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HPS Bulletins 1957-1968

“The Hardy Plant” is the society’s journal. Today, it is published twice a year but in the early days of the society it was called “The Bulletin” and its publication varied in frequency. It has always been sent free of charge to members. We have scanned in the full content from early editions of “The Bulletin”.

These pages are a historical record of the society and reflect the perceived wisdom of their time. While much of the information will be just as relevant today as it was when it was first published, some of it may now be considered inaccurate or even dangerous - particularly when it comes to the use of chemicals. Please check the current regulations before utilising the information given. We must also warn you that some of the language used may now be considered “politically incorrect”.

Bulletin Vol 1 No 1 (1957)

Editorial H.P. Champneys 3
Some Hardy Plants worth seeking Will Ingwersen 4
Iris Keampferi Frances Perry F.L.S. 6
Brunnera Macrophylla Noel J Prockter 7
Advance of the Lupin A.G.L Hellyer 8
Hardy Plants you may not know Noel J Prockter 10
A Half Hardy border from seed R.J. Huntley 12
Ideas for border variation Alan Bloom 16
Plants I long to have A.V. Pike N.D.H. 19
Book Review (Herbaceous Garden Flora - F.K. Makins) 19

Bulletin Vol 1 No 2 (1957)

Editorial H.P. Champneys 3
More Hardy Plants worth seeking Will Ingwersen 4
Island borders Alan Bloom 7
Hardy plants for bedding S.M. Gault A.H.R.H.S. 9
Campanula Trachelium HG.H. Preston F.L.S. 11
Our first Outing Noel J Prockter 11
Hardy Plants for industrial areas Frederick Fletcher 12
Orchids in the garden Will Ingwersen 14
Foliage plants Margery Fish 16
Hardy Plants you may not know Noel J Prockter 17
Plants I long to have Wendy V Carlile, Will Ingwersen, Ralph Gould and J.C. Fensome 18
Book Review (Hardy Perennials - Alan Bloom) 19

Bulletin Vol 1 No 3 (1958)

Bulletin Vol 1 No 4 (1958)

Editorial Noel J Prockter 3
The family Foxglove A.P. Balfour F.L.S. V.M.H. 4
Iris Innominata David Barton 6
Hardy plantsmen past and present (Amos Perry) 8
Midget borders Alan Bloom 12
The genus Liatris Will Ingwersen 13
Gardens open to members in 1958 16
Extracts from the post 17
Changes in plant names 19

Bulletin Vol 1 No 5 (1958)

Bulletin Vol 1 No 6 (1958)

Bulletin Vol 1 No 7 (1958)

Bulletin Vol 2 No 1 (1959)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 3
Hardy ferns as garden plants Jean Taylor B.Sc. 4
Noteworthy hardy perennials of 1958 Will Ingwersen 8
The genus Monarda G.W. Monarda A.H.R.H.S. A.L.S. 10
Waterperry horticultural school Beatrix Havergal N.D.H. 14
Aster Ericoides P.W. Barret 17
Gardening in wind and sand S.E. Lytle 18
The genus Mecanopsis (Letters) 20
From the post 21
Members ask 22
Obituary (Capt B. Symons-Jeune) 23
A.G.M. (report) Kay N. Sanecki 23

Bulletin Vol 2 No 2 (1959)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 27
Some notes on the development of Violas and Pansies Howard H. Crane F.L.S. 28
Labour saving hardy plants S.M. Gault A.H.R.H.S. 31
Alstromeria Ligtu hybrids Spencer F. Parker 34
Leaf spot of Peonies and Hellebores D.E. Green M.Sc. 35
Summer in winter Dods Bebb 38
Some notes on the genus Sedum P.W. Barrett 41
From the post 42
Members ask 42

Bulletin Vol 2 No 3 (1959)

Bulletin Vol 2 No 4 (1960)

Bulletin Vol 2 No 5 (1960)

Bulletin Vol 2 No 6 (1960)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 115
Lobelias G.W. Robinson A.H.R.H.S. F.I.S. 116
Some notes on Lupins Mary Gallup 118
Problems with staking and training Brian Walkden 120
Less common autumn perennials Alan Bloom 123
The good Campanulas Peter Hunt 125
1960 Plant review J.P. Wood N.D.H. 127
Some of my favourite hardy plants S.M. Gault A.H.R.H.S. 130
The charm of pink Alice M. Coats and Kay N Sanecki 133
Suggestions for your book shelves Noel J Prockter 136
A members impression of the outing to Wisley Peter Luckhurst 138
A reminder (seed and plant exchange) 139
Advisory service (start of) R.G. Elms 139

Bulletin Vol 2 No 7 (1961)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 143
Bergenias G.W. Robinson A.H.R.H.S. F.I.S. 144
Tantalising beauties Alan Bloom 148
Euphorbias Margery Fish 151
Prickly but permanent - The sea Hollies E.C.M. Haes 155
The old double Primrose G.E. Emmerson 157
What do members want? Noel J Prockter 159
From the secretary (By R.H.S. Ticket) R.G. Elms 160
Annual General Meeting (Report) R.G. Elms 162

Bulletin Vol 3 No 1 (1962)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 3
Western American Iris species Le Roy Davidson 4
Cottage garden perennials Margery Fish 10
Gypsophila Bristol Fairy G.W. Harrington 13
Butter and cream Alice M. Coats 14
Lupins to colour from seed A.G.L. Hellyer 16
Hardy plants for seaside districts Christine Kelway 18
Agapanthus The Hon. Lewis Palmer 20
Aristocrats of the Buttercup family Kay N. Sanecki 21
What of the future? Alan Bloom 24
Doubtful hardiness 25
Just for fun Frances Brummitt 26
Petasites Fragrans - a warning E.A. Lett 29
Dimorphothetica Barberiae 30
Book review (Collins guide to bulbs - Patrick Synge) Robert F. Pearson 31

Bulletin Vol 3 No 2 (1963)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 35
Iran and Turkey Paul Furse F.L.S. 36
What's in a name Elspeth M. Harris 44
Book review (Some good gardening plants) David G. Baker 46
Grow the flags David G. Baker 47
Easy-to-grow hardy Lillies M.E. Leeburn 51
Antique plants Alice M. Coats 59
Thoughts from Wisley. Spring 1963 W.K. Aslett 60
Thoughts from the nursery Wendy Carlile 62

Bulletin Vol 3 No 3 (1964)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 67
Some perennials from Cyprus R.D. Meikle 68
Plants for shade Margery Fish 72
The use of hardy perennials in Italy Henry Cocker A.H.R.H.S. 75
Aquilegias Ralph Gould 79
Seen at the shows Kay N. Sanecki 81
Hardy plants you may not know Noel J Prockter 82
The short and long of it E.M. Upward 84
The beauty of dried hardy plants E.W. Beck 86

Bulletin Vol 3 No 4 (1965)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 91
Some Ligularia species Kenneth A. Beckett 92
Common sense with Paeonies Donal Leatherdale F.L.S. 95
The development of the herbaceous border Walter Gilmour A.Inst.P.A. 98
Powis Castle 100
Wallington Hall 101
Hardwick Hall 102
Herbaceous border, Castle grounds Cardiff T.A. Hill 103
The university of Liverpool botanic garden J.K. Hulme 106
Poisonous plants in your garden Moira Savonius 110
The Heleniums David Barker 112
Gardening under trees Alix Swift 115
Asters Isabel E. Allen 117

Bulletin Vol 3 No 5 (1966)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 123
A brief survey of the genus Trillium Kenneth A. Beckett 124
Lobelia Cardinalis and hybrids H.C. Pugsley 131
Some plant perennials from Harlow Car Geoffrey Smith 134
Hardy Fern varieties J.W. Dyce 138
A reassessment of the Willow-Herbs A.P. Hamilton and V. Thakur 142
Hardy herbaceous plants for tubs and containers Lanning Roper 148
Notes from the pen of David White David White 150

Bulletin Vol 3 No 6 (1967)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 155
Spotlighting Salvias Cornish Torbock 156
Hostas and Hellebores Oliver Dawson 165
Primulas to suit your every need Peter F. Perry 167
Some notes on planting contrasts Marion R. Becker 170
The Hardy Plant Society (1910 onwards) Kay N. Sanecki 173
Michaelmas Daisies Margaret C. Gibbins 176
The botanical garden, Munich David Barker 177
Four star plants Marny Macintosh 178

Bulletin Vol 3 No 7 (1968)

Editorial Kay N. Sanecki 183
The genus Potentilla Will Ingwersen 184
Some plant histories Alice M. Coats 187
Less commonly cultivated Geraniums Kenneth A. Beckett 192
Yorkshire garden Felicity North 196
Letter from Australia P.R. Wood 199
Gardening under trees (part 2) Alix Swift 201
A hardy plant you may not know P. Wood 203
Gardening friends Ralph Green 204

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