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Who We Are

Roy Lancaster
President of the HPS

We love hardy perennials for their variety, colours, shapes, sizes and longevity. We help each other to grow them better, to try different species and we exchange and spread information about them.

Most of us are in the UK but some garden outside it. Some of us are experts, like our President, Roy Lancaster, the renowned plant explorer, some of us are beginners and most of us are somewhere in-between, but we all want to learn more to make our planting more satisfying and to enjoy our gardens more.

Being members of the Hardy Plant Society gives us more opportunities to meet others, in local groups and special interest groups focusing on a particular plant family or growing conditions; to attend National Society events; to obtain a wide range of perennial plants and take part in our Seed Distribution Scheme and, by being involved in our Conservation Scheme, help keep garden-worthy plants in cultivation by as many people as possible.

Why not join us? Read more about what we do.


Matthew Biggs, Val Bourne, Carol Klein and Matthew Wilson are HPS Ambassadors and support the society.  They are all well known to HPS members and respected in the horticultural world.



We are organised as a charity which was founded by some of the star gardeners and nurserymen of 1957.  Pamela Clark is the Chairman and took on the role in 2021. The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairman and the twelve Trustees are all elected by the members. Some members volunteer to take on particular areas of work for the society; these are our Postholders. You can find more about who they are and what they do here.

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