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HPS videos

The following videos have been made by HPS members and uploaded to YouTube.

If you have any short videos which you would like to include here, please contact

Brian Hackett - brian.hackett2@btinternet.com

Ants and Plants

HPS member Peter Williams has created this short film on mutually beneficial replationships between ants and plants

The Geranium Day that never happened, by Sue Clarke

The Hardy Geranium Group was scheduled to hold its AGM & Geranium Study Day on May 30th 2020, but was unable to do so because of Covid-19.

Sue Clarke made this virtual tour of her Geranium Collection for those who couldn't attend in person


and this is part 2, which shows the Geraniums in Sue's Front Garden


Propagating Ferns with Sally Gregson

This video has been created by Bill Hodgson, and features Sally Gregson of Mill Cottage Plants




Propagating from Mature Perennials

This video has been created by Jaime Blake, curator of the Dell Garden at Bressingham Gardens




Taking Heuchera Cuttings

A video by Nancy Cannon




Taking Penstemon cuttings

A video by Nancy Cannon




Hardy Plant Society at the Malvern Show

Not actually a how-to video, but you maybe interested in this short film made by the Worcestershire Group at the Malvern Show in 2015




Please note that advice given in these videos is provided for guidance only. Neither the Hardy Plant Society nor the presenters wish to suggest that it represents the only method available and can take no responsibility in respect of its use.

Please be aware that some of the equipment used in these videos can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

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