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Pulmonaria Group

Pulmonaria Mrs Kittle
Pulmonaria 'Mrs Kittle'

About the Group

The Group was formed in 1992 and it has grown steadily since then. We now have members from several countries. The aims of the Pulmonaria Group include:

keeping our members supplied with relevant information on pulmonarias both in this country and abroad;

providing opportunities to acquire pulmonarias, which may not be readily available;

sharing our knowledge and experiences of growing pulmonarias.



Each year we aim to hold a Pulmonaria Day, which incorporates our AGM. This usually takes place in April. The venue changes each year in order to try and cater for members from most parts of the UK. Whenever possible, we try to invite members from the local HPS Group of the area to participate in our Pulmonaria Days.

Pulmonaria Day 2020


Pulmonaria Day 2020 will be held on Saturday 18th April at the lovely HOLEHIRD Gardens near Windermere in the Lake District. Group member Rosemary Ashley is a volunteer there and has created a Pulmonaria Walk within the garden to showcase Pulmonarias.
The morning meeting will be held in the meeting room at the Garden. Apart from the AGM there will be a talk by our Newsletter Editor Gordon James on Pulmonarias in his garden.
There will be the increasingly popular Seedling Competition. So if a seedling has popped up in your garden that you think has something special or different, then why not bring it along to the meeting to show to us all and at the same time enter it in the competition.
There will also be a Group plant stall where you will almost certainly be able to find plants that are not listed in the Plant Finder or available at any nursery. We also have an auction for any rare or special plants that are brought for sale.
You do not have to be a member to come to the meeting, visitors are welcome. However, it is cheaper to join the Group than come to the meeting as a visitor, as this year Group members come for free.
We would love to welcome you to the meeting and why not make a weekend of it in lovely Cumbria.
For non members, an application form is available using the link below,

Further Information                                                                        


An annual subscription fee is charged for membership of the Pulmonaria Group. The current rates are:
UK Members: £6.00 for single membership, £7.50 for two members at the same address
Overseas Members: £8 for members wishing to receive a paper copy of the Newsletter or £5 for those willing to have newsletters sent electronically
In addition, as the Pulmonaria Group is registered with the Hardy Plant Society, our members are required to belong to the national HPS.
UK Members pay their subscriptions directly to the Group’s Membership Secretary.
Overseas members send their group subs together with their national subs to the HPS Administrator.
Members receive two copies of the Group Newsletter per year - one in the spring and one in the autumn.
We usually ask for contributions towards the cost of our Pulmonaria Days and group members are given reduced rates.
If you’d like to join us and live in the UK, please download the application form Word Document or pdf File fill it in and post to the address on the form. Don’t forget to send a cheque payable to The Pulmonaria Group
NB: Your membership details will be filed on computer and kept as hand-written records solely for the administration purposes of the Group. If you object to this please contact the Hon. Secretary.

Contact details

For more information about the Pulmonaria Group please contact:

Barry Street on 01494 713476 or email

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