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Wiltshire and Avon

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The group meets at Marshfield Community Centre (map) , and Langley Burrell Village Hall (map)
Pat Hammersley
 01249 782079

2019 Programme

All meetings start at 2.00 pm unless otherwise stated. There will be an entrance fee of £2 for members and £3 for guests.
Homemade cake and tea £1.50

January 16th, 2019  -  Marshfield 
'Lilies for Summer & Containers for Winter Colour'
Donald Everitt 

Donald trained in horticulture & lecturer for 45 years; a  bulb   specialist 
February 16th, 2019 -  Langley Burrell 
'Good plants for difficult places' 
Bob Brown  

Bob needs no introduction to Hardy Planters 
March 13th, 2019  -  Marshfield 
'Dwarf Bulbs & Hardy Cyclamen'
Jim Almond  
Jim is a Member of the Alpine Garden Society 
 April 13th, 2019  -   Langley Burrell   note: 12 noon 
Plant sale for members,  followed by 
'The Evolution of Clematis'
Brian Davis 

Brian is Horticultural Consultant and Plantsman 
May 15th, 2019  -  Marshfield 
'Camellias; From Wild Origins to our Gardens' 
Jennifer Trehane  
Jennifer is the Daughter of Founder of Trehane Nursery
June  Outing  TBA 
Sepember 11th, 2019  -  Marshfield 
'Bee Friendly Gardens and their Flowers' 
Neil Lovesey  

Previously a teacher & engineer, Neil now runs Picket Lane Nursery 
October 12th, 2019   -  Langley Burrell
AGM Followed by
'Darwin & the voyages of the Beagle'
​Nick Wray 

Darwin spent 40 years studying plants 
 November 9th, 2019   -   Langley Burrell 
'Irises for the Natural Garden'
Alun & Jill Whitehead 

Alun & his wife Jill hold the National Collection of Irises
December 11th, 2019  -  Marshfield 
Xmas meeting, lunch at 12.00pm followed by 
'The National Garden Scheme '
David Moon 

David is a very keen gardener & experienced speaker 

2018 Programme

Jan 13th, 2018 —Langley Burrell
'For the love of Snowdrops'
Lyn Miles 
Lyn is a well known member of Wilts & Avon HPS, and a keen gardener
Feb 14th, 2018 —Marshfield
'Lime tolerant plants—herbaceous and woody shrubs'
Terry Baker 
Terry has his own nursery Atworth Nursery Botanic Gardens
March 10th, 2018 —Marshfield
'Plants for spring & early summer interest'
Kevin Hughes 
Former Head Gardener at Heale House
Apr 14th, 2018 Langley Burrell note: 12 noon
Plant sale for members, followed by
'Growing vegetables in a small space'
Sally Nex 
Sally is Gardening Writer
May 16th, 2018 —Marshfield
'Success & failure with Alpines (how I grow them)'
Richard Horswood 
Richard is a former Biology teacher
June Outing TBA
Sept 12th, 2018 —Marshfield
'Stumperies, Ferns & Shady Friends, as it says on the label'
Andrew Tolman 
Gardener, lecturer & former senior gardener at Highgrove
Oct 13th, 2018  Langley Burrell
Followed by 
'New Tricks for Old Gardeners'
Katherine Crouch 

BBC gardener of the year 1999, garden journalist & designer
Nov 10th, 2018 Langley Burrell
'The evolution of Clematis'
Brian Davis 
Brian has a passion for clematis
Dec 12th, 2018 —Marshfield
Xmas meeting, lunch at 12.30pm followed by
'Mistletoe: Fact, Myth & Legend'
Dr Michael Jones 

2017 Programme

Sat Jan 14th, 2017 —Langley Burrell
'Things that turn me on :Confessions of a Plant Freak'
Nick Macer 

Nick is from Panglobal Plants
Wed Feb 15th, 2017  Marshfield
'From Plant to Plate'
Sue Applegate 

Insights into the work of the UK Fresh Produce Industry
Wed March 15th, 2017 —Marshfield
'Botanicus Tongtwistii'
Carrie Thomas 

Hopefully this will help us understand the Latin Names
Sat Apr 15th, 2017  Langley Burrell note: 12 noon
Plant sale for members, followed by
Wed May 17th, 2017 —Marshfield
'Pin me to the wall and do what you want with me'
Andrew Mikolajski

An interesting talk on Climbers
June Outing TBA
Wed Sept 13th, 2017 —Marshfield
'Adventures with Fancy Foliage'
Julian Sutton 

Some new ideas for the garden
Sat Oct 14th, 2017  - Langley Burrell
AGM followed by a talk
'One Man’s Vision'
John Wood

Ralf Dutton laid out the garden at National Trust Hinton Ampner, Alresford
Sat Nov 18th, 2017  Langley Burrell
'Late Summer Colour'
Julie Ritchie 

A welcome return of this speaker from Hoo House Plants
Wed Dec 13th, 2017 —Marshfield
Xmas meeting, lunch at 12.30pm followed by
'A Head Gardener’s Story'
James Cox 

James designed the garden at Yeo Valley, visited by members in 2016

2016 Programme

Wed 13th January, 2016 – Marshfield
'Plants for Alkaline Soil'
Terry Baker
Owner of the Botanic Garden Atworth

Sat 13th February, 2016 – Langley Burrell
'Salad leaves for all seasons'
Charles Dowding
Noted enthusiast for No Dig Gardening

Wed 16th March, 2016 – Marshfield
'Peonies & Iris'
Sue Applegate
Sue in a commercial grower of these lovely plants

Sat 16th April, 2016 – Langley Burrell note: 12 noon
Plant sale for members, followed by
'Secrets of the Wiltshire Landscape'
Robert Harvey
Photographer and environmental scientist

Wed 11th May, 2016 – Marshfield
'Flora of the Western Cape South Africa'
Nick Wray
Curator ,University of Bristol Botanic Garden

Wed 14th September, 2016 – Marshfield
'Abbotsbury Gardens'
Stephen Griffiths
Stephen is the Garden Curator of Abbotsbury

Sat 8th October, 2016 – Langley Burrell AGM followed by
'Colour in the Garden'
Val Bourne
Well known gardener and journalist

Sat 12th November, 2016 – Langley Burrell
'Bird Watch'
Simon Tucker
A talk on the British Trust for Ornithology’s Garden Bird Watch Scheme

Wed 14th December, 2016 – Marshfield
Xmas meeting, lunch at 12.30pm followed by
'Minimum Effort : Maximum Gain'
Mary Payne
A welcome return of this inspiring gardener

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