We've started this year's seed distribution scheme as usual.  Please send us your seeds as soon as they are ready.
The office is closed, but you can still contact us here.

Cathy Rollinson

Cathy Rollinson

Cathy is a former chair of the HPS 

News from the RHS  May 2019

A couple of years ago, I was invited to join the HPC as a Corresponding Member.  This was readily accepted as a way of strengthening links between the HPS and the RHS.  I have now been appointed a full member of the Committee which gives me a vote on the awarding of AGMs.

Make More of Ferns
Ferns are the most complex of the non-flowering plants, having true leaves, stems and roots, but no flowers or seeds. Instead they reproduce by means of spores. Although ferns do not go back all the way to the origins of life on land, they do have a very long prehistory. They have long been admir..
Latest News September 2017

You may have seen some of the publicity recently about plans by Highways England to improve the M25/A3 junction in Surrey.  The plans will have a significant impact on the RHS Wisley Garden and the RHS are asking for support in resisting the proposals.

Latest News March 2017

HPS Ambassadors

Latest News November 2016

Welcomes, blogs, Newsletter and Christmas gift.

Latest News October 2016

Photographic competition, seed distribution and membership

Latest News September 2016

Southport Flower Show success, photo competition and seed collecting ...

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