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Tenth Anniversary Handbook

There is no date on the book but, as the HPS was started in 1957, we can only assume that this handbook comes from 1967 - when the Beatles told us about Penny Lane, Procol Harum played A Whiter Shade of Pale and the Moody Blues sang about Nights In White Satin.

The page numbers given in the Contents list on Page 3 are inaccurate from page 37 onwards. The article on Browsing is actually on page 39 and other articles after this are also two pages later.

3 Contents
4 10th Anniversary Handbook Foreword F.P. Knight
7 Miss R Pole, our Chairman Miss B White
8 Alan Bloom, Chairman 1957-59 John Sambrook
10 S. Millar Gault, Chairman 1959-61 A.G.L. Hellyer
12 A member writes An ordinary member
13 Notes on plant collecting Paul Furse
16 Americans in the border Elspeth M Harris
19 Hardy Plants from seed A.G.L. Hellyer
21 Spots Alice M Coats
23 Heucheras Alan Bloom
26 Double Primroses Margery Fish
29 Japanese Gardening Peggy Kurata
35 Hardy perennials in France Serge Vade
39 Browsing Denis Hardwicke
41 Herbaceous Perennials between the wars Noel J Prockter
44 Digitalis Kay N Sanecki
46 Campanulas Wendy V Carlile
48 Story of the nursery Harold G Hillier
52 The Hardy Plant Society

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