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The HPS is totally reliant on volunteers. Without them, neither the national society nor the groups would exist.

Members like you who volunteer fulfil many and varied roles, some more demanding of their time than others, but we value all for the contribution they make. Some have retired from paid work, but want to keep using their skills and knowledge; some who are still working are happy to use those skills to help the HPS. Others wish to try something new.

We work in a co-operative way, so you could offer a small amount of time or to share a job with someone else or discuss changing a job to suit what you can do.

Being a volunteer brings you into greater contact with other members, and can be sociable and fun, so next time you see that someone is needed why not get in touch to find out what’s involved? Talking it over doesn’t mean you’re offering to do the job, and please remember that most people are more than happy to help their replacement get to grips with it.

We look forward to working with you.

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