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November 2020 Conservation Feature

Chrysanthemum ‘Dulwich Pink’ AGM 

This autumn I’m discovering a new Conservation Scheme plant – not one that is new to the scheme, but new to me. It has actually been in the scheme since 2010, introduced from the Hertfordshire group. 

Somewhere I got the impression that Chrysanthemum ‘Dulwich Pink’ AGM was a rather drab pale pink with scruffy flowers and not a plant I wanted to grow. This year I have ended up with 3 rooted cuttings that would have gone to the national plant exchange, which of course we didn’t have. Much to my surprise these have bloomed and performed beautifully, and are certainly not dull pink! The dark cherry-red buds opened to a gorgeous rich wine red, which set off other fall colours perfectly. Now, a few weeks later they are fading to an antique plum-pink. 

They are just about the last plant blooming on my patio, and cheer my up no end when I see them up at the top of the garden. At least one is destined for a permanent place in a new bed I’m creating especially for Conservation Scheme plants on my allotment. I plan to plant it next to a dark-stemmed, blue aster I have (not in the scheme). 

I know quite a few people in my local group are growing C. ‘Dulwich Pink’ AGM, but I wonder how many other people around the scheme are currently growing, and enjoying, it. Do you grow it? Let me know, and tell me what you think of it.

Sally Adams Posted by Sally Adams

Sally joined the Hardy Plant Society in the autumn of 2001, but only as a national member at first. She eventually joined the Essex group and was quickly co-opted onto the committee as Group Secretary. About the same time she also took on the job of Database Administrator for the Conservation Scheme. She worked with various co-ordinators on the scheme for several years, but by 2013 she needed to step down. Now retired, she continues to be the Essex Group Secretary, and divides her time between her small back garden and her allotment, which is where all those spare seedlings end up. 

5 Comments To "November 2020 Conservation Feature "

Pat Hunter On 07.01.2021
Dulwich Pink has been photographed for my Boxing Day flower count and New Year count, despite the weather here in N.Yorks it is still flowering! Reply to this comment
Anna Peacock On 12.12.2020
We took a plant of C. "Dulwich Pink" as our part in the conservation scheme. I agree it is a lovely shade of pink, is long-lasting in a vase, is a gentle spreader, easy to propagate and does well in our sandy soil. What is not to like about it? Here in Lincolnshire the flowers are now just going over. Reply to this comment
Linda Martin On 22.11.2020
I took home Dulwich pink and a phlox Grey lady over a year ago what beautiful plants . I have not tried to propagate yet . Reply to this comment
Margaret Stone On 19.11.2020
For more information, see the HPS book 'Hardy Garden Chrysanthemums'! Reply to this comment
Jan Vaughan On 21.11.2020
Find out more about Chrysanthemum ‘Dulwich Pink’ on the Conservation page of the HPS website.
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