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Library of Horticultural Information

A wonderful source of horticultural information. We have items from various HPS publications as well as the frequent and regular articles from this website.

In addition to this page, which details the publications, we also have an indexes of articles by their title and by author.


In addition, we have indexes for the following individual publications which are all available to view free here on this website.

The Hardy Plant

From 1990 to the present day, the society’s journal has been called “The Hardy Plant” and we have a number of articles from fairly recent editions. These are available as pdf files and are available to view or download.


Please note that all articles on this website which are from “The Hardy Plant” are at least two years old. Why not join the HPS so you can see current issues? They are sent free of charge to all our members as they are published, which is currently twice a year.


This is a digest of articles from the newsletters of our local and specialist groups. As with The Hardy Plant, all articles on this website appeared in Cornucopia at least two years ago. HPS members can subscribe to Cornucopia for only £3 a year (£4.50 for members outside the UK), payable with your membership subscription.


HPS Bulletin 1957-1968

Prior to 1990, the society journal was known as the HPS Bulletin. As this was printed using totally manual processes, we only have printed copies of these journals but we are scanning these in for you to read.


Horticultural Indexes 1957-1968

In 1957, when the society in its current form started, there was no Google or other search engine and so we produced comprehensive Horticultural Indexes. To use them, look up the plant you are interested in. Take the number that follows it and check it against the banner at the top of the index page to find the volume and issue number


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