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Gift Aid

The more we are given.......the more we can get!

Don't lose out to the taxman

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make a donation to the Hardy Plant Society under Gift Aid. The Chancellor will then increase the amount of your gift at no extra cost to you. What this means, in cash terms, is that if you make a Gift Aid donation of £10, the Chancellor (through HM Revenue and Customs) will increase the amount to £12.50 at no extra cost to you.

There is not much for free these days but Gift Aid can be used to provide free money for the HPS.

If you are an HPS member and UK taxpayer, and have not yet completed a Gift Aid declaration, please complete our pdf Document and return it to the admin office.

Are you a UK PAYE taxpayer?

If you pay tax on your earnings or pension from a previous employer, you may be able to make donations under a scheme known as Payroll Giving.

Under this scheme you can make a donation to the HPS of, say, £10 but it will cost you only £8 if you are a basic rate taxpayer or £6 if you pay tax at the higher rate. You pay less tax on your wages, salary or pension because tax is calculated after your contribution has been deducted. In other words, you get the immediate benefit of the tax relief on your contribution.

Most employers are registered for Payroll Giving as it enables them to demonstrate their commitment to charities and good causes.

Share the Benefits.

Another tax-efficient way of helping charities is to transfer shares as a gift.

After your family, remember the Hardy Plant Society

Inheritance tax is charged at 40% of the value of the value of your estate (everything you own) above a threshold.

Gifts (or legacies) to charities are deducted from the value of your estate before the tax is calculated so you can also beat the taxman, and influence the world, even after your death.

There is more information about legacies on our legacies page. For more information about other forms of tax-effective giving, please use our Contact Us form.

Please note that the figures given here are for illustrative purposes only. If you are in any doubt about any of these schemes, please consult a financial advisor or solicitor.
The Hardy Plant Society is NOT licensed to provide financial advice and the above should not be construed as being financial advice.

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