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Featured Conservation Plants: April 2013

April 2013:
Hemerocallis ‘Albany’

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This daylily was rescued from the late Jane Sterndale-Bennett’s White Windows garden in Hampshire. Jane was a former chairman of the Hardy Plant Society. It was originally bred from seed from Jane's mother in Albany, Australia and becomes a very sturdy and vigorous plant once it has settled down. It grows to about 2ft in height with large deep terracotta and yellow flowers that have a delicate fragrance, flowering in June/July. It thrives in most soil conditions in a sunny position and one grower in the scheme has also grown it successfully in a large pot on the patio as well as in the border.

The HPS Historian, Jennifer Harmer, thinks that Jane had given 'Albany' to a couple of nurseries but it is very uncommon in commercial cultivation and there are currently no entries in the 2012/2013 RHS Plant Finder.

The Conservation scheme involves HPS members in growing these plants and documenting the best way to grow and propagate them. The plants are distributed across the country with many local groups and individual growers being involved.

The scheme is open to all HPS members. More information about the scheme can be found here.

Since the present scheme started in 1998, we have been successful in conserving over 30 plant varieties that are, in our opinion, all worthy of being grown in British gardens. However, there are still a large number of potentially garden worthy plants in need of conservation.

If you are a interested in making this (or any other of our conservation plants) available on a commercial basis, please contact the National Coordinator.

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