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The Hardy Plant Index

A Gardener's Guide to Native Plants of Britain and Ireland Twink Addison
The exploitation of hardy plants in Nepal Kamal Adhikari
Chop it Down?? Souren Ala
‘The Hills Are Alive...’ (with perennial meadows) Souren Ala
In praise of Descampsia flexuosa Souren Ala
Lessons learned from a sunny little patch Souren Ala
Full Frontal Fern Alder
Public space Kelly Baldry
Rented space Kelly Baldry
Heucheras - their cultivation and use Gareth Batts
A flower and butterfly trip to Eastern Turkey Ruth Baumberg
A flower and butterfly trip to the Alpes Maritimes in southern France Ruth Baumberg
In search of the blue poppy - a botanical trip to Sikkim Ruth Baumberg
Looking at Plants by the Sea Ruth Baumberg
Some Hardy Plants Growing in Arctic Sweden Ruth Baumbergs
Book Reviews Janet Beakes and Sue Dockerill
Getting to know erodiums John Beaulieu
From the Archive: Invasion by Tigers Frances M. Birkett
Prairie environments in the American Midwest Emily Blackmore
Plant collector or garden designer? Adrian Bloom
Design? What design? Heather Booker
Looking forwards by looking back! Heather Booker
Organic gardening - is it for you? Heather Booker, Corrine Layton, Chris Strachan, Bob Brown & Sue Lander
The seed receivers' apprentice Sue Bosson
Desert island plants Val Bourne
The Learning Curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The Learning Curve Val Bourne
The Learning Curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
The Learning Curve Val Bourne
The learning curve Val Bourne
Learning curve Autumn 2009 Val Bourne
The learning curve Ferns and gender Val Bourne
Learning curve Spring 2010 Val Bourne
Plants that deserve a wider audience Val Bourne
The Best Plants for Pots Bob Brown
Better borders Bob Brown
Choosing the best plants Bob Brown
Hardiness - an update Bob Brown
Hardy foliage for 'tropical effect' Bob Brown
Small gardens and shade Bob Brown
Some good new plants Bob Brown
What is a Garden? Bob Brown
French connection Margaret Brown
French connection Margaret Brown
A tale of two gardens - Lincoln to Lauzerte Margaret Brown
From Russia with...flowers Jeffrey Bryce
Loose and woodsy! Walt Bubelis
Lillies through the season in a Cotswold garden Patrick Bucknell
Rooting cuttings by hydroponics Patrick Bucknell
Throw open the gates Steve Bustin
New series double auriculas Graeme P Butler
Book review (Peonies by Gail Harland) Billy Carruthers
Planting in dry shade Sue Catchpole
Flowers fit for a Dalai Lama Chris Chadwell
Flowers fit for a Dalai Lama Chris Chadwell
Pauline Cooper Anita Chapman
Vertical ground cover Anita Chapman
Black frosts and green shoots Chloris
Garden Pests Chloris
Founders and Descendants: 60 Years On, the People Who Made the Hardy Plant Society Pamela Clark
Experiments with Echinacea Rob Cole
Planting Bulbs for Colour Next Year Rob Cole
A few things you might not know about the Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming Derek Cooper
Spiralling Into Oblivion - Fibonacci & Plants Derek Cooper
It seems to me... Joan Cooper
Adventures with seed -the story of a novice Pauline Cooper
Hurray for seed donors! Pauline Cooper, Seed Distribution Coordinator
In the pink with orange Lesley Kant Cunneen
Social climbing Lesley Kant Cunneen
Up close and personal Lesley Kant Cunneen
Nurturenature: Growing a Healing Garden Helena Davies
Photographic competition 2019 Matthias Dejaegher
Growing Ferns from Spores Sue Dockerill
Chelsea 2017 Mick Dunstan
Chelsea Preview Mick Dunstan
A Gold-Medal park Mick Dunstan
Over the garden wall - part 2 Mick Dunstan
Over the garden wall in Worcestershire Mick Dunstan
A formal garden Anthony Ewin
Book review Tony Ewin
A cuttings garden Teresa Farnham
Small, but beautifully planted Teresa Farnham
North American woodlanders Keith Ferguson
Trautvetteria, a confused and littleknown genus Keith Ferguson
Patagonian plants we grow in Britain Keith and Lorna Ferguson
Winners and Losers Keith and Lorna Ferguson
Travelling for plants in the Pacific Northwest Keith Ferguson and Lorna Ferguson
Travelling in Argentina and Chile Keith Ferguson and Lorna Ferguson
Gardening on heavy clay Keith & Lorna Ferguson
Land of the llamas - north-west Argentina Lorna and Keith Ferguson
Space to Plan and Plant Barbara Ferrari
Book Reviews Rosemary FitzGerald
A Wild Anger (About the Exploitation of Peat Resources by Gardeners) Rosemary FitzGerald
The Mojave: a desert for flower and film lovers James Fitzmaurice with Gwyn and David Sivertsen
A case study for ecological plantings in public gardens Chris Flynn
Growing old with my garden Jean Gommersall
HPS Photographic Competition 2017 Brian Hackett
Photographic competition 2014 Brian Hackett
Photographic competition 2015 Brian Hackett
Photographic Competition 2016 Brian Hackett
Eyeful or awful Judy Harry
George Parker Judy Harry
Guilty as Charged Judy Harry
A high-wire Act Judy Harry
In the front line Judy Harry
Jean Harris Judy Harry
A life among plants Judy Harry
A Moving Experience Judy Harry
Of weeds, winds, water and wildlife Judy Harry
Review: "My Life with Plants" Judy Harry
Telling tales Judy Harry
Thief in the night Judy Harry
Trends, shoots and leaves Judy Harry
How we made our garden Peter Hart
Chelsea 2009 Sandra Hartley
Gardening is easy Gill Heavens
Guilt in the garden Gill Heavens
The pleasure and pain of an open garden Gill Heavens
A tale of two gardens Gill Heavens
Clematis rehderiana Penelope Hellyer
End piece Penelope Hellyer
From Sussex to Como Penelope S Hellyer
Malta - scrubland or botanical paradise Penelope S Hellyer
In support of salvias Steve Hickman
Pursuing Passion Flowers Rebecca Hilgenhof
In pursuit of new plants - the driving force behind Hillier Nurseries Kevin Hobbes
New Ambassadors spread the word Geoff Hodge
Lessons from India Richard Holman
A guide to basic lily growing Harris Howland
Serendipity in Peonies John Hudson & Judy Templar
Orchids to grow in your garden Jeff Hutchings
Phormium phun Paul Ingleton
Candy Carrot, Spignel and Matthiasella Tim Ingram
Family relations Tim Ingram
Gardener's bookshelf Tim Ingram
Getting the measure of snowdrops Tim Ingram
Plantsman in the 21st Century Tim Ingram
Under the Apples Tim Ingram
Not losing the plot Gordon James
The plateau of orchids Gordon James
Through our French Window Gordon James
The chrysanthemum collection in the National Botanical Garden of Iran Ziba Jamzad, Adel Jalili & Mohammad Reza Shafiei
The new Centenary Border at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens David Jewell
Room with a view David Jewell
From Russia with passion Sergey Kalyakin
Honour of Russia Sergey Kalyakin
Gathering gardener's knowledge Noel Kingsbury
A roots-up approach to understanding perennials Noel Kingsbury
Plants, people and places Roy Lancaster
President Perspective - Plants, People, Places Roy Lancaster
President's perspective - plants, people, places Roy Lancaster
Meditations on gardening failure Andrew Lawes
Saved by microclimates Andrew Lawes
Winter tapestry Andrew Lawes
A good little earner - Generous gardeners – and plants! Rosemary Lindsay
Christmas trees for high summer Kevin Line
Propagating stonecrops for creative planting Kevin Line
Hardy border chrysanthemums Barrie Machin
Roscoea Raspberry Ripple Brian Mathew VMH
Gardening from seed - a personal story Barbara Matthewman
It seems to me... Paul McBride
Christmas cards with a garden theme John McCormack
Success with Tom Mitchell's seed Barry McWilliam
Our Favourite Plants for Brightening up Summer Shade Shade and Woodland Plants Group committee members
World without torture Dori Miller
Clematis for year-round interest Mike Millington
On the road in search of lilies Alan Mirchell
St Andrews Botanic Garden Bob Mitchell
The 80th anniversary of Barnhaven Primroses Jodie Mitchell
Epimedium: an exciting evolution Colin Moat
Gladiolus, Kniphofia etc. Colin Moat
A helianthus by any other name - full circle Helen Mount
In support of bees Helen Mount
Present-day hardy planters of note – Ken Hall’s nerines Helen Mount
A Recognised Name - at last! Helen Mount
A rose helianthus by any other name Helen Mount
Starting (almost) from scratch Helen Mount
There's more to hydrangeas that I'd thought Shelagh Newman
Na Liosan Stuart Oakley
Native plants in New York City parks and botanic gardens Ellen O’Connell
Echoes of Historic Japanese Gardens Ana Oliveira
Adopting Orphans Alex Pankhurst
Brought to Book Alex Pankhurst
Crack Addicts Alex Pankhurst
Fine supporting case Alex Pankhurst
How many ways to kill a plant? Alex Pankhurst
It seems to me... Alex Pankhurst
No Trouble Alex Pankhurst
Whose garden is it anyway? Alex Pankhurst
Raising New Plants Gerry Parker
The Kenneth Black Bursary Scheme Anna Peacock
Aster novi-belgii Paul Picton
Aconitum - the dark side Rachel Raywood
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service Emma Reece
More questions and answers from the HPS Advisory Service Emma Reece
Dreaming of moccasins and slippers Gill Regan
A gardening life - learning from the wild Gill Regan
Self-seeders, love them or hate them? Gill Regan
Dolomitic delights Peter Regan
Flower Hunters Book review
Geum Book review
Insects and Gardens Book review
Is your garden buzzing? Tim Riggs
How will climate change affect our gardens, and what can we do? Timothy Riggs
Review: "The Living Jigsaw" Timothy Riggs
HPS Champion – Sandra Hartley Cathy Rollinson
Curiouser and curiouser Heather Russell
My 'Dream Garden' Heather Russell
Taking time to smell the roses Heather Russell
Gwladys Tonge Jean Sambrook
Rare and safe Ruth Sands
Scottish Highland meadow Tony Schilling
Growing half-hardy plants - a post-February 2009 update Rob Senior
The show must go on Emma Seniuk
Asclepias syriaca revisited John Silk
The Beth Chatto Symposium: Ecological planting in the 21st century Colin Skelly
Better late than never Duncan Skene
Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice Janet Sleep
The fruits of our labours Janet Sleep
Living with drought Janet Sleep
The old ones are the best Janet Sleep
Pleasant Surprises Janet Sleep
Stars, showgirls and the chorus line Janet Sleep
It seems to me Anthea Sokell
A Garden in East Kent Jeremy Spon
Try something different from down under Jeremy Spon
Bracken in the Garden Martin Spray
A gesture against the wild? Martin Spray
Idle Thoughts in Autumn Rain Martin Spray
Incidents without colour Martin Spray
A little ridiculous Martin Spray
Some artistic thoughts gleaned from the gentle art of gardening Martin Spray
Mad dogs and pixie cups Martin & Rowan Spray
Gardeners in training William Stanger
The wonders of New Zealand flora William Stanger
Mukdenia Aileen Stocks
Pulmonarias Margaret Stone
Some lessons learned Roger Stuckley et. al.
How plants work Gail Summerfield
How plants work - flowers Gail Summerfield
How Plants Work - Seeds and Fruits Gail Summerfield
How plants work - stems Gail Summerfield
How plants work part 2 - roots Gail Summerfield
Downy mildew - the new killer disease of Aquilegia Carrie Thomas
2015: Year of the Sunflower Irene Tibbenham
Living walls Irene Tibbenham
Review: "Ferns" Neil Timm
Botanising in the Spanish Pyrenees Jamie Todd
Looking back, and forwards Gwladys Tonge
Clematis in Mediterranean and Temperate Zones - drought, myth & facts Mary Toomey
The Beth Chatto Gardens Sally-Ann Turner
David Barker Sally-Ann Turner
The good, the bad and the unknown – tales from the HPS Conservation Scheme Jan Vaughan
Stop Press! Reprieve for a ‘Bad’ Conservation Plant? Jan Vaughan
HPS Photography Competition 2012 Trevor Walton
Photographic competition 2013 Trevor Walton
Gardening by the moon Liz Ware & Fern Alder
Bountiful biennials Derry Watkins
Lessons my garden has taught me Derry Watkins
The lure of the new Derry Watkins
Plumping up the borders Derry Watkins
Can the Benefits of Using Soil Microbes be Seen? David Way
New knowledge, new language David Way
Two gardens for plantlovers Jill Whitehead
End Piece Louise Beebe Wilder
Megaherbs Martin Wilkie
Folly Farm Ann Williams
Brief encounters with a few shady characters Peter Williams
Comments on an open garden Peter Williams
Incarceration, Liberation and Sex Change in Arisaema Peter Williams
Narcissus ‘Weardale Perfection’ – a tale of discovery, loss and resurrection Peter Williams
Rhododendrons - unloved and dangerous Peter Williams
Two Thugs and a Suicidal Swan Peter Williams
The unnatural gardener Peter Williams
Geraniums - a personal appraisal Ursula Williams
Euphorbias in the garden - good doers in different conditions and situations Don Witton
Our Scottish weekend Various members
60th Anniversary Open Gardens celebration
Beth Chatto OBE VMH
Book Review
Book review
The HPS Advisory Service
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service
The HPS Horticultural Advisory Service
Lois Scott and Dr Dilys K Davies
Members' gardens, open to celebrate!
Showing off the Hardy Plant Society

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