We've started this year's seed distribution scheme as usual.  Please send us your seeds as soon as they are ready.

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Image Library: Papilionaceae

Onobrychis viciifolia P09150

Ononis hispida subsp. arborescens P07914

Phaseolus coccineus 'Painted Lady' P07413

Piptanthus nepalensis P05291

Piptanthus nepalensis P09223

Sophora Sun King = 'Hilsop' (PBR) AGM P04482

Strongylodon macrobotrys P02107

Thermopsis lanceolata P06330

Thermopsis villosa P01371

Trifolium ochroleucon P06341

Trifolium ochroleucon P09467

Trifolium pannonicum P06941
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Small quantities of these images from the Image Library on this website may be used on other websites, newsletters etc. without charge provided the whole image is used and the watermark is not removed. They may NOT be used on greeting cards, pottery and other items that are offered for sale. Use on "home made" items that are not offered for sale is O.K. An acknowledgement of the Hardy Plant Society would be appreciated.

Larger, watermark free versions of these pictures are usually available. They may be used without charge by lecturers, authors and similar users in exchange for an acknowledgement of the Hardy Plant Society. Please contact the Photo Librarian with the name and "P" or "X" number of the pictures that you want, plus details of what you will use them for.

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