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Shade Monthly September 2019

Shade Monthly September 2019

Arisaema consanguineum ‘The Perfect Wave’

Forms of Arisaema with silvered leaf markings occur in the wild and have entered cultivation a few times. In the past I have tried a couple labelled simply as ‘silver leafed form’ but both struggled for a couple of years and then gave up the ghost.

‘The Perfect Wave’ is a named selection made by Ellen Hornig, a well known nursery woman from the USA. I bought one in 2013 from Julian Sutton at the very reasonable price of £4.00 (I have seen prices up to £20.00 online). It has been slow to grow, having finally reached about 2 ft after 5 years. It is said the reach up to 4 ft. It has been worth the wait making a fine show in late summer. ...

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Posted by Joe Sime

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