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We would welcome applications from members for the following voluntary posts.

Hon. Secretary of the Society

This is a key role within the Society, providing the link between all the various activities of the Society and providing support to Trustees and Postholders. The Hon. Secretary is one of the four Officers of the Society, jointly responsible for the day-to-day business of the HPS in accordance with policies and procedures agreed by the Trustees.

The Hon. Secretary has the following responsibilities:
Taking the lead in overseeing the management of the HPS Office, reporting on Office issues to the other Officers and Trustees. 
Arranging (in consultation with the Chair and supported by the Administrator) and providing secretarial services to the Trustee Meetings and the less formal annual Postholders meeting.
Organisation of the AGM, including providing appropriate notices to the Newsletter Editor, requesting and receiving nominations for Officers and Trustees and taking minutes. After the AGM updating the Charities Commission website. (Organisation of the Annual Lecture Day is the responsibility of the Local Group hosting the AGM).
Attendance at Officers' Meetings and the annual Group Secretaries' Meeting

This is an interesting role with scope for playing a part in the development of the Society. Knowledge of horticulture is not essential but some experience of committees and organisations would be useful.

For more information please contact Jan Vaughan at

Publicity Coordinator

This is a suggestion for a new Postholder role and the person who takes it on will have the chance to develop it further.
Publicity for the Society is involved in all HPS activities, at National level and in the Local and Special Interest Groups and the Postholder would be expected to look at and record what is already happening and then identify areas in which closer cooperation or provision of resources would be helpful. There would be opportunities to bring other volunteers in to assist with particular tasks.
A review of the publicity material the Society already uses would lead to a more comprehensive and recognisable style, although major rebranding is not required.
There is a budget available for Publicity work and the Postholder would be responsible for setting objectives and preparing a budget for approval by the Trustees.

For more information please contact Jan Vaughan at

Marketing Opportunities

We need a small team of enthusiastic HPS members to help revamp the Society’s marketing plan! If you face incomprehension or get asked “What do they do?” when you mention the HPS, you understand the problem. We need to ensure that the gardening world knows all about us. If you’ve ever said “I could do better than that” when faced with lacklustre publicity for an event, or if you have ideas for raising our profile, then come and help to put us on the horticultural map.

We need a team of four or five volunteers with a range of skills:

  • someone with a flair for design
  • someone to coordinate the circulation of our leaflets and posters
  • someone to oversee the sales of our booklets
  • someone who can marshal the press on our side and who has a track record in dealing with the media
  • someone to coordinate the work.

Please help others to get the enjoyment you experience. If you can help, or know another member who could, please contact Jan Vaughan at


The HPS is totally reliant on volunteers. Without them, neither the national society nor the groups would exist.

Volunteers are people just like you, who lead otherwise busy lives and who have other interests but they are able to find an hour or more, each week, to help us. So, the next time that you see a vacancy advertised or you hear a call for volunteers, why not have a chat and find out what they are looking for. Talking it over does not mean that you are offering to do the job. Ask yourself how you could help. Can you change the job to suit what you can do? Can you do a part of the job or share with someone else? Remember that most people are more than happy to help their replacements to get to grips with the job.

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