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September's Conservation Feature

Which plant would you choose for Conservation?

The Conservation Scheme is looking for suggestions of plants that you would like to add to the list. Herbaceous perennials fall in and out of favour and you may be surprised to discover that your favourite plant is no longer readily available to buy. If you grow something that has been reliable over a period of time and you think is a good garden-worthy cultivar then why not tell us about it; you must be certain of its name and know that it is the original plant (not a seedling). 

Or perhaps you have grown a plant from the Conservation Scheme in the past and wonder why it has been dropped. Many good plants are no longer on the Scheme because they became more popular for a short time, but are now again in danger of being lost. Here are just three - why not vote for the one you would like to see back on the list of plants for conservation.

Pulmonaria rubra 'Rachel Vernie' 

Pulmonaria rubra 'Rachel Vernie' was found as a seedling by Jennifer Hewitt in her garden and named for her daughter, it is a vigorous plant growing to 30cm with coral-red flowers and variegated foliage. The soft grey-green leaves have white edges that do not scorch in sun.

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Marion Bilsland' 

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Marion Bilsland' is a compact, single -flowered white daisy with a long flowering period. It was raised by George Murray, head gardener at the Duntreath Estate in Scotland and named for his granddaughter.

Chrysanthemum 'Buxton Ruby' 

Chrysanthemum 'Buxton Ruby' is a hardy garden chrysanthemum that comes into flower late, even into November. A compact plant with dark red petals around a yellow centre. A plant was originally bought from Wootten's of Wenhaston with no label and was not identified when the purchaser returned at a later date, so she named it named after the village in Norfolk where she lived.


Jan Vaughan Posted by Jan Vaughan

3 Comments To "September's Conservation Feature"

Margaret Stone On 27.11.2018
I have grown Marion's daisy for many years. It is a valuable garden plant and good cut flower. One to be proud of! Reply to this comment
Marion Donnachie On 08.09.2018
I have to vote for the Marion Bilsland as that was named after me by my grandfather. It has such a pretty flower. I would hate for it not to be available Reply to this comment
Jan Vaughan On 10.09.2018
Lovely to hear from you Marion, I'm always attracted to plants with a story. Did your grandfather make any other plant introductions?
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