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KBBS Report of the Month

Our Bursary is funded by a generous donation from the estate of Mr Kenneth Black providing small bursaries to students and people who are employed in horticulture.  You can find details of the scheme and how to apply on the main bursary scheme page.  Here we regularly feature a report from one of the beneficiaries:

September 2020 Report of the Month

Horticultural Practice & the Influence of Climate in Ontario
A Study Tour made in September 2019
Hannah Boaden

It was recently suggested to me that horticulture is the only ‘true’ art form. While this statement may certainly be contested, mastering such craft, as with any artistic pursuit, takes practice. My time in horticulture has thus far been relatively brief. On approaching the end of an arts qualification, I realised my need for life outdoors, working with nature, and determined that plants, both ‘wild’ and cultivated, interested me greatly. This swift turn took place only two years ago in 2017. The RHS level 2 theory-based course on the Principles of Horticulture proved a vital introduction to botany, garden design, and cultivation, and 2018 saw me embark on a complementary practice-based course at Threave Garden (National Trust for Scotland). During this time I became acutely aware of my limited experience with different types of garden, nature conservation areas, and general trends in plants to expect dominating such areas. This is why I decided that a study tour was necessary in order to focus on expanding my awareness of more plants, but also the context that surrounds gardens and the connections that arise between landscape, gardens, organisations, and inhabited environments.

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