixed colours, leathery lvs, sun, spring H5 Z3 Fr SS Cd 15-20cm Primulaceae Garden
1272 Primula beesiana (Pf) HP Purple, yellow eye, mealy stem/lvs, moist to wet soil H4 Z6 Fr SS Cd 45-60cm Primulaceae Sichuan/Yunnan
1273 Primula bulleyana (Pf) HP Red buds, orange fls, moist to wet soil, May H7 Z6 Fr SS Cd 45cm Primulaceae Yunnan
1274 Primula burmanica (Pf) HP Purple, greeny orange eye, moist to wet, May H6 Z6 Fr SS Cd 30-40cm Primulaceae Burma, Yunnan
1275 Primula Candelabra hybrids (Pf) HP Candelbra types, moist soil, May-June H6 Z6 Fr SS Cd 40-90cm Primulaceae Garden
1276 Primula chionantha subsp. sinopurpurea (Cy) HP Mauve purple, fragrant, fertile moist drained soil H7 Z5 Fr SS Cd 45cm Primulaceae W China
1277 Primula elatior (Pr) HP OxlipPale yellow, fertile soil, naturaliser H6 Z5 Fr SS Cd 20-30cm Primulaceae GB, Europe/Asia
1278 Primula ex Harlow Car hybrids (Pf) HP Selected candelabra strain, mixed colours, moist soil H7 Z6 Fr SS Cd 45-60cm Primulaceae Garden
1279 Primula florindae (Si) HP Soft yellow bells, scented, moist to wet soil, July H7 Z3 Fr SS Cd to 75cm Primulaceae Tibet
1280 Primula florindae ex 'Ray's Ruby' (Si) HP Multiple red flrs, long stems May on H7 Fr SS Cd 70cm Primulaceae
1281 Primula florindae orange flowers HP Orange flrs, moist soil H7 Fr SS Cd Primulaceae
1282 Primula florindae yellow flowers HP Yellow flrs, moist soil H7 Fr SS Cd Primulaceae
1283 Primula japonica ex 'Apple Blossom' (Pf) HP Pale pink candelbra, moist soil, early summer H6 Z6 Fr SS Cd 45cm Primulaceae Garden
1284 Primula japonica ex 'Miller's Crimson' (Pf) HP Rich dark crimson candelabra, moist soil H6 Z6 Fr SS Cd 45cm Primulaceae Garden
1285 Primula japonica ex 'Postford White' (Pf) HP White, yellow-orange eye, moist soil H6 Z6 Fr SS Cd 45cm Primulaceae Garden
1286 Primula prolifera (Pf) HP Yellow, moist soil, early to midsummer H4 Z6 Fr SS Cd 90cm Primulaceae E Himalaya
1287 Primula pulverulenta (Pf) HP Carmine, mealy stems, lv reverse, moist, mid May H6 Z5 Fr SS Cd 1m Primulaceae W Sichuan
1288 Primula secundiflora (Pf) HP Wine crimson bells, evergreen lvs, rich moist soil H6 Z6 Fr SS Cd 90cm Primulaceae W China
1289 Primula veris (Pr) HP Cowslip Rich yellow, fertile well drained soil, May H5 Z4 Fr SS Cd 20cm Primulaceae GB, Europe/Asia
1290 Primula veris (Pr) mixed HP Mixed colours, fertile well drained soil, May H5 Z4 Fr SS Cd 20cm Primulaceae Garden
1291 Primula vialii (So) HP Lilac spikes, red buds/calyces, moist fertile soil H5 Z6 Fr SS Cd 30-45cm Primulaceae W China
1292 Primula waltonii (Si) HP Soft wine, pale inner, moist soil, May H5 Z5 Fr SS Cd 45-60cm Primulaceae Tibet, Bhutan
1293 Primula wilsonii (Pf) HP Dark maroon red, evergreen lvs, moist soil, June H4 Z6 Fr SS Cd 90cm Primulaceae W China
1294 Prosartes hookeri HP Ivory bells, orange berries, cool fertile shade H6 AT O 30cm Colchicaceae
1295 Prosartes smithii HP Ivory bells, orange berries, cool fertile shade H6 Z6 AT O 30cm Colchicaceae W USA
1296 Prostanthera lasianthos HHS E, white flrs, aromatic lvs, sun, shelter H3 Sp Ht 1.5x1.5m Lamiaceae
1297 Prunella grandiflora HP Mauve-blue, spreading mats, June on H7 AT Ht 30-45cm Lamiaceae Europe
1298 Prunella grandiflora ex 'Alba' HP White flowered form, June on H7 AT Ht 30-45cm Lamiaceae Garden
1299 Pterocephalus dumetorum HHS Pale pink scabious flrs, soft hairy lvs, sun, well-drained soil H1 Sp Ht 1.5mcm Caprifoliaceae Canary Islands
1300 Pulicaria dysenterica HP Yellow daisy flrs, moist soil H6 AT O 60cm Asteraceae
1301 Pulmonaria pauciflora
1302 Pulsatilla alpina HP White, silver seedheads, sun, spring H5 Fr 45cm Ranunculaceae Europe
1303 Pulsatilla halleri HP Lavender purple, soft hairy stems/lvs, alkaline, spring H5 Z5 Fr 30cm Ranunculaceae Austria, Switzerland
1304 Pulsatilla rubra HP Red, soft ferny lvs, sun, alkaline, spring H5 Z5 Fr 20-30cm Ranunculaceae Garden
1305 Pulsatilla vulgaris HP Purple, soft seedheads/lvs, sun, alkaline, spring H5 Z5 Fr 20-30cm Ranunculaceae GB, Europe
1306 Pulsatilla vulgaris pink fimbriated flowers HP Fringed pink fls, soft lvs, sun, alkaline, spring H5 Z5 Fr 20-30cm Ranunculaceae Garden
1307 Pulsatilla vulgaris purple flowers HP Purple, silky seedheads,soft ferny lvs, sun, alkaline, spring H5 Fr 20-30cm Ranunculaceae Garden
1308 Pulsatilla vulgaris violet-blue-flowers HP Violet flrs Spring, sun, fr dr soil H5 Fr 30cm Ranunculaceae
1309 Ramonda myconi HP Purple, moist drained soil/crevices, shade H5 Fr Er 10cm Gesneriaceae Pyrenees
1310 Ranunculus acris HP Yellow buttercup, moist, sun, April-June H7 Fr 60cm Ranunculaceae
1311 Ranunculus cortusifolius HHP Yellow, part shade, spring, shelter H1 Z9 Fr 90cm Ranunculaceae Madeira, Azores
1312 Rehmannia elata HHP Rose pink, red spots, sheltered border/cool greenhouse H2 Z9 AT Ht to 1m Plantaginaceae China
1313 Reseda alba HP Spikes fragrant white flrs, sun H5 AT O 60cm Resedaceae
1314 Reseda lutea HBien Spikes of small yellow flrs May-Sep. Well drained, alkaline soil H6 AT Ht 40-80cm Resedaceae
1315 Rhaponticum centaureoides HP Deep mauve 'thistles', jagged lvs, sun, well drained H7 Z4 Sp 75cm Asteraceae Garden
1316 Rheum maximowiczii
1317 Rheum × hybridum ex 'Glaskins Perpetual'
1318 Rhinanthus minor HA Yellow Rattle Parasitic native, naturalise in grass H5 Sp O to 50cm Orobanchaceae GB, Europe
1319 Rhodochiton atrosanguineus HHCl Maroon bell, black tubular corolla, twiner, sun H2 Sp Ht to 3m Plantaginaceae Mexico
1320 Rhododendron macrophyllum HS E, deep rose, open habit, drought resistant, May-June H5 AT Ht Er 3m Ericaceae NW USA
1321 Romulea bulbocodium HBb Lilac-blue, sun, drainage, spring H4 Sp O Cd 5-10cm Iridaceae Mediterranean
1322 Rosa ex 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' (Ru)
1323 Rosa glauca ambig. HS Pink, brown-red fr, purple-glaucous lvs, arching growth H7 Sp Cd Ht 2m Rosaceae S European mountains
1324 Rosa moyesii (S) HS Red, flagon shaped red hips, arching growth, June H7 Sp Cd Ht 2-4m Rosaceae NW China
1325 Rosa sericea (S) ex CC 3922 HS White fls 4 ptls May-Jun,winged red thorns, red hips, ferny lvs H5 Sp Cd Ht 1.5-2.5m Rosaceae
1326 Roscoea alpina ex CC 3667 HP Pink-purple, part shade, moist, summer H5 Fr O 15cm Zingiberaceae China
1327 Roscoea auriculata ex 'Floriade'
1328 Roscoea capitata
1329 Roscoea mixed species and varieties HP No further details H5 Fr O - Zingiberaceae -
1330 Roscoea purpurea Sultan Group
1331 Roscoea scillifolia f. atropurpurea HP Small deep purple flrs, lance-shaped lvs, part shade, shelter H5 Fr O 40cm Zingiberaceae
1332 Roscoea tumjensis
1333 Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ex 'Goldsturm' HP Yellow, black centre, long flowering H6 Sp O 60cm Asteraceae Garden
1334 Rudbeckia laciniata HP Yellow, yellow cone, sun, late summer H6 Sp O 60-90cm Asteraceae USA, Canada
1335 Rudbeckia occidentalis ex 'Green Wizard' HP Black cones, no rays, starry green sepals H6 Z7 Sp O 1.5m Asteraceae Garden
1336 Rumex acetosa HP Sorrel, edible sharp flavoured leaves. Dioecious H6 Sp O 30cm Polygonaceae
1337 Rumex maderensis Lowe HHP Madeiran Sorrel, red flrs, sun, well-drained soil Sp Ht 30cm Polygonaceae Madeira
1338 Rumex scutatus HP French Sorrel, grey-green arrow shaped lvs, culinary/salad lvs H5 Sp O 15-30cm Polygonaceae S Europe, W Asia
1339 Ruscus aculeatus HS E, dense prickly 'lvs', red fr, shade inc dry H5 So Cd Er 30-50cm Asparagaceae GB, Europe
1340 Sabatia campestris
1341 Salvia atropatana HP Violet/blue flrs on spike Jun-Sep H5 Sp Ht E 125cm Lamiaceae C Asia, SE Turkey/Iran
1342 Salvia aurita
1343 Salvia bulleyana Diels HP Purple, arching stems, drainage, sun H6 Z6 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae W China
1344 Salvia coahuilensis
1345 Salvia coccinea HHA Scarlet whorled fls, sun, fertile soil, shelter H3 Sp Ht E 60-90cm Lamiaceae Mexico
1346 Salvia coccinea ex 'Lady in Red' (Nymph Series) HHA Bright scarlet, dark calyces, sun, fertile drained soil H3 Sp Ht E 50cm Lamiaceae Garden
1347 Salvia ex 'Blue Note' HS Dk blue flrs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae
1348 Salvia ex 'Cherry Pie'
1349 Salvia ex 'Christine Yeo' HP Deep magenta, well drained fertile soil, varies ex seed H4 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Garden
1350 Salvia ex 'Dyson's Joy' HP Pale & dark pink flr on spike May-Nov. AGM H4 Sp Ht E 60-90cm Lamiaceae
1351 Salvia ex 'Nachtvlinder'
1352 Salvia ex 'Neon' HP Bright pink flr on spike Jun-Oct. Sun, well drained H4 Sp Ht E 90cm Lamiaceae
1353 Salvia ex 'Rose Queen' ambig. HP Pink flrs, well-drained soil, sun H5 Sp Ht E 70cm Lamiaceae
1354 Salvia ex 'Royal Bumble' HP Velvety red fls, dark calyces, sun, drainage, shelter H4 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Garden
1355 Salvia ex 'Silas Dyson' HP Wine buds, rich crimson fls, sun, drainage, shelter H4 Sp Ht E 80cm Lamiaceae Garden
1356 Salvia forsskaolii HP Purple-blue, sun/part shade, late summer H6 Z6 Sp Ht E 90cm Lamiaceae SE Europe, Turkey
1357 Salvia glutinosa HP Yellow, sticky stems, part shade, late summer H6 Z6 Sp Ht E 90cm Lamiaceae C, S Europe, M East
1358 Salvia greggii ex 'Stormy Pink' HS Lilac-pink flrs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ht E 50cm Lamiaceae
1359 Salvia hians HP Purple, branched stems, summer H6 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Kashmir
1360 Salvia interrupta HP Mauve fls, Jul-Aug, sun, not wet soil H5 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Morocco
1361 Salvia microphylla ex 'Bordeaux' HS E, burgundy red flrs, aromatic lvs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Sp Ht E 90cm Lamiaceae
1362 Salvia microphylla ex 'Cerro Potosí' HS Magenta pink, aromatic pale lvs, well drained soil H4 Sp Ht E 90cm Lamiaceae Garden
1363 Salvia muelleri ambig. HP Rich purple, small lvs, well drained sunny place H3 Z7 Sp Ht E 90cm Lamiaceae Mexico
1364 Salvia napifolia HP Deep blue, sun, midsummer H5 Sp Ht E 60-75cm Lamiaceae
1365 Salvia nemorosa HP Purple, dark calyces, long flowering H7 Sp Ht E 75cm Lamiaceae S E Europe
1366 Salvia nemorosa ex 'Amethyst' HP Reddish-violet spikes, dark calyces, H7 Sp Ht E 50-90cm Lamiaceae Garden
1367 Salvia nemorosa ex 'Caradonna' HP Deep purple, black calyces, free flowering, good bee plant H7 Sp Ht E 75cm Lamiaceae Garden
1368 Salvia nubicola HP Small yellow fls, late summer H6 Sp Ht E 90cm Lamiaceae Himalayas
1369 Salvia palifolia HHA Tiny bright blue flrs, sprawling, sun H3 Sp Ht E 30cm Lamiaceae
1370 Salvia patens HP Intense blue, sun, fertile soil, lift in cold gardens H3 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Mexico
1371 Salvia patens ex 'Blue Angel' HP Ultramarine blue, sun, fertile soil, shelter/lift H3 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Garden
1372 Salvia patens ex 'Cambridge Blue' HP Pale blue, sun, fertile soil, shelter/warm wall/lift H3 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Garden
1373 Salvia patens mixed colours HP Pale to deep blue, white, sun, fertile soil, shelter H3 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Garden
1374 Salvia pratensis ex 'Lapis Lazuli' HP Aromatic, grey-green lvs, lilac-pink tubular flrs in summer H4 Sp Ht E 75cm Lamiaceae Garden
1375 Salvia przewalskii HP Violet purple whorled fls, sun, summer H4 Sp Ht E to 1.5m Lamiaceae W China
1376 Salvia roemeriana HHP Spikes of bright red flrs, sun, well-drained soil H3 Sp Ht E 30cm Lamiaceae
1377 Salvia scabra HP Narrow pale pink flrs, crinkled lvs, sun, dry soil H4 Sp Ht 30cm Lamiaceae
1378 Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica hort. HP Lilac-white, strong spires, aromatic lvs H5 Sp Ht E 1.5m Lamiaceae ?Garden
1379 Salvia stolonifera
1380 Salvia transsylvanica HHP Deep violet, branched stems, dark lvs H3 Z6 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae E Europe, Russia
1381 Salvia trijuga HP Pale to deep purple, moist but drained part shade H4 Z6 Sp Ht E 30-60cm Lamiaceae Yunnan, Sichuan
1382 Salvia verticillata HP Whorled violet fls, purple calyces, August H5 Sp Ht E 1.2m Lamiaceae Europe, Caucasus
1383 Salvia verticillata ex 'Hannay's Blue' HP Whorled blue-mauve fls, sun, late summer H5 Sp Ht E 45cm Lamiaceae Garden
1384 Salvia virgata Jacq. HP Lilac purple, purple calyces, sun, drainage H4 Sp Ht E 1m Lamiaceae S E Europe
1385 Salvia viscosa ambig. HHP Reddish fls, sticky stems, sun, summer H3 Sp Ht E 60cm Lamiaceae Italy
1386 Salvia × jamensis ex 'Maraschino' HP Bright red fls over long period, sun, well-drained H5 Sp Ht E 75cm Lamiaceae
1387 Salvia × superba HP Purple, dark calyces, long flowering H7 Z6 Sp Ht E 75cm Lamiaceae Garden
1388 Sanguisorba armena HP Pinnate glaucous blue foliage, white nodding catkins H7 AT Cd Er 1m Rosaceae
1389 Sanguisorba early flowering dark pink flowers
1390 Sanguisorba ex 'Chocolate Tip' HP Small round dk red flrs, divided lvs, sun, well-drained soil H7 AT Cd Er 1m Rosaceae
1391 Sanguisorba ex 'Little Angel' HP White variegated lvs, spikes of small cylindrical maroon flrs H7 AT Cd Er 30cm Rosaceae
1392 Sanguisorba menziesii HP Maroon-pink bottlebrushes, moist soil, sun/part shade H7 Z3 AT Cd Er 60cm Rosaceae N W America
1393 Sanguisorba obtusa HP Rich pink bottle brushes, greyish lvs, summer H7 Z3 AT Cd Er 1.2m Rosaceae Japan
1394 Sanguisorba obtusa ex 'Chatto' HP Pinnate grey lvs, white bottlebrush flrs, spreads H7 AT Cd Er 1m Rosaceae
1395 Sanguisorba tenuifolia HP Nodding white to red tassels, sun/part shade H7 Z4 AT Cd Er 90-150cm` Rosaceae E Asia, Japan
1396 Sanguisorba tenuifolia var. alba HP White dangling tassels, moist, sun/part shade H7 Z4 AT Cd Er 80cm-1.2m Rosaceae Garden
1397 Sanicula europaea HHP Insectivorous, green pitchers veined red, moist acidic soil H6 AT O 20-60cm Apiaceae GB
1398 Sarracenia purpurea HP Sanicle, white clustered fls, palmate lvs, rich shade H6 AT Cd Ht 30cmx1m Sarraceniaceae
1399 Saruma henryi HP Yellow, heart shaped velvety lvs, fertile shade, summer H6 AT Cd Er 40cm Aristolochiaceae W China
1400 Satureja montana
1401 Saxifraga ex 'Freckles' HP Rosettes silvery lvs, red spotted white flrs, sun H5 AT O 20cm Saxifragaceae
1402 Saxifraga ex 'Southside Seedling'
1403 Saxifraga ex 'Tumbling Waters'
1404 Saxifraga pensylvanica
1405 Scabiosa atropurpurea HA Purple-crimson, wiry stems, good for cutting, summer H4 Z4 Sp Ht 60cm Caprifoliaceae S Europe
1406 Scabiosa atropurpurea (Kudo Series) ex 'Kudo Pink'
1407 Scabiosa atropurpurea ex 'Beaujolais Bonnets' HA Crimson centre, paler edges, sun, July on H4 Z4 Sp Ht 60cm Caprifoliaceae Garden
1408 Scabiosa atropurpurea ex 'Black Knight' HA Deep maroon pinhead flrs, white stigmas H4 Z4 Sp Ht 1.2m Caprifoliaceae
1409 Scabiosa atropurpurea ex 'Chat Noir' HA Dark purple flrs, sun, summer H4 Sp Ht 60cm Caprifoliaceae
1410 Scabiosa atropurpurea ex 'Ebony'
1411 Scabiosa atropurpurea ex 'Summer Fruits' HA Mixed pink/purple pincushion flrs, sun, well-drained not acid soil H4 Sp Ht 90cm Caprifoliaceae
1412 Scabiosa blue flowers, dwarf 15cm
1413 Scabiosa columbaria HP Blue, sun, limey well drained soil, long flowering H5 Fr O 30-60cm Caprifoliaceae Europe/Asia
1414 Scabiosa columbaria ex Flutter Rose Pink = 'Balfluttropi' HP Rose pink flrs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Fr O 35cm Caprifoliaceae
1415 Scabiosa columbaria subsp. ochroleuca HP Pale yellow, sun, long flowering from late summer H5 Fr O 60cm Caprifoliaceae S E Europe
1416 Scabiosa columbaria subsp. ochroleuca ex 'Moon Dance' HP Soft yellow selection, sun, long flowering, front of border H5 Fr O 45cm Caprifoliaceae Garden
1417 Scabiosa graminifolia HP Lilac fls, silvery lvs, sun, well drained soil H4 Sp Ht 40cm Caprifoliaceae S Europe
1418 Scabiosa nitens HP White to pale violet, glossy lvs, gritty soil H4 Sp Ht to 40cm Caprifoliaceae Azores
1419 Scabiosa stellata 'Ping Pong' HA Pale blue spherical flr Summer. Papery seedheads. Sunny site, neutral - alkaline soil H4 Sp Ht 45-90cm Caprifoliaceae
1420 Scilla liliohyacinthus HBb Blue/lilac flr Apr-May. Part shade/woodland site H5 Fr O 20-30 Asparagaceae
1421 Scilla litardierei HBb Brilliant blue, sun, well drained gritty soil, June H5 Fr O 10-25cm Asparagaceae Yugoslavia
1422 Scilla peruviana HBb Steely blue conical head, full sun, well drained soil H4 Fr O 20cm Asparagaceae Spain, Italy
1423 Scorzonera hispanica HBb Very hardy edible black roots, yellow daisy fls H6 Sp to 1m Asteraceae Europe
1424 Scrophularia nodosa HP Figwort Brown-pink, shade, July H7 Sp 40-60cm Scrophulariaceae Europe/Asia
1425 Scutellaria diffusa HP Lilac flrs w white lip, sprawling, hairy lvs, sun, good drainage H4 AT O 15cm Lamiaceae
1426 Scutellaria laeteviolacea var. maekawae
1427 Scutellaria salviifolia
1428 Sedum rupestre
1429 Selinum carvifolium HP Domed white umbellifer heads, ferny lvs, summer H6 Fr O 70-90cm Apiaceae GB, Europe
1430 Selinum wallichianum HP Delicate white umbellifer fls, ferny lvs, summer H6 Fr O - Apiaceae NW Himalaya
1431 Selinum wallichianum ex CC 6869 HP Impressive, finely cut lvs, sun, collected 3000m H6 Fr O 20cm Apiaceae China
1432 Semiaquilegia adoxoides double-flowered
1433 Semiaquilegia ecalcarata HP Purple nodding fls, sun/part shade, May H5 AT 30-40cm Ranunculaceae W China
1434 Semiaquilegia ecalcarata Australian HP Pink and white spurless nodding fls, sun/part shade H5 Z6 AT 30-40cm Ranunculaceae Garden
1435 Senecio cannabifolius HP Yellow clustered fls, jagged lvs, summer H5 Sp Ht 1.2m Asteraceae E Asia
1436 Senecio polyodon HP Magenta-pink, sun, well drained site, summer H4 Sp Ht 30cm Asteraceae S Africa
1437 Serratula tinctoria var. seoanei HP Mauve pink fls, dark ferny lvs, sun, late summer H6 AT 30-45cm Asteraceae SW Europe
1438 Seseli libanotis HP White, carroty lvs, June-July H4 Fr O 90cm Apiaceae GB, Europe/Asia
1439 Sesleria autumnalis
1440 Setaria italica ex 'Lowlander' HHGr Foxtail Millet, sun, well-drained soil
1441 Setaria italica H2 Sp 50cm Poaceae
1442 Sidalcea candida HP White, moist, sun/part shade, June on H7 Z5 AT O 90cm Malvaceae S USA
1443 Sidalcea ex 'Party Girl' HP Bright pink, fertile drained soil, sun, summer H7 Z5 AT O 90cm Malvaceae Garden
1444 Sidalcea ex 'Rose Queen'
1445 Sideritis syriaca HP Pale yellow fl spikes, sun/well drained soil H4 Sp Ht 40cm Lamiaceae
1446 Sigesbeckia serrata DC. HA Yellow flrs, no further details Sp Ht
1447 Silene apetala
1448 Silene armeria HA Carmine red, greyish lvs, sun, poor soil H6 AT Cd 30cm Caryophyllaceae S Europe
1449 Silene asterias HP Crimson purple, basal rosettes, sun, June H6 AT Cd 15cm Caryophyllaceae E Europe
1450 Silene baccifera
1451 Silene caroliniana subsp. pensylvanica
1452 Silene dioica HP Red Campion Red pink, sun/part shade, free seeder H6 AT Cd 45-60cm Caryophyllaceae GB, Europe
1453 Silene dioica red flowers HP Red flrs H6 AT Cd 60cm Caryophyllaceae
1454 Silene fimbriata HP Heavily fringed white fls, sun/shade, dry soil H6 AT Cd 60cm Caryophyllaceae Caucasus
1455 Silene flos-jovis
1456 Silene glaucifolia
1457 Silene hookeri HP White, pink, fringed, sun, drainage, June H6 AT Cd 5-15cm Caryophyllaceae NW USA
1458 Silene latifolia HP White, slight evening scent, sun/part shade H5 AT Cd 50-90cm Caryophyllaceae Europe, Asia
1459 Silene nutans HP Cream, long calyx, gravelly soil H5 AT Cd 50cm Caryophyllaceae GB
1460 Silene pusilla HP White fls, green cushions, moist gritty soil H5 AT Cd 10-20cm Caryophyllaceae C, S Europe
1461 Silene uniflora ex 'Robin Whitebreast' (d) HP Parent double white, grey lvs H7 Z3 AT Cd 15cm Caryophyllaceae Garden
1462 Silene uniflora HP Sea Campion White, glaucous lvs, sun, May H7 AT Cd 15cm Caryophyllaceae GB, Europe
1463 Silene yunnanensis HP Rosettes of strap-like lvs, sprays of purple-pink flowers, sun, well-drained soil H5 AT Cd 80cm Caryophyllaceae China
1464 Silphium perfoliatum HP Yellow daisies, sun, late summer H7 Fr to 2.5m Asteraceae C USA
1465 Silybum eburneum HBien Purple thistle flrs, sun H5 Fr O 1.5m Asteraceae
1466 Silybum marianum HBien Conspicuous white veined lvs, sun H4 Sp to 1.5m Asteraceae S Europe
1467 Sinapis arvensis
1468 Sisrynchium idahoense var. bellum ex 'Rocky Point'
1469 Sisyrinchium angustifolium HP Blue, stiff grassy tufts, moist soil, midsummer H6 Z5 AT Cd 20cm Iridaceae E N America
1470 Sisyrinchium angustifolium f. album HP White star flrs, strappy gn lvs H6 AT Cd 30cm Iridaceae N America
1471 Sisyrinchium californicum HP Golden yellow, veined brown, sun, well drained H4 Z8 AT Cd 15cm Iridaceae W USA
1472 Sisyrinchium californicum ex 'Yellowstone' HP Yellow stars, sun, well drained soil, May on H5 AT Cd 15-20cm Iridaceae Garden
1473 Sisyrinchium depauperatum HP White flrs with purple eye, well-drained soil H5 AT Cd 25cm Iridaceae
1474 Sisyrinchium ex 'E.K.Balls'
1475 Sisyrinchium pale blue flowers HP Pale blue flrs, sun, well drained soil AT Cd 25cm Iridaceae
1476 Sisyrinchium palmifolium HP Showy yellow fls in evening, blue green lvs, sun H6 AT Cd 45cm Iridaceae Brazil
1477 Sisyrinchium striatum HP Straw yellow, iris-like lvs, summer H6 AT Cd 60cm Iridaceae Chile
1478 Smyrnium perfoliatum HBien Lime yellow, clasping lvs, April-June H7 AT 60cm Apiaceae S Europe
1479 Solanum laciniatum HHS E, violet blue fls, orange fruit H2 Sp to 3m Solanaceae Australia/NZ
1480 Solidago ptarmicoides HHP Clusters white daisy flrs, sun, well-drained soil H3 Sp Ht 50cm Asteraceae
1481 Sonchus palustris HP Marsh sowthistle. Yellow dandelion-like flr Jul-Oct H6 Sp to 150cm Asteraceae
1482 Sorbus frutescens HS White fr, previously in cultivation as S. koehneana H6 AT O to 3m Rosaceae Central China
1483 Sorbus reducta HS Small glossy lvs, autumn colour, pink fr H5 AT O 30-40cm Rosaceae Yunnan
1484 Sorbus rosea
1485 Sorghastrum nutans syn Stipa villosa HGr Golden brown plumes, autumn colour, open sunny site H7 Sp O 1-2m Poaceae USA
1486 Spartium junceum HS Fragrant yellow pea fls, green erect stems, sun, well-drained soil H5 AT Ch to 3m Papilionaceae Mediterranean
1487 Sphaerocaryum malaccense HHGr White spikes, wet places, aquatic H2 Sp 60cm Poaceae S E Asia
1488 Stachys alpina HP Pink whorls of flrs & serrated leaves on spike H5 AT O 60cm Lamiaceae Europe
1489 Stachys byzantina HP Silvery spikes, woolly grey lvs, ground cover, sun H7 AT O 45cm Lamiaceae Caucasus, Iran
1490 Stachys germanica HP Spikes small pink flrs, silver hairy lvs, shade, moist H7 AT O 1m Lamiaceae
1491 Stachys macrantha
1492 Stachys monieri ambig. HP Rosettes of wavy lvs, spikes of pink fls, sun, well-drained H6 AT O 50cm Lamiaceae
1493 Staphylea pinnata HS White, spring, inflated papery seedpods August H6 AT O to 5m Staphyleaceae Europe, Turkey
1494 Staphylea species HS no further details AT O - Staphyleaceae -
1495 Stauntonia hexaphylla
1496 Stipa calamagrostis HGr Feathery plumes, autumn colour H4 Sp O 90cm Poaceae S Europe
1497 Stipa capillata HGr Spiky silver head on slender stems, well drained, sun H5 Sp O 1m Poaceae Europe to Himalayas
1498 Stipa extremorientalis
1499 Stipa gigantea HGr Huge oat heads, arching airy growth, sun, drainage H7 Sp O 1.8m Poaceae Spain
1500 Stipa gigantea ex 'Gold Fontaene'
1501 Stipa tenuissima HGr Silver fluffy plumes, sun, well drained soil H4 Z6 Sp O 60cm Poaceae Mexico
1502 Stipa tirsa
1503 Strobilanthes attenuata HP Indigo, white throat, well drained, part shade H6 Z5 Sp Ht 1.2m Acanthaceae N India
1504 Stylophorum diphyllum HP Yellow, lobed lvs, part shade, early summer H6 Z6 AT O 30cm Papaveraceae USA
1505 Stylophorum lasiocarpum HP Yellow, part shade, early summer H6 Z5 AT O 30cm Papaveraceae China
1506 Succisa pratensis HP Purplish blue pincushions, moist H7 Z4 AT O 90cm Caprifoliaceae Europe/C Asia
1507 Succisa pratensis ex 'Buttermilk' HP Pink buds, round palest pink fls, moist drained soil H6 Z4 AT O 60cm Caprifoliaceae Garden
1508 Succisella inflexa ex 'Frosted Pearls' HP Pincushion fls, moist soil, late summer H6 AT O 85cm Caprifoliaceae Garden
1509 Symphytum orientale HP White, soft lvs, dry shade, late spring H7 Fr 60cm Boraginaceae Turkey, Ukraine
1510 Tagetes ex 'Cinnabar' HHA Copper red single fls, long season, Great Dixter strain H3 Sp E 70cm Asteraceae Garden
1511 Tagetes linnaeus HHA Deep orange single flrs, yellow centr H3 Sp E 45cm Asteraceae
1512 Tagetes lucida HHP Yellow flr Aug-Sep. Sunny fertile site H3 Sp E 80cm Asteraceae
1513 Tagetes mixed HHA no details H3 Sp E Asteraceae
1514 Tagetes patula ex 'Bonita' mix HHA Mixed yellow, orange and red French Marigolds H3 Sp E 30cm Asteraceae Garden
1515 Tagetes patula ex 'Burning Embers'
1516 Tagetes patula ex 'Linnaeus' HHA Red petals yellow margin & centre. Flrs May - Oct. Sun, well drained site H3 Sp E 45cm Asteraceae
1517 Tanacetum corymbosum
1518 Tanacetum parthenium HP Feverfew White daisies, aromatic lvs, naturaliser/seeder H6 Z6 Sp Ht 60cm Asteraceae Europe
1519 Tanacetum parthenium ex 'Aureum' HP Clusters white daisies, pungent golden lvs, sun/shade H6 Z6 Sp Ht 30cn Asteraceae Garden
1520 Tanacetum parthenium ex 'Santana'
1521 Tanacetum parthenium ex 'Selma Star' (d) HP Creamy white fls, yellow centre, aromatic lvs, sun H6 Sp Ht 50cm Asteraceae
1522 Tanacetum vulgare HP Clusters yellow button flrs Summer, feathery lvs, sun H7 Sp Ht 90cm Asteraceae
1523 Taraxacum faeroense
1524 Taraxacum pseudoroseum HP Bi-colour pink/yellow dandelion, sun H7 AT 15cm Asteraceae Central Asia
1525 Telekia speciosa HP Orange-yellow rays, yellow disc, robust H7 Z6 Fr to 2m Asteraceae Europe/Asia
1526 Tellima grandiflora HP Green/pink, hairy lvs, early summer H7 Z6 Fr 60-75cm Saxifragaceae USA
1527 Teucrium flavum HS Cream flrs, grey lvs, sun, well-drained soil H4 Fr 40cm Lamiaceae
1528 Teucrium hircanicum HP Magenta spikes, late summer on H6 Fr 45cm Lamiaceae Iran
1529 Teucrium scorodonia HP Wood Sage Greenish yellow spikes, rough lvs, dry shade H6 Fr 30-60cm Lamiaceae GB, W Europe
1530 Thalictrum alpinum HP Alpine Meadow RueSmall stamenoid fls, lacy lvs H7 Fr Sp 15-20cm Ranunculaceae GB, N America, Eurasia
1531 Thalictrum aquilegiifolium HP Rich lilac, ferny lvs, sun, early summer H5 Z4 Fr Sp 90cm Ranunculaceae Europe/Asia
1532 Thalictrum aquilegiifolium ex 'Album' HP White, light green lvs, sun, early summer H5 Z4 Fr Sp 90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
1533 Thalictrum dasycarpum HP Spikes purple & white flrs on tall purple stems H7 Fr Sp 1.5m Ranunculaceae N.America
1534 Thalictrum delavayi HP Airy branches of lilac fls, cream stamens, moist H7 Z5 Fr Sp 1.5m Ranunculaceae W China
1535 Thalictrum delavayi ex 'Album' HP White form, sun/part shade, moist H7 Z5 Fr Sp 1.5m Ranunculaceae Garden
1536 Thalictrum ex 'Black Stockings' HP Lilac purple fluffy fls, black stems, fertile soil H7 Fr Sp 2m Ranunculaceae Garden
1537 Thalictrum flavum HP Pale yellow, fragrant, bluish lvs, early summer H7 Z5 Fr Sp 1.5m Ranunculaceae Europe/Asia
1538 Thalictrum flavum subsp. glaucum HP Yellow, glaucous blue lvs, early summer H7 Z5 Fr Sp 1.5m Ranunculaceae Spain, N Africa
1539 Thalictrum ichangense HP Lilac, long flowering, purple tinted grey veined lvs H7 Fr Sp 15-30cm Ranunculaceae W China
1540 Thalictrum isopyroides HP Tiny greenish fls, delicate glaucous lvs, full sun H7 Z6 Fr Sp 45cm Ranunculaceae Afghanistan
1541 Thalictrum minus HP Yellow or purplish, variable leaf colour, moist soil, sun H7 Z4 Fr Sp 90cm Ranunculaceae Europe to Asia
1542 Thalictrum minus ex 'Adiantifolium' HP Yellow, finest foms blue dissected lvs, variable ex seed H7 Z4 Fr Sp 90cm Ranunculaceae Garden
1543 Thalictrum mixed cultivars HP Mixed colours H7 Fr Sp - Ranunculaceae -
1544 Thalictrum reniforme HP Lilac pink, yellow stamens, fertile part shade H7 Z4 Fr Sp 1.5m Ranunculaceae Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim
1545 Thalictrum rochebruneanum HP Purple, yellow stamens, delicate lvs H7 Z5 Fr Sp 1.5m Ranunculaceae Japan
1546 Thalictrum tall and desirable HP no details H7 Fr Sp - Ranunculaceae -
1547 Thalictrum tuberosum HP Creamy white, sun/light shade, early summer H7 Z6 Fr Sp 60cm Ranunculaceae Spain, SW France
1548 Tigridia pavonia mixed HHBb Bright mixed colours, sun, greenhouse H2 Sp Ht 20-30cm Iridaceae Mexico
1549 Tithonia ex 'Red Torch' HHA Red daisy flrs, sun H2 Sp Ht 90cm Asteraceae
1550 Tithonia rotundifolia ex 'Arcadian Blend' dwarf section HA Orange, sun, free flowering, late summer on
1551 Tithonia rotundifolia H2 Sp Ht 1.5m Asteraceae Central America
1552 Tithonia rotundifolia ex 'Torch' HA Orange-scarlet, sun, free flowering H2 Sp Ht 90-120cm Asteraceae Garden
1553 Tradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ex 'Sweet Kate'
1554 Tragopogon coloratus
1555 Tragopogon crocifolius HBien Mauve blue, fluffy ball seedheads, sun H5 Sp O 80cm Asteraceae Europe, N Africa
1556 Tragopogon porrifolius HBien Purple, large round 'clock' seedheads, sun, drained soil H5 Sp O to 1.2m Asteraceae
1557 Tragopogon pratensis HBien Goatsbeard, Yellow fls morning only, fluffy seedheads H7 Sp O 30-90cm Asteraceae GB, Europe
1558 Tragopogon species no further details Sp O - Asteraceae -
1559 Trifolium angustifolium
1560 Trifolium dubium
1561 Trifolium ochroleucon HP Cylindrical white-yellow heads, moist, vigorous H6 Z6 Sp So 30-50cm Papilionaceae Europe/Asia
1562 Trifolium rubens HP Cylindrical pink clover fls, sun, June on H6 Z6 Sp So 60cm Papilionaceae C Europe/Asia
1563 Trifolium rubens white-flowered
1564 Trillium chloropetalum HP Dark red sessile fls, marbled lvs, moist, April H5 Z5 Fr O 45cm Melanthiaceae NW USA
1565 Trillium erectum HP Brownish-red, part shade, April H5 Fr O to 60cm Melanthiaceae Canada, USA
1566 Trillium kurabayashii HP Purple-pink, marbled lvs, moist, shade H4 Z5 Fr O 30cm Melanthiaceae
1567 Trillium ovatum HP White flrs May, pt shade, fertile sl H5 Fr O 45cm Melanthiaceae
1568 Trillium ovatum f. hibbersonii HP Palest pink, cool soil, shade, spring H5 Z5 Fr O 15cm Melanthiaceae USA
1569 Triosteum erythrocarpum HP Showy red fr., soft hairy lvs, light shade H4 AT Cd 60cm Caprifoliaceae China
1570 Triosteum pinnatifidum HP Large white fr, lobed lvs, light shade H4 AT Cd 45cm Caprifoliaceae China
1571 Trollius europaeus HP Globe Flower Soft yellow, moist, sun, spring H7 Z5 Sp O 60cm Ranunculaceae GB, Europe
1572 Tropaeoleum majus dwarf
1573 Tropaeolum speciosum HCl Scarlet, lobed green lvs, cool soil, July on H5 Sp O to 5m Tropaeolaceae Chile
1574 Tulbaghia galpinii HHP Cream-green small fls, wiry lvs, well drained soil or pot H3 AT 15cm Alliaceae S Africa
1575 Tulbaghia natalensis HHP White tubular scented flrs Summer. Grass-like leaves. Free draining site, full sun H3 AT 12cm Alliaceae
1576 Tulbaghia simmleri HHP Lilac pink clusters, sun, shelter, fls December H2 AT 30cm Alliaceae S Africa
1577 Tulbaghia violacea HHP Lilac, scented, greyish lvs, sun, drainage, shelter H3 Z9 Fr O 30cm Alliaceae S Africa
1578 Tulbaghia violacea ex 'Alba' HHP Pale pink buds, white fls, scented, well drained shelter H3 Z9 Fr O 30cm Alliaceae Garden
1579 Tulipa clusiana var. stellata
1580 Tulipa ex 'Lady Jane' (15) HBb Clusiana type, cream, rose outside H6 AT Cd 20cm Liliaceae Garden
1581 Tulipa ex 'Lasting love'
1582 Tulipa ex 'Tinka' (15) HBb Clusiana type, cream, red outside H6 AT Cd 30cm Liliaceae Garden
1583 Tulipa red/white frilly flowers
1584 Tulipa sprengeri (15) HBb Scarlet, slender stems, late flowering H6 AT Cd 30-40cm Liliaceae N Turkey
1585 Tulipa sylvestris (15) HBb Yellow, green exterior, April-May H5 AT Cd to 30cm Liliaceae GB, Europe /Asia Minor
1586 Tulipa tarda (15) HBb White stars, yellow eye, sun, April H5 AT Cd 10-12cm Liliaceae Russia
1587 Tulipa turkestanica (15) HBb White, multiflowered, sun, April H5 AT Cd 20cm Liliaceae Caucasus, Russia
1588 Turritis glabra HBien Tower Mustard, small white flrs, well-drained soil H6 AT O 1.2m Brassicaceae
1589 Tweedia coerulea HHCl Pale blue fleshy fls, long fr, twiner, sun, shelter H1 Sp Ht to 1m Asclepiadaceae Brazil, Uruguay
1590 Umbilicus oppositifolius HP Warm yellow tassels, fleshy rosettes, late spring H5 Sp O 10-15cm Crassulaceae Caucasus
1591 Uncinia rubra HGr Deep red arching lvs, moist drained soil H3 Z8 Sp Ht 30cm Cyperaceae New Zealand
1592 Unknown annual, low, white flowers, grey leaves
1593 Valeriana montana HP White/pink flrs, spreading gc, sun/pt shade H7 Sp 20cm Caprifoliaceae
1594 Valeriana pyrenaica HP Light pink domed heads, dark stems, May H7 Sp 60cm Caprifoliaceae Pyrenees
1595 Vancouveria hexandra HP Sprays of white fls, wiry stems, fertile shade, spring H7 Z5 Fr 20cm Berberidaceae W USA
1596 Vegetable Achocha 'Bolivian Giant' (Cyclanthera pedata) HHCl Long green fruits taste like green peppers H1 Sp Ht 4m Cucurbitaceae
1597 Vegetable Achocha 'Fat Baby' (Cyclanthera brachystachya) HHCl Small round green fruits taste like green peppers H1 Sp Ht 4m Cucurbitaceae
1598 Vegetable Basil (Ocimum basilicum) HHA Shiny fragrant lvs, sun, warm spot or glass H1 Sp Ht 15-30cm Lamiaceae Middle East, India
1599 Vegetable Caucasian Spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides) HCl Mild spinach lvs, part shade H5 AT Cd 2.5m Amaranthaceae
1600 Vegetable Climbing French Bean ex 'Cobra' (Phaseolus vulgaris)
1601 Vegetable Dwarf French Bean ex 'Stanley' (Phaseolus vulgaris)
1602 Vegetable Exploding Cucumber (Cyclanthera explodens)
1603 Vegetable Garlic Chives (Allium tuberosum) HBb White stars, scented, August to October H5 Fr Cd SS 40cm Alliaceae
1604 Vegetable Good King Henry (Chenopodium bonus-henricus) HP Spinach-like leaves. Eat raw or cooked. All year picking H5 Sp Ht 60-90cm Amaranthaceae
1605 Vegetable Kale ex 'Pentland Brig' (Brassica oleracea (Acephala Group))
1606 Vegetable Leek ex 'Musselburg' (Allium porrum)
1607 Vegetable Moss-leaved Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) HBien Curled lvs, vitamin rich, for culinary use H6 Sp O 30-60cm Apiaceae S Europe
1608 Vegetable Pea Mangetout ex 'Oregon Sugar Pod' (Pisum sativum)
1609 Vegetable Salsify (Tragopogon porrifolius) HBien Purple, 'clock' seedheads, long white winter edible roots H3 Fr Sp to 1.2m Asteraceae Crete
1610 Vegetable Spinach Beet 'Perpetual Spinach' (Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla var. cicla) HBien Green leaves, Spring or Autumn sowings, tolerates dry H4 AT O 30-60cm Amaranthaceae
1611 Vegetable Spring Onion ex 'Apache' (Allium cepa)
1612 Vegetable Welsh Onion ex 'Ciboule Red Dragon' (Allium fistulosus)
1613 Veltheimia bracteata HHBb Pink kniphofia like heads, greenhouse H2 AT Ht 30-60cm Asparagaceae S Africa
1614 Veratrum album ex 'Lorna's Green' HP Lime green drooping flrs on large spike. Moist soil, part/shade H6 Fr O 2m Melanthiaceae
1615 Veratrum nigrum HP Maroon black, bold pleated lvs, sun/part shade H6 Z6 Fr O 1.2m Melanthiaceae Europe/Asia
1616 Veratrum viride HP Yellow green branched fl spike, pleated lvs, light shade H6 Z3 Fr O to 2m Melanthiaceae N America
1617 Verbascum arcturus HP Yellow, violet filaments, woolly lvs, crevices, sharp soil Sp O 30cm Scrophulariaceae Crete
1618 Verbascum blattaria HBien Yellow airy spikes, maroon eye, sun H6 Sp O to 1.5m Scrophulariaceae S Europe, N Africa
1619 Verbascum chaixii HP Slender spires yellow, mauve eye, sun H7 Z5 Sp O 90cm Scrophulariaceae Europe
1620 Verbascum chaixii ex 'Album' HP White, mauve-grey eye, sun, summer H7 Z5 Sp O 90cm Scrophulariaceae Europe
1621 Verbascum levanticum HBien Yellow, hot, dry, wall crevices, early summer H4 Sp O to 90cm Scrophulariaceae E Mediterranean
1622 Verbascum nigrum HP Golden yellow, violet centres H6 Sp O 90-120cm Scrophulariaceae Europe
1623 Verbascum phoeniceum ex 'Flush of White' HP Pure white spires, free flowering, sun, May-August H6 Z6 Sp O 75cm Scrophulariaceae Garden
1624 Verbascum phoeniceum ex 'Violetta' HP Selected purple strain, repeats if deadheaded H6 Z6 Sp O 1.2m Scrophulariaceae Garden
1625 Verbascum roripifolium HP Yellow, deep green serrated basal lv rosette H6 Sp O 1m Scrophulariaceae Greece
1626 Verbascum thapsus HBien Great Mullein Yellow, unbranched, white woolly lvs H6 Sp O to 2m Scrophulariaceae GB, Europe/Asia
1627 Verbascum × hybridum ex 'Snow Maiden' HP Branched spikes pure white, greyish lvs, sun H7 Z5 Sp O 1.2-1.5m Scrophulariaceae Garden
1628 Verbena bonariensis HP Mauve purple, airy growth, no staking, sun, late summer H4 Sp Ht to 2m Verbenaceae S America
1629 Verbena hastata HP Erect purple fls, dark lvs, well drained, summer on H7 Z3 Sp Ht to 1.2m Verbenaceae USA
1630 Verbena hastata ex 'White Spires'
1631 Verbena officinalis HP Vervain Blue-pink spikes, bee plant, dry lvs for tea H7 Z4 Sp Ht 30-60cm Verbenaceae GB, Europe
1632 Verbena officinalis var. grandiflora ex 'Bampton' HP Tiny pink fls, purple stems/lvs, airy growth H7 Sp Ht 75cm Verbenaceae Garden
1633 Verbena rigida HP Dense purple heads, rough lvs, sun, shelter H4 Z8 Sp Ht 60cm Verbenaceae S America
1634 Veronica grandis
1635 Veronica longifolia HP Blue spikes, moist soil, sun, summer H7 Z4 Sp Ht 90cm Plantaginaceae Europe/Asia
1636 Veronica spicata HP Blue, free flowering, sun, summer H7 Z3 Sp Ht 30-60cm Plantaginaceae GB, Europe
1637 Veronicastrum mixed colours
1638 Veronicastrum sachalinensis ex RBS02390 HP Long spikes blue flrs, whorls of lvs turn yellow in autumn, sun/pt-shade, moisture H7 AT O 2m Scrophulariaceae
1639 Veronicastrum sibiricum HP Slender purple spikes, tiered toothed lvs, rich soil H7 Z4 AT O 1.2 -1.8m Plantaginaceae Russia,China, Japan, Korea
1640 Veronicastrum sibiricum var. yezoense syn V. sakhalinense HP Mauve blue spikes, strong upright growth H7 AT O to 1.8m Plantaginaceae Sakhalin
1641 Veronicastrum virginicum HP White to lilac spikes, whorled lvs, rich moist soil H7 Z3 AT O 1.2m Plantaginaceae E North America
1642 Veronicastrum virginicum ex 'Fascination' HP Purple/blue spikes, whorled lvs, Summer-Autumn, sun/part shade H7 AT O 120cm Plantaginaceae
1643 Veronicastrum virginicum ex 'Pointed Finger' HP Long racemes lilac flrs, part shade H7 AT O 1.5m Plantaginaceae
1644 Viburnum lantana HS Wayfaring TreeCreamy white, red fr maturing black H6 Fr Er 2.5-4m Adoxaceae GB, Europe, N Africa
1645 Vicia cracca HP Tufted Vetch, Long racemes of purple-blue, June- August H5 Sp Ch to 2m Papilionaceae GB, Eurasia
1646 Vincetoxicum scandens HCl Maroon stars, opposite lvs, long pointed seedpods H5 Sp O Er to 2.5m Apocynaceae Russian, Ukraine
1647 Viola altaica HP Good sized yellow spurred fls, compact creeping growth H5 Fr Sd 15cm Violaceae Asia Minor
1648 Viola betonicifolia albescens
1649 Viola cornuta HP Violet blue, ground cover, long season H5 Fr Sd 15-30cm Violaceae Pyrenees
1650 Viola cornuta blue flowers
1651 Viola cornuta ex Alba Group (C) HP White form, ground cover, sun/part shade H5, Z7 Z7 Fr Sd 15-30cm Violaceae Garden
1652 Viola cornuta ex 'Alba Minor' (C) HP White, compact ground cover, sun/part shade H5 Z7 Fr Sd 10cm Violaceae Garden
1653 Viola cornuta pale yellow flowers
1654 Viola corsica HP Violet, sun, well drained, spring to early summer H5 Z9 Fr Sd 20cm Violaceae Corsica, Sardinia
1655 Viola cunninghamii
1656 Viola ex 'Ivory White'
1657 Viola ex 'Prince John' (T) HP Golden yellow flrs H5 Fr Sd 30cm Violaceae
1658 Viola mixed colours HP no further details H5 Fr Sd Violaceae
1659 Viola riviniana ex Purpurea Group HP Violet blue Dog Violet, purple lvs, sun/shade, free seeding H6 Z4 Fr Sd 20cm Violaceae Garden
1660 Viola subsinuata HP Early blue violet. Apr-Jun flr. Purple/blue flowers, lobed green leaves. Woodland or rocky sites. H4 Fr Sd 10-30cm Violaceae
1661 Viola tricolor HP Wild Pansy Violet, yellow centre, free seeding Fr Sd 10-15cm Violaceae GB
1662 Viola × wittrockiana ex 'Water Colours Mixed'
1663 Wahlenbergia hederacea HP Ivy Leaved Bellflower, pale blue flrs, moisture H4 Sp 30cm Campanulaceae
1664 Watsonia ex 'Abbotsbury Hybrid'
1665 Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera (bulbils) HHBb Soft apricot trumpets, held above lvs, sun, frost free H2 AT Ht to 1.5m Iridaceae S Africa
1666 Watsonia pillansii apricot-flowered HHBb Spikes peach flrs, sword-like lvs, sun, shelter, well-drained soil H3 AT Ht 90cm Iridaceae
1667 Watsonia sp. HP no details H3 AT Ht Iridaceae
1668 Weigela ex 'Appleblossom'
1669 Zantedeschia aethiopica HP Arum lily.Dark gn arrow shaped leaves, white spathe Summer, moist shady site H4 Sp SS Ht 40cm Araceae
1670 Zanthoxylum simulans HS D.Szechwan pepper,orange/red fruit H6 SS Cd Er 2.4m Rutaceae
1671 Zephyranthes primulina
1672 Zigadenus elegans HP White spikes, green nectaries, fertile soil, sun, summer H5 Fr Sp O 40cm Melanthiaceae USA
1673 Zinnia ex 'Red Spider' HHA Rich scarlet, spidery petals, sun, well drained soil H2 Sp Ht 70cm Melianthiaceae S USA
1674 Zinnia single fuchsia flowers
1675 Zizia aurea HP Umbels of tiny golden fls, sun/part shade, butterfly plant H6 Sp O 45-90cm Apiaceae N America

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