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KBBS Report of the Month

Our Bursary is funded by a generous donation from the estate of Mr Kenneth Black providing small bursaries to students and people who are employed in horticulture.  You can find details of the scheme and how to apply on the main bursary scheme page.  Here we regularly feature a report from one of the beneficiaries:

Report of the Month - May 2021

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Expedition to China September 2019
Kirsty Wilson (Herbaceous Supervisor)

Seeing my first cardiocrinum in the wild


The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s mission is to explain the world of plants for a better future through its work in conservation, education and research. I am the Herbaceous Supervisor and my team are responsible for The Chinese Hillside which is undergoing renovation so there was a need to collect seed. Richard Brown, who accompanied me, is the Senior Horticulturist in the Woodland and Rock Garden at RBGE and has made several expeditions to China already. Material collected from this expedition will complement the existing collections in these areas of the garden.

Aim of Expedition

The aim of this fieldwork was to collect seed for RBGE and learn the skills and techniques involved in the collection of wild material. This will boost RBGE’s wild collection percentage. It provided an opportunity for Richard and myself to see the plants we work with on a day-to-day basis, growing in their natural environment, and allow us to photograph and document them. The seeds of 198 species of plants were collected from this expedition. Over the next few years these will be grown on and planted at RBGE, as well as in the other three regional gardens in Scotland.

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