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Members' Photographic Competition

Photographs can be submitted at any time up to the closing date, which is normally early in December each year. Please check the HPS newsletter or contact the photo librarian for the exact date. A panel of judges will then assess the photographs, which are anonymised for the judging, and the results will normally be published in the February Newsletter with the winning photographs printed in the Spring Journal.

There are three categories :-

  1. Individual hardy perennial - whole plant or close up
  2. Plant grouping, border, garden view or HPS events
  3. Photographs taken by members’ children or stepchildren / grandchildren or step-grandchildren (16 or under). Any gardening related subject.
The competition was started with a legacy from Nancy, Lady Rowlinson. It is now funded from the Kenneth Black legacy.
Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category of £50 / £30 / £20 (with book tokens for children).



  • The closing date for 2020 is 6th December
  • The competition is open to all HPS members, except professional photographers or relatives of the judging panel.
  • The member submitting the image should have taken the photograph, or in the case of category 3 be the parent / grandparent of the child who has taken the photograph.
  • Images taken of private gardens other than that of the entrant must have the permission of the owner before submission.
  • Images containing identifiable people must have their permission before submission.
  • Images should be sent to the Photo Librarian by email or Wetransfer.
  • Images should be presented at high resolution in JPG/JPEG format.
  • Entrants can submit up to three digital images per category, stating which category each image is to be judged in and include the photographer’s name and address and HPS membership number, plus the plant name(s), location and date where appropriate. Images may also be given a title but please do not superimpose writing on the actual image.
  • No individual can win more than one prize in any year.
  • Minimal digital enhancement is acceptable, but alterations that change the authenticity of the image are not.
  • All photographs received will (if suitable) be added to the Photo Library. Images in the library may be freely used by members and non-members, provided the Society is given a credit at every point of use.
  • Please do not enter any image for which you wish to retain copyright.
  • Further images, not being entered into the competition, will be gratefully received, but please indicate images (max. 3 in each category) that are to be entered into the competition.
  • Entries can be made by email or Wetransfer. Other methods may also be possible but please contact the photo librarian to ensure that your chosen method is acceptable.
  • Do NOT zip or otherwise further compress the images. (Zip files may be rejected as zip files can contain viruses).
  • Entries for the contest should be sent to Photo Competition.


HPS Photo Librarian

Even if you are not entering the contest, please consider donating reasonable quality images to the digital photo library by emailing them to the Photo Librarian.

Images in the photo library are available, free of charge, for use by speakers and for use in magazines, books, TV programmes etc. If you wish to retain copyright on your pictures, we regret we cannot add them to the library. For details, please contact the photo librarian at Photo Librarian.

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