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Competition Winners 2018

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Category 1: Individual hardy perennial

1st Prize: Trevor Walton – Selinum wallichianum


2nd prize: Robert Hinchcliffe – Helenium ‘Waltraut’ - bud

3rd prize: Gordon James – Catananche caerulea ‘Alba’


Category 2: Plant grouping, border, garden view or HPS event

1st prize winner: Alan Wilson – Reflections: Lysichiton camtschatcensis


2nd: Louise Sims – Winter scene

3rd prize: Nadine Mitschunas - Eryngium giganteum 'Silver Ghost', Dianthus carthusianorum and Stipa calamagrostis

Category 3: Junior


1st prize winner: Luna Sanchez Ortega (age 11) – Sap dripping from a damson tree


2nd: Anna Evans-Haynes (age 10) - Peony

3rd prize: Mya Jassim (age 5) – Mummy’s garden



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