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Horticultural Library Contents List

0 - 9
10th Anniversary Handbook Foreword F.P. Knight 10th Anniversary
1960 Plant review J.P. Wood N.D.H. Bulletins 57-68
2015: Year of the Sunflower Irene Tibbenham Journal
60th Anniversary Open Gardens celebration Journal
The 80th anniversary of Barnhaven Primroses Jodie Mitchell Journal
A. T. Johnson Sue Catchpole Cornucopia
A.G.M. (report) Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
Achillea Coronation Gold R.B. Pole Bulletins 57-68
Aconitum - the dark side Rachel Raywood Journal
Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii' Marion Jay Cornucopia
Aconitums Sue Ward Cornucopia
Actaea matsumurae 'White Pearl' Gill Heavens POTM
Actaeas Sue Ward Cornucopia
Adopting Orphans Alex Pankhurst Journal
Advance of the Lupin A.G.L Hellyer Bulletins 57-68
Adventures with a compost tumbler Roy Stickland Cornucopia
Adventures with seed -the story of a novice Pauline Cooper Journal
Advisory service (start of) R.G. Elms Bulletins 57-68
Agapanthus The Hon. Lewis Palmer Bulletins 57-68
Agapanthus and the Love Hate Relationship Janet Sleep Cornucopia
Agapanthus 'Lilliput' Susan Young POTM
Alan Bloom, Chairman 1957-59 John Sambrook 10th Anniversary
Alchemilla mollis Helen Johnstone POTM
Alliums Jackie Currie Cornucopia
Alstromeria Ligtu hybrids Spencer F. Parker Bulletins 57-68
The Amazing Case of Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward Andrew Haynes Cornucopia
Amelanchier alnifolia var. pumila James McCombe POTM
Americans in the border Elspeth M Harris 10th Anniversary
Anaphalis triplinervis Pamphlets
Anemone blanda Andrew Luke and Miranda Janatka POTM
Annual General Meeting (Report) R.G. Elms Bulletins 57-68
Annual General Meeting (Report) N.J.P. Bulletins 57-68
Annual Meeting and Plant Exchange Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Antique plants Alice M. Coats Bulletins 57-68
Anwen’s Gardening Advice Ann Draycott Cornucopia
The Apothecaries’ Garden Mike Hayward Cornucopia
Appreciations Journal
Aquilegia 'Red Hobbit' Susan Young POTM
Aquilegias Ralph Gould Bulletins 57-68
Aquilegias Jennifer Harmer Cornucopia
Arabis alpina subsp. caucasicus 'Arctic Joy' Conservation Feature
Are There Aberdevines in Your Garden? Chris Sanders Cornucopia
Are you really the Boss? Keith Hare Cornucopia
Arisaema candidissimum Pamphlets
Aristocrats of the Buttercup family Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
Arum Andrew Luke POTM
Arum Italicum Bob Brown Cornucopia
Asclepias syriaca revisited John Silk Journal
Aster Ericoides P.W. Barret Bulletins 57-68
Aster novi-belgii Paul Picton Journal
Aster novi-belgii 'Plenty' Conservation Feature
Aster (Now Symphyotrichum) 'Farncombe Lilac' Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Asters Isabel E. Allen Bulletins 57-68
Astilbe 'Sheila Haxton' (was 'Rosemary Bloom') Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Attack of the Arisaemas! Febrin LePadden Cornucopia
Auriculas Peter Hart Cornucopia
An Austrian Scythe Monica Meeneghan Cornucopia
The Autumn Crocus Jane Norris Cornucopia
Autumn-Flowering Saxifrages John Sirkett Cornucopia
Ballota pseudodictamnus B&M 8119 Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Bamboozled (Or, What Not to Grow in Your Garden) Toni Frascina Cornucopia
Banana Saga Roy Stickland Cornucopia
'Barnsdale - The TV Years' - A Talk by Nick Hamilton Anne Still Cornucopia
Battle for a perfect Lily Joan Millard Cornucopia
Beautiful Burnets Anne Godfrey Cornucopia
The beauty of dried hardy plants E.W. Beck Bulletins 57-68
Bergenia 'Pugsley's Pink' Conservation Feature
Bergenia 'Pugsley's Pink' AGM Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Bergenias G.W. Robinson A.H.R.H.S. F.I.S. Bulletins 57-68
Bergenias Jennifer Harmer Cornucopia
Berry Beautiful Tim Longville Cornucopia
The Best Plants for Pots Bob Brown Journal
The Beth Chatto Gardens Sally-Ann Turner Journal
Beth Chatto OBE VMH Journal
The Beth Chatto Symposium: Ecological planting in the 21st century Colin Skelly Journal
Better borders Bob Brown Journal
Better late than never Duncan Skene Journal
Black frosts and green shoots Chloris Journal
Black Gold David Way Cornucopia
Blue and White Jackie Davies Cornucopia
Bodnant Winter Garden Gill and Keith Hallwood Cornucopia
Book review Tony Ewin Journal
Book review Journal
Book Review Journal
Book Review - Rosemary Verey's Garden Plans Mike Wheeler Cornucopia
Book Review (Collins guide to border plants - Frances Perry) Bulletins 57-68
Book review (Collins guide to bulbs - Patrick Synge) Robert F. Pearson Bulletins 57-68
Book Review: Designing with Grasses Mike Wheeler Cornucopia
Book Review – Dream Plants for the Natural Garden Jeremy Spon Cornucopia
Book Review (Hardy herbaceous plants - Lanning Roper) N.J.P. Bulletins 57-68
Book Review (Hardy Perennials - Alan Bloom) Bulletins 57-68
Book review (Hardy plants 'Amateur Gardening' Handbook No 30) N.J.P. Bulletins 57-68
Book Review (Herbaceous Garden Flora - F.K. Makins) Bulletins 57-68
Book review (Peonies by Gail Harland) Billy Carruthers Journal
Book review (Perennials for trouble free gardening - Alan Bloom) N.J.P. Bulletins 57-68
Book Review (Simple propogation - Noel J Procktor) Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
Book review (Some good gardening plants) David G. Baker Bulletins 57-68
Book review (The mixed border - Christopher Lloyd) N.J.P. Bulletins 57-68
Book Review (The modern florilegium - G.S. Thomas) Bulletins 57-68
Book Review- Dear Friend and Gardener Mike Wheeler Cornucopia
Book Reviews Janet Beakes and Sue Dockerill Journal
Books for exotic gardeners Nick Broughton Cornucopia
Books on Hellebores Diana Guy Hellebores
A Born Survivor Andrew Lawes Cornucopia
The botanical garden, Munich David Barker Bulletins 57-68
A Botanical Garden with a difference Don Whitton Cornucopia
Bountiful biennials Derry Watkins Journal
Bracken in the Garden Martin Spray Journal
Breakfast With Sam Susan Rowe Cornucopia
Breeding new varieties Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Brief encounters with a few shady characters Peter Williams Journal
A brief survey of the genus Trillium Kenneth A. Beckett Bulletins 57-68
Bringing plants from abroad Robert S.W. Pollard Bulletins 57-68
Brought to Book Alex Pankhurst Journal
Browsing Denis Hardwicke 10th Anniversary
Brunnera - Jewels of the Spring Garden Don Witton Cornucopia
Brunnera Macrophylla Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Bryan’s Ground Liz Buckingham Cornucopia
Butter and cream Alice M. Coats Bulletins 57-68
Calla Lilies Geoffrey Frankcom Cornucopia
Callicarpa bodinieri var giraldii 'Profusion' AGM Ruth Baumberg POTM
Calories in the Garden Derek Cooper Cornucopia
Camassia Stella Exley Cornucopia
Campanula latifolia var. alba Ruth Baumberg POTM
Campanula Trachelium HG.H. Preston F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Campanulas Wendy V Carlile 10th Anniversary
Can the Benefits of Using Soil Microbes be Seen? David Way Journal
Can We Prevent Frost Pockets? Rob Senior Cornucopia
Candy Carrot, Spignel and Matthiasella Tim Ingram Journal
Cardamine glanduligera Ruth Baumberg POTM
Cardamine quinquefolia Gill Mullin POTM
Cardamine Quinquefolia Dawn Trenchard Cornucopia
A case study for ecological plantings in public gardens Chris Flynn Journal
Catalogues, Nurseries and the Inimitable Mr Brown Alan Hale Cornucopia
Cautleya Helen Johnstone POTM
Cautleya spicata James McCombe POTM
Chaerophyllum hirsutum 'Roseum' Gill Heavens POTM
Chainsaw Art Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Changes in plant names Bulletins 57-68
Changes in plant names Bulletins 57-68
The charm of pink Alice M. Coats and Kay N Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
Cheiranthus 'Harpur Crewe' Pamphlets
Chelsea 2009 Sandra Hartley Journal
Chelsea 2017 Mick Dunstan Journal
The Chelsea Chop Pam Tatam Cornucopia
The Chelsea Experience Julie Harvey Cornucopia
Chelsea Preview Mick Dunstan Journal
Chimonanthus praecox Andrew Luke and Miranda Janatka POTM
Chocolate Cosmos Sheila Phillips Cornucopia
Choosing the best plants Bob Brown Journal
Chop it Down?? Souren Ala Journal
Christmas cards with a garden theme John McCormack Journal
Christmas trees for high summer Kevin Line Journal
Chrysanthemum 'Dulwich Pink' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'Dulwich Pink' Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'E.H. Wilson' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'Early Yellow' Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'Early Yellow' Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'Lucy Simpson' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'Mrs Jessie Cooper' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Chrysanthemum 'Picasso' Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'Romantica' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Chrysanthemum 'Ruby Mound' Gill Mullin POTM
Chrysoplenium macrophyllum Gill Mullin POTM
Cistus x cyprius Susan Young POTM
Clematis – a Talk by Marcus Dancer Peter Hart Cornucopia
Clematis for year-round interest Mike Millington Journal
Clematis from seed Maggie Duguid Cornucopia
Clematis in Mediterranean and Temperate Zones - drought, myth & facts Mary Toomey Journal
Clematis Pruning Maggie Duguid Cornucopia
Clematis pruning Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Clematis rehderiana Ruth Baumberg POTM
The Clematis Wall Barbara O'Brien Cornucopia
Climbing Plants – a Talk by Barry Gaydon Anne Still Cornucopia
Codonopsis Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Comfrey Frank Caunt Cornucopia
Comments on an open garden Peter Williams Journal
Common sense with Paeonies Donal Leatherdale F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Competition (society emblem) Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
Compo gets the point Compo Steep Cornucopia
Composting thoughts Anthony Ewin Cornucopia
Confessions of a Plantswoman Ann Cann Cornucopia
Conservation Plants - Where are they now? Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Conservation Plants at Chelsea Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Conservation plants in the garden Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Conservation plants: tried and tested Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
The Contrariness of Clematis Joan Cooper Cornucopia
The Cornish Shovel Andrew Haynes Cornucopia
Cornus Kousa 'China Girl' Nigel Needham Cornucopia
Coronilla glauca Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Correa backhouseana Gill Heavens POTM
Corydalis solida Ruth Baumberg POTM
Corylopsis pauciflora James McCombe POTM
Cottage garden perennials Margery Fish Bulletins 57-68
Crack Addicts Alex Pankhurst Journal
Crinodendon hookeranium Jill M Pitman Cornucopia
The Cultivation of Agapanthus Gary Dunlop Cornucopia
The Cultivation of Phlox Jennifer Harmer Cornucopia
Curiouser and curiouser Heather Russell Journal
Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice Janet Sleep Journal
Cuttings Wendy Sime Cornucopia
Cuttings and seeds in bottles Jill Pitman Cornucopia
A cuttings garden Teresa Farnham Journal
Cyclamen Valerie Livesey Cornucopia
Cyclamen Foliage Bob Brown Cornucopia
Cyclamen hederifolium James McCombe POTM
Dactylorhiza Orchids Debbie Leonard Cornucopia
Daffodils - was Wordsworth right? Susan Rowe Cornucopia
Dahlia 'Glorie van Heemstede' AGM Gill Mullin POTM
Dahlias come in from the cold Rosemary Mitchell Cornucopia
Dahlias: One for the Pot Susan Rowe Cornucopia
Daisy Days – a Talk by Helen Picton Peter Hart Cornucopia
Dandelions Jennifer H. Creech Cornucopia
Daphnes Hugh Blundstone Cornucopia
David Barker Sally-Ann Turner Journal
Delphiniums - a talk by Mark Lyman Peter Schofield Cornucopia
Desert island plants Val Bourne Journal
Desirable Interlopers Marion Jay Cornucopia
Deutzia setchuenensis var. corymbiflora Gill Mullin POTM
Developing and Planting a Camellia Walk Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
The development of the herbaceous border Walter Gilmour A.Inst.P.A. Bulletins 57-68
Dianthus 'Gold Dust' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Diascia Janet Boulding Cornucopia
Dictamnus albus Susan Young POTM
Dierama - The Harebells of Africa Ruth Plant Cornucopia
Dierama cultivation and propagation Gary Dunlop Cornucopia
Dieramas Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Digital Photography in the Garden Karin Proudfoot Cornucopia
Digitalis Kay N Sanecki 10th Anniversary
Digitalis trojana Ruth Baumberg POTM
Dimorphothetica Barberiae Bulletins 57-68
Do You Puddle? Andrew Haynes Cornucopia
Dolomitic delights Peter Regan Journal
Don't be scared of Orange Lys de Bray Cornucopia
Double Primroses Margery Fish 10th Anniversary
Doubtful hardiness Bulletins 57-68
Downy mildew - the new killer disease of Aquilegia Carrie Thomas Journal
Dreaming of moccasins and slippers Gill Regan Journal
Drought tolerant sedums Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Easy-to-grow hardy Lillies M.E. Leeburn Bulletins 57-68
Echinacea Jennie Maillard Cornucopia
Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Echinacea – the Cone Flower Rob and Diane Cole Cornucopia
Echoes of Historic Japanese Gardens Ana Oliveira Journal
End Piece Louise Beebe Wilder Journal
Enemies of herbaceous plants W.N. Lawfield Bulletins 57-68
Epimedium 'Milky Way' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Epimedium x warleyensis 'Orangekonigin' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Epimediums Don Witton Cornucopia
Erigeron 'Sincerity' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Erigeron 'Sincerity' Conservation Feature
Erodiums Judy Coulson Cornucopia
Erodiums Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Eryngiums Janet Gears Cornucopia
Erysimum 'Bloody Warrior' Conservation Feature
Erysimum "Bowles' Yellow" Conservation Feature
Erysimum 'Lewis Hart' Conservation Feature
Erysimum 'Ruston Royal' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Erythronium Andrew Luke POTM
Eucomis - coconut or boiled cabbage Alison Mayall Cornucopia
Euonymus cornutus var. quinquecornutus AGM(2012) Ruth Baumberg POTM
Eupatorium maculatum 'Riesenschirm' AGM Ruth Baumberg POTM
Euphorbia fragifera Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Euphorbia fragifera Conservation Feature
Euphorbia x pasteurii Don Witton Cornucopia
Euphorbiaciae Jennifer Harmer Cornucopia
Euphorbias Margery Fish Bulletins 57-68
Euphorbias in the garden - good doers in different conditions and situations Don Witton Journal
Evergreen hardy ferns Helen Johnstone POTM
An Exotic Escape in Luton Neil Jones and Omar Domingo Cornucopia
An exotic Oasis Mary Argent Cornucopia
Experiments with Echinacea Rob Cole Journal
The exploitation of hardy plants in Nepal Kamal Adhikari Journal
Extracts from the post Bulletins 57-68
Eyeful or awful Judy Harry Journal
Fabulous Friendly Fungi Marion Jay Cornucopia
Facts and figures F.V.P. Bulletins 57-68
The family Foxglove A.P. Balfour F.L.S. V.M.H. Bulletins 57-68
Family relations Tim Ingram Journal
The fascination of Hellebores Margery Fish Bulletins 57-68
Fatal attraction Compo Steep Cornucopia
Fatsia japonica Helen Johnstone POTM
Favourite Garden Tools Brian Cromie Cornucopia
Favourite Geraniums Robin Moss Cornucopia
Ferns as Winter Features Andrew Lawes Cornucopia
Fertilizers and hardy perennials Keith Paisley A.M.I.Boil., Dip. Hort. Bulletins 57-68
A few easy hepaticas and the best ways to enjoy them Glenn Shapiro Cornucopia
A few things you might not know about the Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming Derek Cooper Journal
Fine supporting case Alex Pankhurst Journal
The First Cut is the Deepest Colin Moat Cornucopia
Five for Shade Joe Sime Cornucopia
A Floral Formula Gill Wragg Cornucopia
A flower and butterfly trip to Eastern Turkey Ruth Baumberg Journal
A flower and butterfly trip to the Alpes Maritimes in southern France Ruth Baumberg Journal
Flower Hunters Book review Journal
A flower to make a merry heart Alison Mallett Cornucopia
The Flowering of Melianthus Major John Hudson Cornucopia
Flowers fit for a Dalai Lama Chris Chadwell Journal
Flowers fit for a Dalai Lama Chris Chadwell Journal
The Flowers of Himachal Pradesh; A Talk by Sue Jackman Karen Sparrow Cornucopia
Flowery lawns Alison Mallett Cornucopia
Focus on hardy Chrysanthemums A.L. Baxter Bulletins 57-68
Foliage plants Margery Fish Bulletins 57-68
A formal garden Anthony Ewin Journal
Forward not back Janet Sleep Cornucopia
Founders and Descendants: 60 Years On, the People Who Made the Hardy Plant Society Pamela Clark Journal
Fountain Grass Magic Neil Lucas Cornucopia
Four Phlox Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Four star plants Marny Macintosh Bulletins 57-68
Freedom versus Control Jenny Papé Cornucopia
French connection Margaret Brown Journal
French connection Margaret Brown Journal
From a member Dr. T.C. O'Connor Bulletins 57-68
From a member (The Lavender muddle) John D. Panton Bulletins 57-68
From Russia with passion Sergey Kalyakin Journal
From Russia Jeffrey Bryce Journal
From Sussex to Como Penelope S Hellyer Journal
From the Archive: Invasion by Tigers Frances M. Birkett Journal
From the post Bulletins 57-68
From the post Bulletins 57-68
From the post Bulletins 57-68
From the post Bulletins 57-68
From the post Bulletins 57-68
From the post Bulletins 57-68
From the secretary R.G. Elms Bulletins 57-68
From the secretary (By R.H.S. Ticket) R.G. Elms Bulletins 57-68
The fruits of our labours Janet Sleep Journal
Fuchsia 'Empress of Prussia' AGM Gill Mullin POTM
Fuchsia microphylla Gill Heavens POTM
Full Frontal Fern Alder Journal
The Future of Gardening? Jane Hunt Cornucopia
Galanthus 'Curly' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Garden Blogging Julieanne Porter Cornucopia
Garden Hepaticas Sue Ward Cornucopia
A Garden in East Kent Jeremy Spon Journal
Garden of Two Halves Barbara O'Brien Cornucopia
Garden Pests Chloris Journal
Garden visiting in Northern France Mike Chapman Cornucopia
Gardener's bookshelf Tim Ingram Journal
A Gardener's Guide to Native Plants of Britain and Ireland Twink Addison Journal
Gardeners in training William Stanger Journal
Gardeners Question Time Sally Pearson Cornucopia
Gardening by the moon Liz Ware & Fern Alder Journal
Gardening friends Ralph Green Bulletins 57-68
Gardening from seed - a personal story Barbara Matthewman Journal
Gardening in a small space Joe Rice Cornucopia
Gardening in Damp Shade Mandy Featherstone Cornucopia
Gardening in wind and sand S.E. Lytle Bulletins 57-68
Gardening is easy Gill Heavens Journal
A gardening life - learning from the wild Gill Regan Journal
Gardening on heavy clay Keith & Lorna Ferguson Journal
Gardening under trees Alix Swift Bulletins 57-68
Gardening under trees (part 2) Alix Swift Bulletins 57-68
Gardens in Brittany Val White Cornucopia
Gardens open to members in 1958 Bulletins 57-68
The Garlic recipe Joan Cooper Cornucopia
Garrya elliptica 'James Roof' Susan Young POTM
Gathering gardener's knowledge Noel Kingsbury Journal
Gentiana 'Alpha Seedling' James McCombe POTM
The genus Liatris Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
The genus Mecanopsis (Letters) Bulletins 57-68
The genus Monarda G.W. Monarda A.H.R.H.S. A.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
The genus Potentilla Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
George Parker Judy Harry Journal
Geranium 'Ann Folkhard' Oliver Folkard Cornucopia
Geranium clarkei 'Kashmir blue' James McCombe POTM
Geranium Maderense Glenda Ostick Cornucopia
Geranium x oxonianum 'Diane's Treasure' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Geranium phaeum 'Joseph Green' Lynne Edwards Cornucopia
Geranium 'Pink Delight' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Geranium 'Pink Delight' Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Geranium sylvaticum Gill Mullin POTM
Geraniums - a personal appraisal Ursula Williams Journal
A gesture against the wild? Martin Spray Journal
Getting the measure of snowdrops Tim Ingram Journal
Geum Book review Journal
Geums Sue Martin Cornucopia
A Gift of a Packet of Seed Judy Coulson Cornucopia
Gladiolus, Kniphofia etc. Colin Moat Journal
A Gold-Medal park Mick Dunstan Journal
Gone to seed? Anita Chapman Cornucopia
The good Campanulas Peter Hunt Bulletins 57-68
The good, the bad and the unknown – tales from the HPS Conservation Scheme Jan Vaughan Journal
The grafting of herbaceous material Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
Green Manures Mike Wheeler Cornucopia
Grevillea 'Canberra Gem' Helen Johnstone POTM
Grey and silver plants Mary Hember Cornucopia
Grow the flags David G. Baker Bulletins 57-68
Growing Ferns from Spores Sue Dockerill Journal
Growing half-hardy plants - a post-February 2009 update Rob Senior Journal
Growing old with my garden Jean Gommersall Journal
Growing Peonies from Seed Gordon Cottis Cornucopia
The growing popularity of Meconopsis H.G. Lyall Bulletins 57-68
A guide to basic lily growing Harris Howland Journal
Guilt in the garden Gill Heavens Journal
Guilty as Charged Judy Harry Journal
Gwladys Tonge Jean Sambrook Journal
Gypsophila Bristol Fairy G.W. Harrington Bulletins 57-68
Halesia tetraptera Andrew Luke POTM
A Half Hardy border from seed R.J. Huntley Bulletins 57-68
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Pallida' James McCombe POTM
Hardiness - an update Bob Brown Journal
Hardwick Hall Bulletins 57-68
Hardy Begonias Elizabeth McManus Cornucopia
Hardy border chrysanthemums Barrie Machin Journal
Hardy Fern varieties J.W. Dyce Bulletins 57-68
Hardy ferns as garden plants Jean Taylor B.Sc. Bulletins 57-68
Hardy foliage for 'tropical effect' Bob Brown Journal
Hardy herbaceous plants for tubs and containers Lanning Roper Bulletins 57-68
Hardy perennials for dry shade Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
Hardy perennials for show Wendy V Carlile Bulletins 57-68
Hardy Perennials from Seed Rob & Diane Cole Cornucopia
Hardy perennials in France Serge Vade 10th Anniversary
The Hardy Plant Directory and The Plant Finder Rob Cole Cornucopia
The Hardy Plant Society 10th Anniversary
The Hardy Plant Society (1910 onwards) Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
A hardy plant you may not know P. Wood Bulletins 57-68
Hardy plants for bedding S.M. Gault A.H.R.H.S. Bulletins 57-68
Hardy Plants for industrial areas Frederick Fletcher Bulletins 57-68
Hardy plants for seaside districts Christine Kelway Bulletins 57-68
Hardy Plants for the pond margin Frances Perry F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Hardy Plants from seed A.G.L. Hellyer 10th Anniversary
Hardy plants you may not know Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Hardy Plants you may not know Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Hardy Plants you may not know Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Hardy plantsmen past and present (Amos Perry) Bulletins 57-68
A Hardy Surprise Elaine Boot Cornucopia
Has Your Garden Got Enough Structure Stephanie Lee Cornucopia
Have Fun and Hybridise Brita Carson Cornucopia
Have You Seen This Plant? Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Have You Thought About a Hydroprop? Roy Stickland Cornucopia
Hebe 'Nantyderry' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Hebe 'Nantyderry' Conservation Feature
Hedera colchica 'Paddy's Pride' AGM Gill Mullin POTM
Helenium 'Sombrero' Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
The Heleniums David Barker Bulletins 57-68
Heleniums: Brides of the Sun Janet & Martin Blow Cornucopia
A helianthus by any other name - full circle Helen Mount Journal
Helianthus x multiflorus 'Meteor' Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Hellebore Breeders Diana Guy Hellebores
'Hellebores - Why I'm Interested After All These Years' - A Talk by Julian Sutton Karin Proudfoot Cornucopia
Hellebores as Cut Flowers Diana Guy Hellebores
Helleborus x hybridus Ruth Baumberg POTM
Helleborus x hybridus 'Picotee' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Helleborus oriental hybrids Andrew Luke and Miranda Janatka POTM
Hemerocallis Brita Carson Cornucopia
Hemerocallis 'Albany' Conservation Feature
Hemerocallis 'Apple Court Damson' Conservation Feature
Hemerocallis 'Cherry Ripe' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Hemerocallis 'Helle Berlinerin' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Hemerocallis 'Hyde Hall' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Hepaticas Ronnie Golisti Cornucopia
Her Dark Materials Toni Frascina Cornucopia
Herbaceous border, Castle grounds Cardiff T.A. Hill Bulletins 57-68
Herbaceous Pentemons of the western United States Myrtle Hebert Bulletins 57-68
Herbaceous Perennials between the wars Noel J Prockter 10th Anniversary
Herbaceous Verbascum H.C. Pugsley Bulletins 57-68
Herbs as perennial border plants Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
Hesperantha coccinea 'Cindy Towe' Conservation Feature
Hestercombe Marion Jay Cornucopia
Heuchera x brizoides 'Snowflakes' Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Heuchera 'Brown Finch' Conservation Feature
Heuchera 'Burgundy Frost' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Heuchera 'Burgundy Frost' AGM Conservation Feature
Heuchera 'David' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Heuchera 'David' Conservation Feature
Heucheras Alan Bloom 10th Anniversary
Heucheras - their cultivation and use Gareth Batts Journal
Heucherellas for Hanging Baskets Dorothy Harriman Cornucopia
High Times Martin Blow Cornucopia
A high-wire Act Judy Harry Journal
‘The Hills Are Alive...’ (with perennial meadows) Souren Ala Journal
A Himalayan Garden Elaine Taylor Cornucopia
Himalayan plants from wild collected seed Eric Lee Cornucopia
Hodmedods and Friends Alex Pankhurst Cornucopia
Hoheria Harry Brickwood Cornucopia
Honour of Russia Sergey Kalyakin Journal
Horticultural Graffiti Dorothy Harriman Cornucopia
Hostas and Hellebores Oliver Dawson Bulletins 57-68
Hostas and slugs Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Hotbins Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Hotbins Update Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
How many ways to kill a plant? Alex Pankhurst Journal
How plants work Gail Summerfield Journal
How plants work - flowers Gail Summerfield Journal
How Plants Work - Seeds and Fruits Gail Summerfield Journal
How plants work - stems Gail Summerfield Journal
How plants work part 2 - roots Gail Summerfield Journal
How to collect, dry and save seed W.K. Askett Bulletins 57-68
How to deal with dry shade Joe Sime Cornucopia
How to have a bulbous bonanza Heather Russell Cornucopia
How to stay cool in Summer Janet Dolling Cornucopia
How we made our garden Peter Hart Journal
How will climate change affect our gardens, and what can we do? Timothy Riggs Journal
The HPS Advisory Service Journal
HPS Champion – Sandra Hartley Cathy Rollinson Journal
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service Journal
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service Emma Reece Journal
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service Journal
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service Journal
HPS Photographic Competition 2017 Brian Hackett Journal
HPS Photography Competition 2012 Trevor Walton Journal
"Hurrah for Hellebores" Diana Guy Hellebores
Hurray for seed donors! Pauline Cooper, Seed Distribution Coordinator Journal
Hypericum x inordum 'Ysella' Conservation Feature
Ideas for border variation Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Idle Jottings Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
Idle Thoughts in Autumn Rain Martin Spray Journal
If at first... Rob Senior Cornucopia
Impatiens omeiana Gill Heavens POTM
The Importance of Labels Erica Thomson Cornucopia
In Defence of the Lilac Sue Lander Cornucopia
In praise of Anemones Sue Gray Cornucopia
In Praise of Bushes Fran Scott Cornucopia
In praise of Coronillas Margaret Doble Cornucopia
In praise of Descampsia flexuosa Souren Ala Journal
In praise of Ligularia Gwladys Tonge Cornucopia
In Praise of the Lesser Celandine Bob Foulds Cornucopia
In Praise of the Mighty Eucalyptus Christine Hibberd Cornucopia
In praise of the primrose Barbara Matthewman Cornucopia
In Praise of...Cannas Roger Trigg Cornucopia
In pursuit of new plants - the driving force behind Hillier Nurseries Kevin Hobbes Journal
In search of the blue poppy - a botanical trip to Sikkim Ruth Baumberg Journal
In support of bees Helen Mount Journal
In support of salvias Steve Hickman Journal
In the front line Judy Harry Journal
In the Pink Madeleine McCormack Cornucopia
In the pink with orange Lesley Kant Cunneen Journal
Incarceration, Liberation and Sex Change in Arisaema Peter Williams Journal
Incidents without colour Martin Spray Journal
Insects and Gardens Book review Journal
Inspiration or Lunacy? Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Interesting hybrid Willow-Herbs H.C. Pugsley Bulletins 57-68
Invaders David Reeks Cornucopia
Iran and Turkey Paul Furse F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Iris - the Rainbow Flower Gwen Scott Cornucopia
Iris 'Amiguita' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Iris ensata 'Mandarin' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Iris foetidissima Helen Johnstone POTM
Iris Innominata David Barton Bulletins 57-68
Iris Keampferi Frances Perry F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Iris lazica AGM Gill Mullin POTM
Iris 'Peter Hewitt' Conservation Feature
Iris reticulata 'Harmony' James McCombe POTM
Iris x robusta 'Dark Aura' Conservation Feature
Iris sibirica 'Shirley Pope' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Iris sibirica 'Weisse Etagen' Gill Mullin POTM
Iris 'Stephen Wilcox' (Sib) Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Iris unguicularis Ruth Baumberg POTM
Iris unguicularis Trisha Cooper Cornucopia
Iris variegata intermediata 'Gypsy Queen' Conservation Feature
Iris variegata var. reginae ‘Bozhimir Davidov’ Helen Mount Conservation Feature
Iris variegata var. reginae f. davidovii Conservation Feature
Is your garden buzzing? Tim Riggs Journal
Island borders Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
It Loves Me, It Loves Me Not Judy Pollitt Cornucopia
It seems to me Anthea Sokell Journal
It seems to me... Alex Pankhurst Journal
It seems to me... Joan Cooper Journal
It seems to me... Paul McBride Journal
Italian herbaceous plants in British gardens Henry Cocker A.H.R.H.S. Bulletins 57-68
Japanese Gardening Peggy Kurata 10th Anniversary
The Japanese Way Organoman Cornucopia
Jean Harris Judy Harry Journal
A Jewel for the Autumn Pauline Cooper Cornucopia
Joe Swift Stole my Thunder Margaret Nichol Cornucopia
Just for fun Frances Brummitt Bulletins 57-68
The Kenneth Black Bursary Scheme Anna Peacock Journal
Kirengeshoma palmata Helen Johnstone POTM
Kiss me over the garden gate Andrew Lawes Cornucopia
Kniphofias Frances Perry F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Labour saving hardy plants S.M. Gault A.H.R.H.S. Bulletins 57-68
Lacking artistic flair Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Lagerstroemia Andrew Luke POTM
Land of the llamas - north-west Argentina Lorna and Keith Ferguson Journal
Layers of Light Marion Jay Cornucopia
Leaf spot of Peonies and Hellebores D.E. Green M.Sc. Bulletins 57-68
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The Learning Curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The Learning Curve Val Bourne Journal
The Learning Curve Val Bourne Journal
The learning curve Val Bourne Journal
The Learning Curve Val Bourne Journal
Learning curve Autumn 2009 Val Bourne Journal
Learning curve Spring 2010 Val Bourne Journal
The Legacy of Ellen Willmott David Pollitt Cornucopia
Less common autumn perennials Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Less commonly cultivated Geraniums Kenneth A. Beckett Bulletins 57-68
Lessons from India Richard Holman Journal
Lessons learned from a sunny little patch Souren Ala Journal
Lessons my garden has taught me Derry Watkins Journal
Letter from Australia P.R. Wood Bulletins 57-68
Leucojum vernum James McCombe POTM
Libertia grandiflora Susan Young POTM
The life of a professional gardener Rupert Wade Cornucopia
Lilium Mackliniae James McCombe POTM
Lilium martagon Gill Mullin POTM
Lilium martagon Alison Mayall Cornucopia
Lillies through the season in a Cotswold garden Patrick Bucknell Journal
A Little Bit of Pre-History Lys de Bray Cornucopia
A little ridiculous Martin Spray Journal
Living walls Irene Tibbenham Journal
Living with a Hostaholic Dot Patterson Cornucopia
Living with drought Janet Sleep Journal
Lobelia Cardinalis and hybrids H.C. Pugsley Bulletins 57-68
Lobelia excelsa Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Lobelia tupa Helen Johnstone POTM
Lobelias G.W. Robinson A.H.R.H.S. F.I.S. Bulletins 57-68
Location... Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Lonicera fragrantissima Susan Young POTM
Looking at Plants by the Sea Ruth Baumberg Journal
Looking back, and forwards Gwladys Tonge Journal
Looking forwards by looking back! Heather Booker Journal
Loose and woodsy! Walt Bubelis Journal
Love and Lust – Some Variegated Plants Sue Lander Cornucopia
Love Is… Rob Senior Cornucopia
Lupins to colour from seed A.G.L. Hellyer Bulletins 57-68
The lure of the new Derry Watkins Journal
Lychnis cognata BSWJ4234 Conservation Feature
Lychnis x walkeri 'Abbotswood Rose' (AGM) Conservation Feature
Mad dogs and pixie cups Martin & Rowan Spray Journal
Magic Seed Fairies Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Mahonia x media 'Lionel Fortescue' Susan Young POTM
Make new friends Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Making a Mountain Garden in Crete Elaine Trevitt Cornucopia
Malta - scrubland or botanical paradise Penelope S Hellyer Journal
Malus hupehensis AGM Gill Mullin POTM
Margery Fish: A Gardening Great David Pollitt Cornucopia
Marianne North Sandy Monk Cornucopia
Mathiasella bupleuroides Roger Trigg Cornucopia
Meconopsis betonicifolia Andrew Luke POTM
Megaherbs Martin Wilkie Journal
A member writes An ordinary member 10th Anniversary
Members ask Bulletins 57-68
Members ask Bulletins 57-68
Members ask Bulletins 57-68
Members' gardens, open to celebrate! Journal
A members impression of the outing to Wisley Peter Luckhurst Bulletins 57-68
Memories Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Mertensia Virginica - The Virginia Bluebell Rob Cole Cornucopia
Michaelmas Daisies Margaret C. Gibbins Bulletins 57-68
Midget borders Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Midst bricks and mortar F.A. Boddy N.D.H., D.Inst.P.A. Bulletins 57-68
Mild and Mellow Angela McCreery Cornucopia
Miscanthus John Summerfield Cornucopia
Miss R Pole, our Chairman Miss B White 10th Anniversary
Missing Information Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Mistletoe Yvonne Matthews Cornucopia
A Mixed Blessing Jean Rush Cornucopia
A Modified Crevice Garden Hilary Hide Cornucopia
The Mojave: a desert for flower and film lovers James Fitzmaurice with Gwyn and David Sivertsen Journal
More about toad lilies Malcolm Michael Cornucopia
More Hardy Plants worth seeking Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
More labour saving plants Bulletins 57-68
More questions and answers from the HPS Advisory Service Emma Reece Journal
Movement in plants Peggy Dawe Cornucopia
A Moving Experience Judy Harry Journal
Mukdenia Aileen Stocks Journal
Muscari macrocarpum 'Golden Fragrance' Gill Heavens POTM
My bog garden Rupert Wade Cornucopia
My 'Dream Garden' Heather Russell Journal
My four-star plants A.G.L Hellyer A.H.R.H.S. Bulletins 57-68
My Garden in Spring Jo Goldsworthy Cornucopia
My small town garden Roger F. Watson Bulletins 57-68
My Three Favourite Gardening Books Dorothy Harriman Cornucopia
My Twelve Favourites Gill Mullin POTM
A myth of Paeonies G.W. Hitchcock Bulletins 57-68
Na Liosan Stuart Oakley Journal
Narcissus cyclamineus Andrew Luke and Miranda Janatka POTM
Narcissus ‘Weardale Perfection’ – a tale of discovery, loss and resurrection Peter Williams Journal
Nasturtium officinale Geoff Aston Cornucopia
Neoshirakia japonica Andrew Luke and Miranda Janatka POTM
Nerines James McCombe POTM
Nerines - doing it by the book Patricia Connor Cornucopia
New Ambassadors spread the word Geoff Hodge Journal
A New Approach to Extending the Season? Sue Stockwell Cornucopia
The new Centenary Border at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens David Jewell Journal
New knowledge, new language David Way Journal
New series double auriculas Graeme P Butler Journal
No hiding place Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
No Trouble Alex Pankhurst Journal
North American woodlanders Keith Ferguson Journal
Not losing the plot Gordon James Journal
Notes from Notinghamshire R.C.L. Howitt Bulletins 57-68
Notes from the pen of David White David White Bulletins 57-68
Notes on plant collecting Paul Furse 10th Anniversary
Notes on the genus Hosta Graham Thomas Bulletins 57-68
Noteworthy hardy perennials of 1958 Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
Nottingham Botanic Garden QR Codes Erica Lax Cornucopia
A Novice's Guide to the Big Blue Poppy Clive Plant Cornucopia
Nurturenature: Growing a Healing Garden Helena Davies Journal
Obituaries (Frank Kingdon-Ward & Charles Debnam) Bulletins 57-68
Obituary (Capt B. Symons-Jeune) Bulletins 57-68
Obituary (Mr. W.E. Ingwersen V.M.H.) Bulletins 57-68
Obituary (Thomas Carlile) S.M. Gault Bulletins 57-68
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Of Scrooge and Snowdrops Stella Tracey Cornucopia
Of weeds, winds, water and wildlife Judy Harry Journal
The old double Primrose G.E. Emmerson Bulletins 57-68
Old Fashioned Remedies Rhoda Clark Cornucopia
The old ones are the best Janet Sleep Journal
Omphalodes cappadocica Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
On the road in search of lilies Alan Mirchell Journal
Once bitten... Chris James Cornucopia
Onwards and Upwards Febrin LePadden Cornucopia
Orchids in the garden Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
Orchids to grow in your garden Jeff Hutchings Journal
Organic gardening - is it for you? Heather Booker, Corrine Layton, Chris Strachan, Bob Brown & Sue Lander Journal
Organic Horticultural Fleece Lyn Spencer-Mills Cornucopia
The Orient in Yorkshire Jenny Rhodes Cornucopia
Ornamental grasses W. Howell F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Ornamentals in the Orchard James McCombe Cornucopia
Our Favourite Plants for Brightening up Summer Shade Shade and Woodland Plants Group committee members Journal
Our first Outing Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Our first show Bulletins 57-68
Our Scottish weekend Various members Journal
Our trip to Oxford and Waterperry Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Out of sight, out of mind Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
Out with the rogues and in with the new Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Outstanding plants of the year A.J. Huxley Bulletins 57-68
Over the garden wall - part 2 Mick Dunstan Journal
Over the garden wall in Worcestershire Mick Dunstan Journal
Oxford Botanic Garden Ben Green Cornucopia
Pachyphragma macrophyllum Gill Mullin POTM
Pacific Coast Irises Brita Carson Cornucopia
Paeonia mascula subsp. russii Ruth Baumberg POTM
Painswick Rococo Garden John and Valerie Norrington-Davies Cornucopia
Patagonian plants we grow in Britain Keith and Lorna Ferguson Journal
Pauline Cooper Anita Chapman Journal
Payback - A Talk by Bob Brown Jeremy Spon Cornucopia
Peas for pleasure Hazel Finney Cornucopia
Pennisetum villosum Susan Young POTM
Pennisetums John Summerfield Cornucopia
Penstemon Andrew Luke POTM
Penstemon Diseases Sandy Monk Cornucopia
Penstemon 'Margery Fish' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
The Penstemonians Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Peonies on an Allotment Penny Johnson Cornucopia
Peony Hybridisation and Seed Sowing Judy Templar Cornucopia
People watching Jane Allison Cornucopia
Perennial Centaureas for the Garden Martin & Janet Blow Cornucopia
Perfume Is Personal Sue Hutcheson Cornucopia
Permaculture garden Narinder Sohal Cornucopia
Persicaria polymorpha Gill Mullin POTM
Petasites Fragrans - a warning E.A. Lett Bulletins 57-68
Phlox 'Blue paradise' Gill Mullin POTM
Phlox paniculata 'Becky Towe' Jennifer Harmer Cornucopia
Phlox paniculata 'Bosvigo Pink' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Phlox paniculata 'Caroline van den Berg' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Phlox paniculata 'Grey Lady' Conservation Feature
Phlox paniculata 'Lady Clare' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Phlox paniculata 'Maude Stella Dagley' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Phlox paniculata 'Milly van Hoboken' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Phormium phun Paul Ingleton Journal
Photographic Competition Bulletins 57-68
Photographic competition 2013 Trevor Walton Journal
Photographic competition 2014 Brian Hackett Journal
Photographic competition 2015 Brian Hackett Journal
Photographic Competition 2016 Brian Hackett Journal
Photography workshop Rupert Wade Cornucopia
Phygelius Andrew Luke POTM
Pictorial meadows Judy Pollitt Cornucopia
A Pint of the Best Jan Vaughan Cornucopia
Pinus aristata James McCombe POTM
Plant Breeders' Rights Don Witton Cornucopia
Plant breeding with hardiness in mind Geoffrey Smith Bulletins 57-68
Plant collector or garden designer? Adrian Bloom Journal
A Plant Community Febrin LePadden Cornucopia
A Plant of Interest; Edgeworthia Nigel Needham Cornucopia
Planting Bulbs for Colour Next Year Rob Cole Journal
Planting in dry shade Sue Catchpole Journal
Plants for clay soil gardening Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Plants for Dry Shade Val Garrett Cornucopia
Plants For Free Janet Norman Cornucopia
Plants for light soils W.K. Aslet Bulletins 57-68
Plants for shade Margery Fish Bulletins 57-68
Plants from the edge of the world Valerie Livesey Cornucopia
Plants I long to have Margery Fish Bulletins 57-68
Plants I long to have A.V. Pike N.D.H. Bulletins 57-68
Plants I long to have Wendy V Carlile, Will Ingwersen, Ralph Gould and J.C. Fensome Bulletins 57-68
Plants in Chiang Mai Ann Cann Cornucopia
Plants in Pots Hazel Finney Cornucopia
Plants, people and places Roy Lancaster Journal
Plants that deserve a wider audience Val Bourne Journal
Plants wanted (by Margery Fish) Bulletins 57-68
Plantsman in the 21st Century Tim Ingram Journal
The plateau of orchids Gordon James Journal
Playing With the Big Boys Joe Sime Cornucopia
Pleasant Surprises Janet Sleep Journal
The pleasure and pain of an open garden Gill Heavens Journal
Plumping up the borders Derry Watkins Journal
Poisonous plants in your garden Moira Savonius Bulletins 57-68
Polemonium 'Sonia's Bluebell' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Potentilla 'Gloire de Nancy' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Potting on Susan Ferguson Cornucopia
Powis Castle Bulletins 57-68
Preliminary notes in the study of genus Serratula Bernard E. Harkness Bulletins 57-68
President Perspective - Plants, People, Places Roy Lancaster Journal
President's perspective - plants, people, places Roy Lancaster Journal
Prickly but permanent - The sea Hollies E.C.M. Haes Bulletins 57-68
Primroses Alex Pankhurst Cornucopia
'Primroses' - A Talk by Joe Sharman Sue Lander Cornucopia
Primula aureata Judi Barton Cornucopia
Primula denticulata Helen Johnstone POTM
Primula Harbinger Group Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Primula Harbinger Group Conservation Feature
Primula juliana 'Barnhaven Blue' Gill Mullin POTM
Primula sieboldii 'Winter dreams' Gill Mullin POTM
Primula vulgaris Ruth Baumberg POTM
Primula vulgaris 'Lilacina Plena' Gill Mullin POTM
Primulas and Auriculas – a Talk by Alan Edmondson Rachel Raywood Cornucopia
Primulas to suit your every need Peter F. Perry Bulletins 57-68
The problem with inconsiderate neighbours Geoff Aston Cornucopia
Problems with staking and training Brian Walkden Bulletins 57-68
Prolonging the season for hardy plants Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Propagating Hellebores Diana Guy Hellebores
Propagating Perennials Don Witton Cornucopia
Propagating stonecrops for creative planting Kevin Line Journal
Propagation of Campanula Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
Propagation of Deciduous Agapanthus Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
Propagation of Eryngium alpinum Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
Propagation of Hellebores Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
Propagation of Penstemon Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
Propagation of Phlomis russeliana Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
Propagation of Tree Peony Kevin Line Kevin on Propagation
Pruning Winter Flowering Shrubs Jan Vaughan Cornucopia
Prunus incisia 'Kojo-no-mai' Helen Johnstone POTM
Prunus serrula Susan Young POTM
Public space Kelly Baldry Journal
Pulmonaria 'Netta Statham Conservation Feature
Pulmonarias Margaret Stone Journal
Pulmonarias - A Talk by Sally-Ann Turner Karen Sparrow Cornucopia
Pulsatilla vulgaris Susan Young POTM
Pumonaria - renewed joy! Sue Dawson Cornucopia
Pursuing Passion Flowers Rebecca Hilgenhof Journal
The quiet Americans Joe Sime Cornucopia
Rabbit resistant plants? Val White Cornucopia
Raising New Plants Gerry Parker Journal
Ranunculaceae - Fact, fiction and a bit of botany Bob Foulds Cornucopia
Ranunculus ficaria 'Double Bronze' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Rare and safe Ruth Sands Journal
Rare, good-looking and easy to grow Joe Sime Cornucopia
Rare self-seeder Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
A really useful plant John Hudson Cornucopia
A reassessment of the Willow-Herbs A.P. Hamilton and V. Thakur Bulletins 57-68
A Recognised Name - at last! Helen Mount Journal
The Rector and His Giant Snowdrop David and Anke Way Cornucopia
A reminder (seed and plant exchange) Bulletins 57-68
Rented space Kelly Baldry Journal
The reserve border J.P. Wood N.D.H. Bulletins 57-68
Review: "Ferns" Neil Timm Journal
Review: "My Life with Plants" Judy Harry Journal
Review: "The Living Jigsaw" Timothy Riggs Journal
Rhodanthemum hosmariense Gill Heavens POTM
Rhododendrons - unloved and dangerous Peter Williams Journal
Ribes laurifolium Gill Mullin POTM
Ribes speciosum Gill Heavens POTM
Roadside gardens Margaret Doble Cornucopia
Rodgersia podophylla 'Instow' Conservation Feature
Romneya coulteri Sheila Phillips Cornucopia
Room with a view David Jewell Journal
Rooting cuttings by hydroponics Patrick Bucknell Journal
Rooting in Water Glenda Ostick Cornucopia
A roots-up approach to understanding perennials Noel Kingsbury Journal
Rosa banksiae Andrew Luke and Miranda Janatka POTM
Rosa canina Tim Brown Cornucopia
Rosa chinensis 'Mutabilis' Ruth Baumberg POTM
Rosa Rugosa Andrew Haynes Cornucopia
Roscoea JMS Pearce Cornucopia
Roscoea Raspberry Ripple Brian Mathew VMH Journal
A rose helianthus by any other name Helen Mount Journal
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Lockwood de Forest' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Rudbeckia fulgida Gill Heavens POTM
Rudbeckia laciniata 'Starcadia Razzle Dazzle' Conservation Feature
Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Loofahsa Wheaten Gold' Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
S. Millar Gault, Chairman 1959-61 A.G.L. Hellyer 10th Anniversary
Salvia jamensis 'Nachtvlinder' Gill Mullin POTM
Salvia microphylla Gill Heavens POTM
Salvias for late colour Ron Davies Cornucopia
Sanguinaria canadensis f. multiplex 'Plena' Nigel Needham Cornucopia
Santolinas - Dependable Friends Alex Pankhurst Cornucopia
Sarcococca Helen Johnstone POTM
Saved by microclimates Andrew Lawes Journal
Saxifraga fortunei Helen Johnstone POTM
Scent for Winter James McCombe Cornucopia
Scilla bithynica Gill Mullin POTM
Scottish Highland meadow Tony Schilling Journal
Season of Mists James McCombe Cornucopia
Sedum 'Red Rum' Gill Mullin POTM
Sedums - Friends in Danger Alex Pankhurst Cornucopia
The seed receivers' apprentice Sue Bosson Journal
Seed Sowing Experiment Ann and Bob Armstrong Cornucopia
Seedheads Ruth Baumberg POTM
The Seeds of Life Gill Wragg Cornucopia
Seen at the shows Kay N. Sanecki Bulletins 57-68
A selection of herbaceous Paeonia species N.G. Hadden Bulletins 57-68
Self-seeders, love them or hate them? Gill Regan Journal
Sempervivums - Love them or hate them? Angela Overland Cornucopia
Serendipity in Peonies John Hudson & Judy Templar Journal
Shadows of Time Anita Chapman Cornucopia
A Shady Garden in Autumn Helen Mount Cornucopia
Sharper Plant Portraits John Beaulieu Cornucopia
A Shetland Adventure Junella McKay Cornucopia
The short and long of it E.M. Upward Bulletins 57-68
The show must go on Emma Seniuk Journal
Showing off the Hardy Plant Society Journal
Siberian Irises Don Witton Cornucopia
Sidalcea Dorothy Harriman Cornucopia
Six Geraniums in My Garden Jenny Spence Cornucopia
Six seriously underrated plants Vanessa Doyle Cornucopia
Small, but beautifully planted Teresa Farnham Journal
Small gardens and shade Bob Brown Journal
A Small Nursery in Courson Colin Moat Cornucopia
Snowdrops - a talk by Joe Sharman Marl Lyman Cornucopia
Social climbing Lesley Kant Cunneen Journal
Society events Bulletins 57-68
Society news (slide library) Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Some artistic thoughts gleaned from the gentle art of gardening Martin Spray Journal
Some good new plants Bob Brown Journal
Some Hardy Plants Growing in Arctic Sweden Ruth Baumbergs Journal
Some Hardy Plants worth seeking Will Ingwersen Bulletins 57-68
Some lessons learned Roger Stuckley et. al. Journal
Some Ligularia species Kenneth A. Beckett Bulletins 57-68
Some notes on Lupins Mary Gallup Bulletins 57-68
Some notes on planting contrasts Marion R. Becker Bulletins 57-68
Some notes on the development of Violas and Pansies Howard H. Crane F.L.S. Bulletins 57-68
Some notes on the genus Sedum P.W. Barrett Bulletins 57-68
Some of my favourite hardy plants S.M. Gault A.H.R.H.S. Bulletins 57-68
Some perennials from Cyprus R.D. Meikle Bulletins 57-68
Some plant histories Alice M. Coats Bulletins 57-68
Some plant perennials from Harlow Car Geoffrey Smith Bulletins 57-68
Some plants are illusive (plants wanted) Bulletins 57-68
Some random comments on Day Lillies H.J. Randall C.B.E. Bulletins 57-68
Some Special Hydrangeas Joe Sime Cornucopia
Some suggestions for spring planting Bulletins 57-68
Some suggestions for your spring planting order Bulletins 57-68
Some worth while Astilbes Frederick Street Bulletins 57-68
Some Worthy Daffodils Rob Cole Cornucopia
Sophie North Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
South African Bulbous Plants Roger Stuckey Cornucopia
Space to Plan and Plant Barbara Ferrari Journal
Spice Up Your Garden Andrew Haynes Cornucopia
Spiralling Into Oblivion - Fibonacci & Plants Derek Cooper Journal
Spotlighting Salvias Cornish Torbock Bulletins 57-68
Spots Alice M Coats 10th Anniversary
Spring cleaning the borders Tricia Fraser Cornucopia
Spring in our garden Keith Thompson Cornucopia
Spring into Summer Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
St Andrews Botanic Garden Bob Mitchell Journal
Stars, showgirls and the chorus line Janet Sleep Journal
Starting (almost) from scratch Helen Mount Journal
Sternbergia Andrew Luke POTM
Stop Press! Reprieve for a ‘Bad’ Conservation Plant? Jan Vaughan Journal
Story of the nursery Harold G Hillier 10th Anniversary
Strobilanthes rankanenesis Gill Mullin POTM
Succeeding With Monardas Adrian de Baat Cornucopia
Success with Tom Mitchell's seed Barry McWilliam Journal
A sucker for ingenuity! Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Suggestions for your book shelves Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
Summer in winter Dods Bebb Bulletins 57-68
Summer treasures Joan Millard Cornucopia
Survival of the fittest Peter Goodlad Cornucopia
Sussex Prairies Paul & Pauline McBride Cornucopia
Symphytum Species Isa Hall Cornucopia
Taking time to smell the roses Heather Russell Journal
A tale of Trilliums John Rogers Cornucopia
A tale of two Astelias Virginia Oakes Cornucopia
A tale of two gardens Gill Heavens Journal
A tale of two gardens - Lincoln to Lauzerte Margaret Brown Journal
Tantalising beauties Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Telling tales Judy Harry Journal
Tender climbers Joan Millard Cornucopia
Thalictrum delavayi var. decorum Karin Proudfoot Cornucopia
Thalictrums Jennifer Harmer Cornucopia
There's more to hydrangeas that I'd thought Shelagh Newman Journal
They worked with plants (Three generations of Kelways) Bulletins 57-68
They worked with plants Arthur G. Thatcher Bulletins 57-68
They worked with plants (Thomas Hay) Roy Hay Bulletins 57-68
They're Out of Fashion Now John Summerfield Cornucopia
Thief in the night Judy Harry Journal
Think before you sow! Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Those bells, those bells Ben Green Cornucopia
Thoughts from the nursery Wendy Carlile Bulletins 57-68
Thoughts from Wisley. Spring 1963 W.K. Aslett Bulletins 57-68
Through our French Window Gordon James Journal
Throw open the gates Steve Bustin Journal
Thugs on Walls John Hudson Cornucopia
Time for Tea Ruth Boundy Cornucopia
Time for That Extra Blanket Judith Stephens Cornucopia
To Herbar or Knot Organoman Cornucopia
Toad Lilies Anne Godfrey Cornucopia
Too much choice Joe Sime Cornucopia
A Touch of Italy in Northumberland Miranda McCormack Cornucopia
Trautvetteria, a confused and littleknown genus Keith Ferguson Journal
Travelling for plants in the Pacific Northwest Keith Ferguson and Lorna Ferguson Journal
Travelling in Argentina and Chile Keith Ferguson and Lorna Ferguson Journal
Tree Shaping in the USA Joe Clements Cornucopia
Trees and shrubs from seed Jeremy Spon Cornucopia
Trees for Small Gardens Peter Williams Cornucopia
Trends, shoots and leaves Judy Harry Journal
Tresco Abbey Gardens Helen Senior Cornucopia
Trilliums Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
Trollius Sue Hough Cornucopia
Try something different from down under Jeremy Spon Journal
Tulips at Orchard House Pamela Clark Cornucopia
Two Desirable Plants Dee Boyd Cornucopia
Two gardens for plantlovers Jill Whitehead Journal
Two neglected roses Irene Feesey Cornucopia
Two Thugs and a Suicidal Swan Peter Williams Journal
Uncommon perennials Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
Under My Umbellifer Marion Jay Cornucopia
Under the Apples Tim Ingram Journal
The university of Liverpool botanic garden J.K. Hulme Bulletins 57-68
The unnatural gardener Peter Williams Journal
Unusual bulbs (Part 1) Ron Davies Cornucopia
Unusual Bulbs (Part 2) Ron Davies Cornucopia
Up close and personal Lesley Kant Cunneen Journal
Update from the annual meeting Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
The ups and downs of school gardening Jane Beattie Cornucopia
The use of hardy perennials in Italy Henry Cocker A.H.R.H.S. Bulletins 57-68
Useful plants John Hudson Cornucopia
A Useful Thug John Jervois Cornucopia
Using Hellebores in a Variety of Garden Styles Diana Guy Hellebores
Veratrum album 'Lorna's Green' Conservation Feature
Veronica ornata Conservation Feature
Vertical ground cover Anita Chapman Journal
Viburnums for winter interest Yvonne Matthews Cornucopia
Vinca difformis Gill Heavens POTM
Vinca Major 'Elegantissima' Gill Mullin POTM
Viscum album Andrew Luke and Miranda Janatka POTM
A Visit to Great Dixter Jane Allison Cornucopia
A Visit to Hertfordshire Hellebores Marion Jay Cornucopia
A Visit to the Laskett Carole Webb Cornucopia
Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' Gill Mullin POTM
Vole Wars David Pollitt Cornucopia
A Walk on the Wild Side Sue Morris Cornucopia
Wall Envy Lindsay Coopland Cornucopia
Wallington Hall Bulletins 57-68
Waterperry horticultural school Beatrix Havergal N.D.H. Bulletins 57-68
Watsonia pillansii Gill Heavens POTM
Western American Iris species Le Roy Davidson Bulletins 57-68
What a bargain! Maggie Druid Maggie’s Column
What Darwin did for us Tony Bays Cornucopia
What do members want? Noel J Prockter Bulletins 57-68
What is a Garden? Bob Brown Journal
What of the future? Alan Bloom Bulletins 57-68
What's in a name Elspeth M. Harris Bulletins 57-68
Which plant would you choose for Conservation? Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Which plants are in the Scheme and why? Jan Vaughan Conservation Feature
Whose garden is it anyway? Alex Pankhurst Journal
Why Do I Like Plants? Eileen Shone Cornucopia
Why grow Pulmonarias Sally-Ann Turner Cornucopia
A Wild Anger (About the Exploitation of Peat Resources by Gardeners) Rosemary FitzGerald Journal
Wild Flowers in the Garden Monica Meeneghan Cornucopia
Winners and Losers Keith and Lorna Ferguson Journal
The Winter Garden Janet Cropley Cornucopia
The Winter Garden June Ainsworth Cornucopia
Winter Gardening – Inspiration from Janet Cropley Cherry Baker Cornucopia
Winter Hellebores John Hudson Cornucopia
A Winter Performer Rob Cole Cornucopia
Winter tapestry Andrew Lawes Journal
The wonders of New Zealand flora William Stanger Journal
The woodland garden - five years on Organoman Cornucopia
Woodland Treasures – a Talk by Des Martin Sandra Monk Cornucopia
World without torture Dori Miller Journal
Worthwhile plants for the busy gardener Peter Hunt Bulletins 57-68
The writing on the wall Tony Bays Cornucopia
Xanthorhiza simplicissima Sue Hough and Sue Lander Cornucopia
Yellow Corydalis Brian Whitton Cornucopia
Yew and non-yew Compo Steep Cornucopia
Yorkshire garden Felicity North Bulletins 57-68
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Glencoe' Conservation Feature
Zauschneria californica 'Glasnevin' Susan Young POTM

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